The following statements pertain to U

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The following statements pertain to U

    The following statements pertain to U.S. Arbonne Essentials products. For other questions or concerns, visit

    Q:@yourskinchick: Should we recommend taking the calcium supplement and the women’s power pack?

    A:@yourskinchick: Yes, the calcium supplement and the women’s

    power pack are complementary.

    Q:@melaniearbonne: Is there an optimal time of say to take the power packs, calcium, omegas, etc...

    A:@melaniearbonne: Consistency is the key; just make sure to integrate supplements into your daily routine

Q:@melaniearbonne: Is our protein safe for pregnant women?

    A:@melaniearbonne: We recommend that anyone who is pregnant consult with your physician before using new products.

    Q:@drvincent01: Will the Digestion Plus specifically help with constipation?

    A:@drvincent01: While Digestion Plus addresses many issues associated with GI unrest, Herbal Colon Cleanse may help.

    Q:@JenRolf: I mix the Digestion Plus in with my morning shake (frozen berries, protein, & water). Does the COLD make it less effect.

    A:@JenRolf: The cold won't affect the effectiveness; the process starts after ingestion.

    Q:@suzea81: When is Arbonne Essentials coming to Australia? We love all our Arbonne here!

    A:@suzea81 Four Arbonne Essentials will be launched in Australia on March 1, 2011. And more to come ...

    Q:@yourskinchick: What are each of the pills in the women’s power pack?

    A:@yourskinchick: enzymes/probiotic (green),

    multivitamin/multimineral (yellow), antioxidants/calcium (beige)

Q:@SummerSharp: Can women use Digestion Plus during pregnancy?

    A:@SummerSharp: We recommend that anyone who is pregnant consult with your physician before using new products.

    Q:@SummerSharp: Does the Women's Balance supplement offer a benefit to women NOT going through menopause?

    A:@SummerSharp This product is specifically formulated to address the symptoms of menopause.

    Q:@LauraAhTye: There's another big antioxidant juice company out there. Clients ask how ours is different/better. What do I say?

    A:@LauraAhTye: We offer endogenous and exogenous antioxidant support not available from any others

    Q:@nhurtgen1: Are there any other Arbonne supplements or Arbonne Essentials products that you should avoid while doing the 7 Day Cleanse?

    A:@nhurtgen1: We recommend that you avoid using 7-Day Body Cleanse while using Herbal Colon Cleanse. All other products are okay.

Q: How have we improved nutrient absorption in the Power Packs?

    A: Clinically proven piperine increases vitamin and mineral absorption. Studies show calcium citrate is very absorbable.

Q: How do Power Packs support eye health?

    A: Power Packs contain lutein proven to support eye health.

    Q:@rachiebharmony: Will there be specific product knowledge training on the individual ingredients in the products and why they were used?

    A:@rachiebharmony: We will be adding more training and educational materials; thanks for the suggestion!

    Q:@Heatherr_Ann: Will Arbonne make their products certified gluten free in the near future??

    A:@Heatherr_Ann: In continuing our effort of excellence, we're committed to more ingredient analysis and testing.

    Q:@shaunakathleen: How much caffeine is in 1 Energy Fizz Tab and how does that compare to a cup of coffee?

    A:@shaunakathleen: 50mg caffeine in a Tab, generally less than certain coffeehouse coffees, about the same as home brewed!

    Q:@suzystein: Is there any redundancy in the supplements we should be aware of? If I use all of them, am I getting too many vitamins?

    A:@suzystein: No. We check total nutrient levels for all products added together to make sure they're not too high.

Q: What is an ORAC score?

    A: ORAC = Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity. It demonstrates a product’s ability to quench free radicals.

Q:@arbonneforever: So we can say that it is soy free?

    A:@arbonneforever: While most products do not contain soy, there are few that do. We suggest checking product knowledge sheets.

    Q:@charlenekberry: Using the vitamins, protein shakes, collagen support and Omega-3, any chance the Immunity Booster will overdo the amount of antioxidants?

    A:@charlenekberry: No. A very high intake of antioxidants is always beneficial.

    Q:@yourskinchick: Is there calcium in the women’s vitamins and if so, how much? Can you tell me what each pill is?

    A:@yourskinchick: Yes, there's 500 mg of calcium in the Power Packs and 600 mg in Calcium Plus.

    Q:@shezammie: Is the amount of calcium in the daily power packs enough for women over 40?

    A:@shezammie: For women over 40, we recommend the Calcium Plus with the Power Packs.

    Q:@DawnWilkerson: How can these new supplements be able to work only 1 x a day when before they were excreted within 12 hours

    A:@DawnWilkerson: We increased the absorbability and compressed more into the tablets. Basically, we fit more into less!

    Q:@ruzanka: How much of the new antioxidant drink can I give my 6 year old (40lbs)?

    A:@ruzanka: We're not aware of any concerns for children, Antioxidant & Immunity Booster is formulated specifically for adults.

    Q:@yourskinchick: Are there any age recommendations for the digestion plus?

    A:@yourskinchick: The Digestion Plus is formulated for adults.

    Q:@suzystein: Is there a difference between the caffeine in our supplements and the caffeine in coffee?

    A:@suzystein: They are different plant sources; the Antioxidant and Immunity Booster generally has about 5 times less caffeine.

    Q:@yourskinchick: Are there age recommendations for the Antioxidant & Immunity Booster?

    A:@yourskinchick: While we're not aware of any concerns for children, the Antioxidant & Immunity Booster is formulated for adults.

Q:@LauraAhTye: Can kids and teens take the Omega-3 supplement?

    A:@LauraAhTye: While we're not aware of any concerns for children, Omega-3 is formulated specifically for adults.

    Q:@LauraAhTye: What is the average weight loss per week that someone can expect using the 30 Day Fit Kit?

    A:@LauraAhTye: Results vary by the individual; the 30-Day Fit Kit is for improved overall health - don't forget to exercise!

    Q:@shaunakathleen: My new favorite product is the Antioxidant & Immunity Booster!! What's yours Dr. M?

    A:@shaunakathleen The Antioxidant & Immunity Booster is my current favorite. It was Omega-3.

    Q:@patspeaks: What sets the Arbonne Essentials apart from other supplements?

    A:@patspeaks: Arbonne Essentials are vegan certified, have unique, active ingredients and increased absorption.

    Q:@marwazakharia: Why do we have mono & diglycerides & palm kernel oil in chew 'mins although they pose health risks & no nutritional value?

    A:@marwazakharia: Ingredients in Arbonne products are tested and would not be included if a health risk was posed.

Q:@munchichi1: Are either of the Proliefs good for PMS?

    A:@munchichi1: Please consult your physician regarding the use of the balancing creams for PMS symptoms.

Q:@yourskinchick: What’s the age range for the digestion plus?

    A:@yourskinchick: The age range for digestion plus is 18+

    Q:@nhurtgen1: Should you take the Herbal Colon Cleanse when doing the 7 Day Body Cleanse

    A:@nhurtgen1: We do not recommend taking them together.

    Q:@pampnorris: May the Daily Power Packs be combined with the Collagen Support Dietary Supplement and other Arbonne supplements?

    A:@pampnorris: Yes, you may combine Daily Power Packs with the Collagen Support Dietary Supplement and other Arbonne supplements

    Q:@Heatherr_Ann: I love the Digestion Plus product, but why does it not come in a suppliment? Is there a drink you recommend mixing it in?

    A:@Heatherr_Ann: Functional food delivery systems are preferred. And it's easier to sample.

    Q:@maddiecares4u: Could you be working on some youthful, teen inspired lines?!

    A:@maddiecares4u: Try the Chews for Kids and Teens -- delicious with the calcium equivalent of an 8 oz glass of milk.

    Q:@ashleysfuchs: Dr. M: Thank you for making pills I can swallow! I used to gag on every one. Now I do all 5 at once!

    A:@ashleysfuchs: You're welcome! These products are designed for your convenience.

    Q:@LauraAhTye: At GTC, I was told that if you take the Menopause supplement, you shouldn't take Prolief or PhytoProlief? Is that true?

    A:@LauraAhTye: They can be used together--Better Together!

    Q:@shaunakathleen: If I take Arbonne Essentials supplements, how do they affect absorption of healthy foods I am eating already?

    A:@shaunakathleen: They contain absorption enhancers increasing uptake of vitamins and minerals from your foods.

    Q:@shaunakathleen: Daily Power Packs for Women have lutein for eye health - will that help dry eyes?

    A:@shaunakathleen: Please consult your doctor about dry eyes; lutein supports eye health overall.

    Q:@shaunakathleen: In a nutshell, can you touch on the importance of antioxidants?

    A:@shaunakathleen: They are important because they stabilize damaging free radicals.

    Q:@shaunakathleen How is the absorption superior to other products available?

    A:@shaunakathleen: Specific absorption enhancers and more superior formulas.

    Q:@drvincent01: Any chance Arbonne is working towards a label of non GMO ingredients in our protein shakes?

    A:@drvincent01: Yes! It's in process.

Q:@judyannd: Peter Why was the Get-Well Soon Pills

    discontinued...used for the past 4 years? Not sick once!

    A:@judyannd: Our focus is on daily needs, not seasonal needs. Try the Antioxidant & Immunity Booster.

    Q:@pampnorris: What was the reason for not including iron and zinc in the super chews for kids and teens?

    A:@pampnorris: We need to supplement more calcium instead.

    Q:@ruzanka: Is the comment on the new Prolief and PhytoProlief about California not recognizing progesterone being different from progestin?

    A:@ruzanka: We're being compliant with the regulations of California state law. There is no formulation change.

    Q:@arbonneforever: Why is there soy lecithin in the shake products still? I thought we were now soy free?

    A:@arbonneforever: It's a slight amount of highly purified soy lecithin, an emulsifier for texturewithout typical soy


    Q:@katyacolvin: Dr. Matravers, why is DV% in the new Arbonne Essentials vitamins much more in comparison with Centrum vitamins?

    A:@katyacolvin: Our products are robust, offering optimal benefits.

     Q&A Tweet with Dr Matravers over Arbonne Essentials 1-28-10

    Q:@lenoreimbriano: Dr. M, what is the number one reason someone should be taking the Digestion Plus pills? What are the benefits?

    A:@lenoreimbriano: Use Digestion Plus to support optimal digestive health and to minimize gas and bloating.

Q: Can I pour Digestion Plus into hot drinks?

    A: No. Probiotics and enzymes are sensitive to high temperatures and won’t be as effective.

    Q:@shaunakathleen: There are digestive enzymes in Daily Power Packs and add'l enzymes in the Digest. Plus can I take both? Do I need to?

    A:@shaunakathleen: These products are compatible, depending on your needs. For gas and bloating, we recommend both.

    Q:@LauraAhTye: When will we have an ORAC score for the Antioxidant/Immunity Booster

    A:@LauraAhTye: We're wrapping up ORAC testing and we'll provide as soon as completed.

    Q:@shaunakathleen: I've read essential fatty acids help combat dry skin. Will the Omega 3 Plus help with dry (winter) skin? Chapped lips?

    A:@shaunakathleen: Yes, omega-3s are part of the essential fatty acids we need from our diet to beautify hair and skin.

    @drvincent01: Thank you for removing the corn syrup in the chews!

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