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City of Westminster

     Best rice chef competition 2008: Rules of entry

    1. A hygiene assessment must have been carried out at the chef’s place of work prior to the

    competition. Failure to pass the food safety assessment will void the entry.

     thth2. The competition will take place over 2 days on 8 and 12 of May 2008 in the business


     thth3. The chef will be expected to prepare and cook on either 8 or 12 May 2008 the

    following dishes for a panel of judges:

    ; Yangchow (Special Fried) Rice rice will be provided. Chef to provide meat or fish for

    this dish

    ; Lotus leaf rice dish King Prawn fried rice with French Beans steamed in a lotus leaf

Chefs note the following:-

    For the competition chefs are required to prepare the set dishes consisting of the above for the panel of two judges.

    ; For each of the set dishes listed above the chefs will need to provide 2 plates or dishes.

    Each plate or dish is to contain the equivalent of 1 portion to be served to the panel for

    tasting and judging


    ; All Crockery and tableware should be provided by the premises for presentation of the

    food for tasting.

    ; The presentation for tasting should be away from the main cooking area

; No MSG is to be added to any dishes by the Chef

; A selection of Lee Kum Kee sauces and marinades will be available.

; Rice will be provided by Phoenix Rice.

Day of the competition

    4.1 Chefs will be notified prior to the event in writing the date and time at which they will

    be required to compete. Please ensure that you have set up your kitchen and are

    ready to compete at least 30 minutes before the judges arrive.

    4.2 Chefs will be allowed 40 minutes to prepare and cook the above set dishes and

    serve in the order listed above.

4.3 1 helper is allowed to assist the chef during cooking. Marks will be lost if you start to

    cook during this time.

    4.4 Chefs must only bring raw ingredients to the cooking area. Any cooking including

    smoking must be carried out during the competition time. Marks will be lost if pre-

    prepared food used

    Vegetables may be pre washed, peeled and chopped NOT cooked.

4.5 Ingredients may be brought already marinated but NOT cooked

3.5 Marinades may be prepared in advance.

4.1 Part Cooked Vegetables and meat/fish will not be acceptable marks will be lost.

    4.2 Dishes must be cooked and available for the panel to taste in the order as listed

    above at approximately 30 minutes and 40 minutes time e.g. the special fried rice

    dish will be ready to taste at 30 minutes and the lotus leaf dish at 40 minutes.

    To assist the Chefs will be advised 5 minutes prior to the time when the dish will be

    required for presentation. Failure to deliver the dishes by the stipulated time will incur

    penalties of marks being lost.

    4.3 Competitors must provide a menu in English for the set dishes to describe to the

    judges what their dish is.

    4.1 Competitors will provide all kitchenware, tableware, knives, tea towels and any

    special utensils which they require.

4.2 Competitors and their helpers will display good standards of

    personal hygiene and must wear clean and protective over

    clothing and head covering at all times in the preparation and

    cooking areas.

    4.1 After cooking the chef and helpers will thoroughly clean the cooking and preparation

    area using their own cleaning products

4. Judging

4.1 Food Hyiene

    ; Chefs will be awarded marks on their practical hygiene skills and their demonstration of

    food safety knowledge.

    ; Chefs will be awarded marks on the cleanliness of their working area during the

    competition and at the end of the competition and the use of suitable cleaning materials. ; Chefs are encouraged to demonstrate the suitable use of thermometers, sanitisers and

    hand washing, throughout the competition day.

    ; Chefs must not make any attempt to contact the judges in any form during the


4.2 Culinary Skills

    ; The panel of judges will assess all of the dishes for their taste, texture, aroma

    appearance and presentation as well as marks will be awarded for the chef’s culinary

    skills, originality.

    NOTE - In order to allow for creativity dishes need not be drawn from your standard menu

The judging panels decision is final and will be awarded at the end of the competition day.

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