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    Key sentence patterns in Unit 6-10 Unit 6

    1. I like oranges.

    I dont like bananas.

    Do you like oranges? Yes, I do. / No, I dont.

    2. My brother likes French fries.

    My brother doesnt like hamburgers.

    Does your brother like hamburgers? No, he doesnt.

    3. What do they like?

    They like salad.

    They dont like ice cream.

    4. What does your mother like for lunch?

    For lunch, she likes vegetables, rice and beef.

    His teacher often likes ice cream for dessert.

    Sportsmen eat lots of healthy food.

Unit 7

    1. How much is this/that/the long blue scarf?

    Its seven dollars.

    2. How much are these/those/the black pants?

    Theyre 50 yuan.

    3. Can I help you? / What can I do for you?

     Yes, please. I want warm socks

     What color do you want/need?

     I want/need red ones.

     Here you are. / Here they are.

     How much are they? / What is the price of them?

     They are 49 dollars.

     I’ll take them.

    4 We have sweaters at a very good price.

    For girls, we have skirts in white, yellow and green for only 18 dollars.

    Anybody can afford our prices.

    Have a look at our clothes store.

    The black shorts are on sale.

Unit 8

    1. When is your birthday?

    thMy birthday is (on) Nov. 13, 1997. / Its Nov. 13, 1997.

    When is Marys mothers birthday?

    Her birthday is on Christmas Day.

    2. Do you have a School Day at your school? Yes, we do.(绝对不能说Yes, we have)

    When is your school art festival? Its Dec. 9.

Unit 9

    1. Do you want to go to a movie? Yes, I do. / No, I dont.

     I wan to see an action movie. / I want to go to an action movie.

     Does he wan to go to the movies? Yes, he does. / No, he doesnt.

    2. What kind of movies do you like?

    I like comedies.

    What kind of movies does your father like?

    He likes documentaries.

    He thinks he can learn about things. 3. June likes thrillers and cartoons but she doesnt like romances or Beijing Opera.

    Mike really likes Beijing Opera. He often goes to see it with his friend Edward.

    My mother thinks thrillers are scary and action movies are exciting.

    4. My favorite actor is Jet Li.

    He is in the movie Shaolin Temple.

    Its a very successful action movie.

Unit 10

    1. Can you play the guitar? Yes, I can. / No, I cant.

     Can he play basketball? Yes, he can. / No, he cant.

     Can they play chess? Yes, they can. / No, they cant.

    2. What club do you want to join?

    I want to join the music club.

    Can you sing or play any musical instruments?

    No, I cant sing but I can play the violin.

    I can play the violin very well.

    My friend Jenny can speak a little Chinese.

    He can dance a little.

    My cousin can paint little.

    3. Are you good with kids? Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.

     We need help for our school trip to Daxing.

     Can you help me with swimming? Yes, I can. / No, I cant.

     You can be in our soccer team.

    4. What can you do in our school show?

     I can do a little Chinese Kung fu.

     Come and join us.

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