Chapter 4 The world of numbers

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Chapter 4 The world of numbers

     七年级上册 Chapter 4 The world of numbers 要点专练


    1. The twenty-year-old boy is able to_______ with a pen. A. write B. writes C. writing D. written 2. It took me half an year_______ the picture. A. draw B. drawing C. to draw D. drew 3. He spent twenty dollars ______ these pants. A. buy B. to buy C. bought D. buying 4.He has to _____ the work alone.

    A. finishes B. finishing C. finished D. finish 5. These new books _________us 500 dollars. A. cost B. spend C. took D. are 6. There are_____ buses in the street.

    A. hundreds of B. two hundreds of

    C. one hundred of D. hundred of

    7. ---Could I speak to Mr. Song.

    ----I am sorry,____

    A. This is Mr. Song B. He isnt here right now.

    C. Im Mr. Song D. Who are you?

    8.Can animal count?


    A. Yes, they are B. No, they can’t

    C. Yes, they do D. No, they doesnt

    9.His brother is ______ years old.

    A. three B. third C. the three D. the third 10 There _______ twenty-one _____ in the room A. are, abacus B. are, abacus C. is, abacus D. is, abacus

    11.Dont ______her the bad news.

    A. tell B. to tell C. told D. telling 12. Lets ______ go there by bike. Its too far.

    A. dont B. not C. arent D. didn’t

    13. The writer ______ the book five year ago. A. write B. to write C. wrote D. writing 14. There are _____ boys in the school. A. two hundred B. two hundreds

    C. two hundreds of D. hundred of

    15.Lets use the money ______ buy books.

    A. buy B. to buy C. bought D. buying 16. Tom was ill last week, he_____ go to school. A. isnt B. doesnt C. didnt D. wasnt

    17.It is ______news of all .

    A. late B. later C. the later D. the latest

18. The boy is only three, but he can count ___ one ___ one thousand.

    A. from, to B. from, in C. from, at D. form, on 19. Theres ________ egg and two oranges in the fridge. A. a B. an C. the D. /

    20. Its eight oclock. The students _____ a class.

    A. have B. has C. is having D. are having 21.Can you show your new watch ______ me?

    A. for B. to C. at D. on

    22. The number of your students _________ forty-eight. A. is B. are C. be D. am

    23.Mr. Green runs _______ than Mr. Smith.

    A. fast B. faster D. fastest D. the fastest 24.Most children use pens_______.

    A. to write B. writing C. to writing D. written 25.Lucy spent half an hour _____her homework last night. A. doing B to do C. did D. does

    26.One of the _____boys in our class is Tom A. tall B. taller C. the tallest D. highest 27.You can work it out________ many different ways. A. in B. on C. with D. for

    28.Please______ in your book.

    A. write down it B. write it down

    C. write down them D. wrote it down

    29. Computers can ______a calculation in a flash. A. do B. does C. did D. went

    30.The Indians first invented and ________ the numbers. A. develop B. to develop C. developed D. developing 31.Now we can use the computer _______many things. A. do B. to do C. doing D. went

    32. Long ago, there________ many different animals in the forest.

    A. is B. are C. was D. were

    33. This is_____ important word. You must remember it. A. an B. a C. the D./

    34. Kate didnt go to the park, _______?

    A. does she B. doesnt she C. did she D. didnt she

    35. Whats twenty ________ thirty? Its fifty.

    A. minus B. multiply C. plus D. divide 36.What can you see _____ the picture?

    A. in B. on C. to D. at

    37.---________ that on the desk?

    ---Its a computer.

    A. Who B. Whos C. What D. Whats

    38.There are________ birds in the sky.

    A. many B. much C. little D. a little

39.Mr. Wang is ______ English teacher.

    A. we B. they C. our D. them

    40.Let me______ a look at your new pen.

    A. have B. to have C. having D. had

    41.His bike is broken, so he ______ walk to school.

    A. must B. may C. can D. has to

    42. He told me ________ late again.

    A. not be B. not to be C. not D. be

    43.They let us______ for 20 minutes.

    A. keep waiting B. keep to wait

    C. to keeping waiting D. to keep to wait

    44.Im sorry youve missed the train, it _______ 10 minutes ago A. left B. has left C. had left D. has been left 45. Henry ______ be at home because he phoned me form the farm just now. A. mustnt B. isnt able to C. may not D. cant

    46.---______ is the museum form here?

    ---Its about 1km away.

    A. How long B. How far C. How much D. How many 47.Lin Tao jumped _________ in the long jump in the school spots meeting. A. far B. farther C. farthest D. quite far

    48.---_________are you doing?

    ---I am going to the library.

    A. Who B. Which C. What D. Where

    49. Can you tell me_______ Tiananmen Square?

    A. how to get B. how to get to

    C. what to get D. what to get to

    50. He met an old friend on his way _____ yesterday morning. A . home B. to home C. form home D. at home

二; 阅读理解

     In the old time, there was a man . He wanted to buy a pair of new shoes. He

    measured his feet with a straw , and then went to a shoe shop in town.

     The shopkeeper took out a pair of new shoes, and let his try it on. But when he

    looked into his pocket, he found that the straw was not there. So he said, I am sorry,

    I forgot to bring the size here! Let me go home to get. After that he ran out of the shop. It is very far away form his home to the shoe shop. When he got back home, he

    was out of breath.

     With a straw in his hand, he hurried to the shoe shop again ,but the shop was


     Someone near the man said, Your feet are with you, Why do you try which pair of shoes fits? And w3hy do you believe your straw, but not your feet?

1. One day, a man wanted to______.

    A. measure his feet B. buy shoes

C. buy a straw D. get to town

2. Where was the straw?

    A. In the field B. In his pocket C. In the shop D. At home

    3. Which of the following sentences is right? A. When he got home, he was out of breath. B. When he came back to the shop, he was out of breath.

    C. When he saw the shop closed, he was out of breath. D. When he measured the shoes, he was out of breath.

    4. Why did he go back to his home? Because_________. A. he didn’t take money with him

    B. he had something to do at home

    C. the shop was closed

    D. he left the straw home

5. What do you think of the man?

    A. Clever

    B. Fool

    C. A good man

    D. A bad man


a. Good afternoon.

    b. Did you go to a party yesterday?

    c. How many plates of ice cream did you eat, young man?

    d. What would you like?

    e. What’s the matter with you?

    f. Did you eat any ice cream?

    g. What did you eat yesterday?

A: _____1___, Dr. Dawes.

    B: Good afternoon!

    A: I am not feeling well today.

    B: Well,____2____.

    A; I dont know, Doctor. I have a headache and a stomachache.

    B: ____3____

    A I ate some cakes.

B: ____4____.

    A: Well, yes, I did eat some ice cream. I went t a birthday party yesterday. B: I see.____5____.

    A: Not many, only four.

    1_________ 2_________ 3__________ 4_________ 5__________


    1.The room is too small for us ____________(live) in. 2. Look! The man_______________(run)

    3.I want _____________(go) there with my friends.

    4. This isnt my bike._________ (I ) is over there.

    5. What about________________(clean) the dining-room with me? 6.Thanks for____________(help) me with my English.

    7. Who can help me clean the______________ (read) room? 8. There are two CD _____________(play)

    9.This dictionary is __________________(good) than that one. 10.This job is _________________(interest). I like it very much. 11. Tom is as ______________(old) as Frank.

    12. Help ________________(you) to some fish, please. Thank you!

    13. I ________________(write) to my uncle the day before yesterday. 14.He is going to his______________(uncle) house.

    15. I hear that Thailand is a good place ___________(go) sightseeing. 16.Would you like to go______________(hike) with us this Sunday? 17. What about_____________(go) to see a film?

    18. We ______________( not go) until he comes back.

    19.Beijing will be________________(sun) tomorrow.

    20.Hello, this is Ann ________________(speak)

    21. Mr. Smith isnt here, he is having a _________________(meet) 22.Jim _________________(bring) his grammar book to me yesterday. 23. Mr. Browns train _____________(be ) here in a minute.

    24. I have to_______________(help) him make dinner.

    25.Could you please ________________(not smoke) here? 26.Look! The boy ____________________(swim) in the river. 27.Lucy ________________ (go) to school by bike every day. 28. --- What _________ you____________(do) during the summer holidays? ----I visited my grandparents.

    29. There _____________(be) heavy wind last night.

    30. They _______________(not go) to the park last week. 31.They story is very _________________(interest)

    32. Its easy __________________(finish) your homework after supper. 33. You should ________________(try) to eat less meat. 34.The boss makes the workers ________________(work) ten hours every day. 35. How long does it take you ___________________(finish) your homework every


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