Chapter 5 Historical stories

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Chapter 5 Historical stories

     Chapter 5 Historical stories


    1; In this book, there are 100 stories, __________ ten historical stories. A. include B. includes C. includeing D. including

2; You did very well, ___________this mistake.

    A. except B. besides C. except for D. except for

3; We used to _________ a walk after super.

    A. take B. taking C. takes D. took

    4; The child is __________ young _________ look after himself. A. too, to B. too, not to .C. so, that D. enough, to

    5; The captain ordered the soldier _________ the gates. A. lock B. locking .C. to lock D. locks

6; Lin Tao is ___________ in maths.

    A. interest B. interesting C. interested D. interests

    7; Mr. Gao spent two weeks__________ this picture. A. paint B. painted C. painting D. to paint

8; Please __________ look out of the window.

    A. dont B. not C. not to D. doesnt

9; Beware _________ that day.

    A. of B. in C. at D. with

10; They _________ here for two years.

    A. live B. lived C. are living C. have lived

11; -Wheres your backpack, Dick?

    ----- Oh, I ___________ it at school.

    12.This lesson is _________ difficult for me _________understand it. 13.Its getting dark, ________ it will rain.

    14.We have been to many places of interest, __________ the Great Wall. 15. They succeeded ________ climbing the mountain. 16. Wait a moment, please, I will make__________ for you. 17. _________ you _________ this movie yet?

    18.--- _________have you worked in this school?

    ---- For five years.

    19.I have learned __________ English words.

    20. My mother spent two hours__________ the kitchen 21.I remember _________ you somewhere.

    22. __________ black eyes and black hair.

    23. He is very _______ boy, and he always does his homework._________ 24.You look tired, you should stop__________ a rest. 25. This bed____________ wood.



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