By Martha Marshall,2014-06-10 05:07
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    How to live under the financial crisis

Good morning!Everyone! Im glad to stand here to give everyone a speech .Today,

    my topic is How to live under the financial crisis.

    When you walking along a street, an inevitable phenomenon you will find is that lots of shops and markets are selling their goods at a discount; When you visiting a countryside, an evident situation you will discover is that many workers are staying in their hometown. Why? That’s because the

    financial crisis that originated on Wall Street, swept the world and bitten into the Chinese economy. Over the past six months, many labor-intensive factories have shut down, leaving massive numbers of workers jobless. Although our government have taken some effective measures to encourage the need of employment, we also can’t deny the fact that the situation is

    still serious. Thus, under the influence of the financial crisis. There are many news of declining performance and layoffs. Financial crisis changed our lives. Today, I may also work, and perhaps tomorrow I will take away. No one can predict the future. How to face the crisis, we are at a loss.

When you face the crisis you will feel a person is so fragile. Thereforeas early as we need to do

    something for a good plan, to respond to the crisis unknown. Besides efforts to work, for family, a good way to avoid a crisis is to buy an insurance. For example, to buy a life insurance for our families and other assets. Perhaps you would care to the money for insurance. In addition the government has passed the 800 billion rescue fund recently, the economy will soon be good again. So,we wont feel worry!

    However,facing the financial crisis, for my own opinions. There are three suggestions we can choose:

    First, its necessary to learn knowledge well for university students. College is a place where we can acquire knowledge and improve ourselves .As a college student we should be these who

    have a strong sense of social responsibilities ,up-to-date knowledge and capabilities.

Second, its significant to have specific goals and strong determinations for our future. No matter

    the successful merchant or official or scientist they have a common personality--determination

    Although the globe financial crisis brings the pessimistic economic situations ,it still cant prevent

    a person who have great determination achieving his goals.

    Third, its important to keep an active and optimistic attitude to the society. Society is developing in a high pace and becoming more and more advanced so we should know our own strengths,

    weaknesses and have the right attitude towards ourselves and the job vacancies.

Finally, I believe that, everyone will have a wonderful future!

Thats all. Thank you !

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