Chapter 3 Detectives and Crime

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Chapter 3 Detectives and Crime

    Chapter 3 Detectives and Crime

一? 用所给词的正确形式填空

    1. We have met each other _____________(recent).

    2. The little boy wasnt punished because he _______________(admit) his mistakes. 3. The anxious parents were busy looking for their_____________(miss) son here

    and there.

    4. ----We go there together, ok?----Better go there _______________(separate). 5. The boy was_______________(frighten) when he saw the huge snake in the


    6. He stopped ______________(have) a rest because he felt very tired after a long


    7. Although it rained heavily, the farmers kept on ____________(work) in the fields. 8. Are you fond of_______________ (play) football?

    9. I didnt mean ________________(punish) them but they were too noisy in the


    10. Please remember _____________(close) the door and widows before you leave

    the classroom.

    11. The radio needs ______________(repair).

    12. I prefer _________________(stay) at home than go out tonight. 13. I ______________(watch) TV when my parents came back form work. 14. It_______________(be) five years since my brother joined the army. 15. My family _____________(be) big and my family ___________(be) all teachers. 16. Where is my book? Oh, I _____________(forget). Its in my schoolbag.

    17. Jim______________ (have) some good friends. They ____________ (have) a

    field trip next week.

    18. He cant _______________(put) his car here. The policeman will_________(take)


    19. It is important for you _____________(learn) English well. 20. My brother admitted _____________(make) a mistake about me. 21. Dont present ________________(sleep)! Its time _____________(go) to school.

    22. I said to him, Tom, remember______________(shut) the door when you go out.

二? 重新排列句子?使其成为一段完整的对话。

    A. Excuse me, is this a bus?

    B. Thank you, goodbye.

    C. Whats this in English?

    D. Yes, -R-A-N-G-E, orange.

    E. No, it isnt.

    F. It is a car.

    G. Can you spell orange please?

    H. Is it a Chinese car?

    I. Yes, its an orange Chinese car.


J. Goodbye.


三? 书面表达


     Jim Green

    Date: 21 November

    Flight: No CA 949

    Leave Beijing: 7:45

    Arrive in Moscow: 11:45

    Flight: No. BA347

    Leave Moscow: 16:10

    Arrive in London: 22:30


四? 单选题

    1. He________ a teacher and writer.

    A. work as B. works as C. works on

    2. This dictionary __________ me 30 dollars.

    A. spent B. paid C. cost

    3. _______ you success!

    A. Hope B. Wish C. cost

    4. The shirt is yours, it __________you.

    A. belongs to B. is belonging to C. is belonged to 5.The teacher wanted us to_________ our test papers according to the standards. A. examine B. text C. check

    6. The thief should be __________ at once! the detective suggested.

    A. in prison B. in the prison C. in prisons

    7. I admitted _________the window. It was my fault.

    A. to have broken B. breaking C. to break

    8. I often go to school on foot_________ by bus.

    A. instead of B. instead C. in the place of

    9. The robbers robbed ________ .


    A. the money from the bank. B. the bank of the money C. the bank for the money

    10. On Childrens Day, boys and girls _________ their beautiful clothes. A. put on B. dress C. wear

    Today is ________unusual day for me because my dream of entering _______ 11.

    come true.---Congratulations!

    A. a, a B. an, an C. an, a

    12.The cars made in Japan are much cheaper than________ made in America. A. ones B. those C. that

    13.----Is this book_______?

     ----No, it isnt . It must be Marys. Mark Twain is ________ favorite author . And it has her name on it.

    A. yours, hers B. your, her C. yours, her

    14. When shall we meet again?

     --Make it________ day you like. Its all the same to me.

    A. one B. any C. other

    15. Have you finished all your exercise?

     ---Yes. _________ is left.

    A. None B. Nothing C. Neither

    16. --- What else do you need, Linda?

    ---_______ else, I think, weve got enough.

    A. Anything B. Something C. Nothing

    17. ---Excuse me, is there a repair shop near here for MP3? ---- Well, turn left at the crossing, then you can find_________. A. that B. this C. one

    18. ----When shall we go to the space museum, tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon?

    ---- ________is OK. I am free tomorrow.

    A. Either B. Both C. Neither

    19. It is good for students to play computers. ______, it is sometimes bad for them if

    they play too much.

    A. On the other side B. At the other side C. On the other hand 20. ----Who taught _______ English?

     ---- Nobody, we taught________

    A. you, yourselves B. you , ourselves C. your, ourselves 21. We had a ________ that the one who lost the game must sing a song. A. rule B. goal C. notice

    22.---My grandfather likes vegetables very much, so he grows some in his vegetable garden every year.

    ---- Eating more vegetables ___________ good for our health. A. is B. are C was

    23. We should have ________ in ourselves and we will make it if we have a try. A. success B. confidence C. progress

    24.The waiter or waitress usually gives us a _________ before we order dished in a



    A. menu B. list C. form

    25. ---How far is it from the school to your home? ---- Not very far. Its about _________ walk.

    A. twenty minutes B. twenty minutes C. twenty-minutes

    26. Today Mary ________ a new dress. How beautiful! A. is wearing B. is having on C. is putting on 27. The room is _________ audience. The speech is starting soon A. filled of B. full of C. full with 28.My father often sleeps with the windows__________

     A. opened B. opening C. open

    29. The student_________ Jack is waiting for you. A. calling B. calls C. called 30. Her parents died in the earthquake, ______ her an orphan. A. to leave B. left C. leaving

五? 补全对话

    Tony, I am starting a band.____1___? A: Hi

    B: Sure, Ben, I’ d love to be in a band.

    A: Ok, good._____2_____?

    B: I dont play an instrument. I sing. I like music with great lyrics. A: So do I , Tony, who else can join us?

    B: Well, there is Dave. He prefers quiet music. A: Good, how about Harry? He plays the guitar,____3____? B: Yes, but Harry loves music that is loud.

    A: Thats OK. We can play loud music and quiet music. B: ____4_____, Ben?

    A: Oh, I like music that I an dane to. But we have one problem for our band.

    B: ________?

    A: I am not a musician and I can’t sing.

    1._____________ 2.______________ 3._______________ 4._____________ 5.______________



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