By Mary Smith,2014-04-15 14:47
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    Dear teacher and schoolmates, Its a

    great pleasure for me to be here today and share my experience of learning English with you. I’m interested in English and

    hope to be an interpreter in the future. Naturally its very important for me to

    learn English well. As everybody knows

    vocabulary is an important part of language, just like bricks in a building. I usually memorize 20 new words a day and put them to use whenever possible. After class, I

    often listen to English programs on TV and on the radio. Besides. Ive learned a lot

    from the Internet and other sources.

     Now, Id like to make some suggestions on English teaching and learning in our school. Firstly, we should be given more

    opportunities to use what weve learned in

    order to have a better grasp of it. Secondly,

    I hope our teachers can recommend more interesting books and magazines and give us more free time to read them. Finally, I

suggest we have more English activities,

such as English contests and festivals.

Thank you for listening.

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