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Greek Week 2012

    Chapter Information Packet

    Northwestern State University

Dear Chapters,

    We hope that you are as excited as we are for Greek Week 2012 - Paving the Way for Future Greeks! This week will showcase how great being a Greek can be! The week‟s

    events will begin with a relaxed Bar-B-Q on Sunday and end with Powerade Pong on Wednesday. This year we want to have a strong focus on reminding the community that we are not only social organizations, but service oriented as well. In doing so, we hope that future Greeks will not be faced with the same stigmas that the community often associates with Greek Life. As always, our ultimate goal for Greek Week is to promote stronger inter-fraternal relations. To encourage these relationships, this year's Greek Week will include teams comprised of chapters from all Greek councils.

This year‟s philanthropic focus will be the St. Judes Children‟s Research Hospital and

    Demons Unite to Fight, a new organization coming to campus next fall. St. Judes serves as several of the fraternity and sorority member‟s philanthropies on campus, as well as

    a key focus for Northwestern State‟s annual program Up „Til Dawn. We will be hosting a 5K Marathon in support of St. Judes, and a registration fee will be collected for a donation to help defer the cost of cancer treatments for children. Demons Unite to Fight is an organization that will be arriving next fall and will focus on bringing awareness to many different illnesses. This semester the organization has chosen to focus on breast cancer awareness. Being that the Greek community has such an influence on campus, we will work with this new organization to help them prosper so that they may begin to bring awareness to the surrounding community.

    This packet contains all pertinent information for Greek Week 2012. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Chase Harvey or myself at the addresses found below. There will also be a preliminary meeting March 20, 2012 in the Student Union Conference Room 221 to answer any questions. You are responsible for reading the packet in its entirety, so please read this packet carefully so that there are no misunderstandings and everyone is able to participate in all of the events. Greek Week 2012 will only be as successful as all of us want it to be! Let us all do our best to make this an amazing week!


Jeff Brunner Chase Harvey

    Greek Week Co-Chair Greek Week Co-Chair

    Greek Week 2012

    Paving the Way for Future Greeks


    Greek Week is designed to bring about unity throughout the Northwestern State University Greek community. All of the events have been planned to cater to all Greek members and appeal to each chapter‟s interests. The week is created not only as time for brothers and sisters to spend more time together, but to also forge new friendships amongst Greek members. Greek Week seeks to instill the importance of not only being a member of a respective chapter, but also a member of our Greek community.

Greek Week 2012 Event Policy:

    Greek Week is intended to be a fun experience with the sole purpose of celebrating the accomplishments of Greek Life at Northwestern State University. Be proud of being Greek and show that pride respectfully to other members in the community by following the following policies for all Greek Week events.

     Risk Management

    o All Northwestern State University as well as Chapter risk management

    policies are expected to be followed at all functions. In addition, anyone

    who has been consuming alcoholic beverages will not be permitted to

    participate or be a spectator at ANY Greek Week event. If it is suspected

    that a person has been drinking or is visibly intoxicated, they will be asked

    to leave the venue. In the event that the person or persons are non-

    compliant, University Police will be notified.

     Attire for the Week

    o Proper attire will be expected out of every participant and attendee at any

    Greek Week event. Anyone dressing inappropriately or in poor taste will be

    asked to leave the venue. With that said, dressing in costume as a team

    for certain events is welcomed and encouraged!

     Language and Actions

    o Respect for one another should be a part of who we are as Greeks! A

    sense of brotherhood and sisterhood will be expected out of every

    participant and attendee at any Greek Week event. Disrespectful behavior,

    inappropriate comments, and/or foul language will not be tolerated.

    Offenders will be asked to leave the venue.

    Greek Week 2012

    Paving the Way for Future Greeks

    Schedule of Events

    Day Time Event Location

    Student Union Room Wednesday, March 21, 2012 By 5:00 PM Turn In Packet 100 B

    Organization Sunday, April 1, 2012 3:00 PM Barbeque Row

    Organization 4:00 PM All Greek Picture Row

    Organization 4:30 PM Can Food Castle Row

    Monday, April 2, 2012 2:00 PM Trash Bash Parade Route

    4:00 PM Fear Factor KA House

    Organization Tuesday, April, 3, 2012 2:30 PM St. Jude 5K Fun Run Row

    3:00 PM Iron Man & Iron Woman TBA

    Organization 4:00 PM Chariot Race Row

    Organization 4:30 PM Mud Pit Tug-O-War Row

    7:00 PM Wendy Fox A.A. Fredericks

    Demons Unite to Fight Wednesday, April, 4, 2012 2:00 PM Kyser Brick Way Carnival

    4:00 PM Wacky Games TBA

    Samaritan's Feet 6:30 PM TBA Powerade Pong

    Greek Week 2012

    Paving the Way for Future Greeks

    Competition Point Break Down

    Attendance rd nd st 321

    Bar-B-Q 25 Can Good Collected 5 30 35 40 Can Food Castle 15 30 35 40

    Trash Bash 25

    Fear Factor 5 40 Greek Olympics 10 30 35 40

    5 per person (Up St. Judes 5K 20 25 30 to 15 pts.)

    Iron Man & Iron Woman 15 30 35 40

    Chariot Race 5 20 25 30

    Chariot Race Most Creative = Best Design Best Decorated = (continued) 10 =10 10 Mud Pit Tug-O-War 5 20 25 30

    Demons Unite to Fight 25 Demons Unite to Fight Most Creative = Best Design Best Decorated = (continued) 10 =10 10 Obstacle Relay 5 10 15 20

    Egg Toss 5 20 5-Legged Race 5 20 Samaritan‟s Feet 25 Powerade Pong

    Greek Week 2012

    Paving the Way for Future Greeks

    Greek Week Teams

Team 1:

Kappa Sigma

    Alpha Omicron Pi

    Omega Psi Phi

    Sigma Gamma Rho

    Tau Kappa Epsilon

Team 2:

Theta Chi

    Sigma Sigma Sigma

    Phi Beta Sigma

    Pi Kappa Phi

Team 3:

Kappa Alpha

    Alpha Sigma Alpha

    Alpha Kappa Alpha

    Kappa Alpha Psi

Team 4:

Sigma Nu

    Phi Mu

    Zeta Phi Beta

    Alpha Phi Alpha


    Greek Week 2012

    Paving the Way for Future Greeks

    Date Sunday, April 1, 2012

    Event(s): Greek Week Kick-Off Party 3:00 p.m. Organizational Row

    All Greek Picture 4:00 p.m. Organizational Row

    Can Food Castle 4:30 p.m. Organizational Row

    Description of Events:

    ; Greek Week Kick-Off Party

    o The goal of the Barbeque is to kick off Greek Week and get everyone

    better acquainted. It will be set up block party style behind the Kappa

    Sigma and Phi Mu houses. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be served with

    chips and a drink. Can goods will be collected in order to donate to

    D.O.V.E.S. In order to attend the barbeque each person must give four

    can goods upon entrance to the event. The cans will be collected in

    separate bins for use during the Can Food Castle event. Although four is

    the minimum, teams are encouraged to bring more.

    ; All Greek Picture

    o It has been a while since all the Greeks have been together to take a great

    picture, so we figured when in Rome… All members attending the

    barbeque should wear a letter shirt in order to represent your chapter in

    the picture. This picture will be put on the website and publications, so

    please look presentable.

    ; Can Food Castle

    o This event is designed to add a little competition to the service side of

    Greek Week. Each team will be responsible for using their canned goods

    to construct a castle or building. Use your imagination to create the most

    unique structure to appeal to the judges. Your structures cannot represent

    anything vulgar and must not exceed a height of six (6) feet; any structure

    that violates these rules will be disqualified. Have fun and be creative!

    Greek Week 2012

    Paving the Way for Future Greeks

Date Monday, April 2, 2012

    Event(s): Trash Bash 2:00 p.m. Parade Route

     Fear Factor 4:00 p.m. Kappa Alpha Order House

Description of Events:

    ; Trash Bash

    o It‟s time to give back to the Natchitoches community for all the support that

    they give Northwestern. Each team will be responsible for cleaning up

    trash in specified section of the parade route. This event is specifically

    designed to shed a positive light on Greek Life in the eyes of the

    Natchitoches community.

    ; Fear Factor

    o Is fear a factor for you? We‟ll find out which of you can bolster the courage

    consume any number of foods and beverages concocted by your very

    own Greek Week Committee. In this competition each team will elect one

    (1) male and one (1) female to compete against the other Greek Week

    teams. Details on what beverages and foods consist of will be kept a

    secret so as to give the true effect of the popular T.V. show.

Competition Fear Factor

Team Name and Team #


    Greek Week 2012

    Paving the Way for Future Greeks

    Date Tuesday, April 3, 2012

    Event(s): St. Judes 5K Fun Run 2:30 p.m. Organization Row

     Iron Man 3:00 p.m. TBA

     Chariot Race 4:00 p.m. Organization Row

     Mud Pit Tug-O-War 4:30 p.m. Organization Row

     Wendy Fox 7:00 p.m. A.A. Fredericks

    Description of Events:

    ; St. Judes 5K Fun Run

    o Any number of members can participate as this has the potential to affect the

    outcome of the race, however only a maximum of 3 participants will be eligible for

    participation points as a means to make it fair for all teams. In order to participate in

    the St. Judes 5K, students and or chapters must make a 5 dollar per participant

    donation to St. Judes. This event will be open to the public as well. ; Iron Man

    o This physical competition will consist of push-ups, sit-ups, shuttle run, and log flip.

    Each team will elect one (1) male and one (1) female to compete in the competition.

    There will be a male and a female bracket allowing for more competition. Athletic

    apparel is appropriate but must comply with University and Greek Week policies.

    ; Push-ups How many push-ups can you do in a minute? Five (5) points will

    be awarded for every five (5) push-ups completed.

    ; Sit-ups How many sit-ups can you complete in a minute? Five (5) points

    will be awarded for every ten (10) sit-ups completed.

    ; Shuttle Run How fast can you run? For each second ran faster than fifteen

    (15) seconds, the runner will receive ten (10) points. (Ex:13sec. = 20 points)

    ; Log Flip Who can flip the log across the finish line the fastest? Your time,

    rounded to the nearest hundredth of a second, will be subtracted from the

    total of the three (3) previous events.

    o The person with the highest score at the end of all four (4) events will be declared the


    ; Chariot Race

    o Each team will be responsible for building and racing their chariot. The theme for the

    chariots will be futuristic. Chariots can be made of anything, so be creative. You will

    be judged on creativity, design, and decoration. Top three winners will gain points for

    each of their teams. One male member will pull the chariot, while one female

    member will ride.

    ; Mud Pit Tug-O-War

    o Teams will consist of a six person team, and will be females vs. females and males

    vs. males in a single elimination style bracket. There will be two referees on hand to

    judge the competition. Old clothes or team uniforms are encouraged. One team

    will lose when the other team has pulled them all into the mud pit. ; Wendy Fox

    o ALL Greeks are asked to attend this event. It is a comedy-style awareness seminar

    presented by Wendy Fox. All Greeks are encouraged to wear letters to represent

    their chapters.

Greek Week 2012

    Paving the Way for Future Greeks

    Competition Greek Olympics

    Team Name and Team #

     Iron Man Male Participant

     Female Participant

     Chariot Race Chariot Puller

     Chariot Rider

     Female Tug-O-War Participant #1

     Participant #2

     Participant #3

     Participant #4

     Participant #5

     Participant #6

     Male Tug-O-War Participant #1

     Participant #2

     Participant #3

     Participant #4

     Participant #5

     Participant #6

    Greek Week 2012

    Paving the Way for Future Greeks

    Date Wednesday, April 4, 2012

    Event(s): Demons Unite to Fight Carnival 2:00 p.m. Kyser Brick Way

     Wacky Games 4:00 p.m. TBA

     Samaritan‟s Feet Powerade Pong 6:30 p.m. TBA

    Event Description:

    ; Demons Unite to Fight Carnival

    o All teams will be expected to participate in the Demons Unite to Fight

    Carnival. This carnival is being done to raise money for individuals facing

    financial difficulties with their breast cancer diagnoses. Hospital visits and

    medication are not cheap and so Demons Unite to Fight is doing what

    they can to help deter some of those costs. Each team will be responsible

    for making a carnival game-booth to work during the carnival. Games can

    range from balloon popping to apple bobbing. Baking cookies or other

    sweets is also encouraged. Your booths will be judged on creativity, so

    use your imagination and help out this new organization. ; Wacky Games

    o The Wacky Games will consist of an obstacle course, egg toss, and 5-

    legged race.

    ; Obstacle Course (4 events; 6 person team - 3 male and 3 female)

    ; Hula Hoop Pass

    o The first event will be a hula-hoop pass between

    teammates. All six (6) team members must form a

    straight line and pass the hula-hoop from the front of

    the line to the back and then back to the front…all the

    while staying connected.

    ; Dizzy Bat

    o The team will form a straight line. The first person in

    line will then open the canned beverage in front of

    them and drink it. For every second the player spends

    drinking they must do one (1) rotation with their head

    on one of the bat and the other end of the bat

    touching the ground (5 seconds drinking = 5 rotations).

    After the player has finished their beverage and

    completed their spins they must then take their bat

    and hit the empty can into the air. Once this is done,

    the next player can open their beverage and begin

    drinking; following the same rules as the first drinker.

    ; Find the Prize

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