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     The clean body self-respect, observes sexual morality ?? sets up the health positive love, the marriage, the family and the natural idea, is the prevention and control AIDS, venereal diseases disseminates effects a permanent cure the road.

    ?? with the marriage outside the sex act was before the wedding AIDS, venereal diseases can the bamboo telegraph hotbed. activities and so on

    ?? prostitution, patronizing prostitutes are the important risk behaviours which AIDS, venereal diseases disseminate.

    ?? has the multi-individuality companions to stop the high-risk behavior, in order to avoid infection AIDS or venereal diseases, lose own health and the life. the

    ?? young people want to learn to restrain the ual excitement, the premature sexual relationship will not only harm the friendship, also will have the adverse effect to the physical and moral integrity. between the

    ?? husbands and wives each other is loyal, may protect both sides avoid the infection AIDS and venereal diseases. correct use condom the

    ?? correct use quality qualified condom not only may the contraception, but may also reduce the infection AIDS, venereal diseases' danger effectively. Each time the sexual intercourse should the entire journey use.

    ?? except uses the condom correctly, other contraceptive measure cannot prevent AIDS, venereal diseases. the

    ?? masculine infected person passes to AIDS feminine danger to be higher than the female to pass to obviously the masculine danger. Therefore, the woman is authorized requests opposite party on own initiative when the sexual intercourse to use the condom. treats and cures venereal diseases early

    ?? venereal diseases patient is easier to infect AIDS. Therefore, discovers and the standard early treats each kind of reproductive organ to infect may reduce infects and disseminates AIDS.

    ?? like suspected that he contracts venereal diseases and reproductive organ infectious disease, must promptly prevents and controls the

    organization inspection, the consultation and the treatment to the regular hospital or venereal diseases, and mobilizes with to have the natural contact person to accept the inspection.after the

    ?? partial females infect venereal diseases, not obvious symptom, is not easy to realize. Therefore has the high-risk doer, should go to the hospital inspection and the treatment promptly. the

    ?? regular hospital can provide the standard, the security inspection, the treatment and the advisory service. Cuts cannot look tours the medicine to sell seeks treatment from, also do not buy the medicine autonomous, in order to avoid misdiagnoses governs by mistake, the extension course, increases the infection AIDS's opportunity.

    ?? suspected when oneself infected the AIDS virus, should promptly to county level and county level above Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the comprehensive big hospital makes the AIDS virus immune body examination and the consultation. Has the high-risk behavior person, should carry on the consultation and the examination regularly.

The fight against aids

    More media coverage is being paid to the HIV/AIDS situation in China, especially after a gathering of leading officials, scientists, medical workers and activists in the field occurred in Beijing on November 10.

     By official estimates, China has 840,000 people carrying HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and about 80,000 AIDS patients.

     Despite the fairly large groups of HIV carriers and AIDS patients, the epidemic is mostly confined to high-risk groups, such as drug users, prostitutes and users of blood products. And it has yet to spread widely in the rest of the nation.

     The Chinese Government is well aware of such perspectives, and the central and local governments have allocated 6.8 billion yuan (US$822 billion) to establish and improve disease prevention and control mechanisms in provinces. Each year a special fund of more than 200 million yuan (US$24 million) is channeled into HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment.

     Since April, free medicine to poor AIDS patients has been delivered in regions hit hardest by the virus.

     Just as the impacts of AIDS reaches social and economic fields of society, effective prevention also requires united efforts from virtually all sectors.

     Key factors needed include public education, affordable drugs, medical training for healthcare workers in hospitals and the public health system, monitoring and evaluation, care for orphans, measures to stop mother-to-child transmission, a comprehensive care framework and research into vaccines and a cure.

     None of these things can be achieved with the single hand of any institution ?ยช not health officials, not medical workers or the government.

     The fight against HIV/AIDS requires the participation of as many parties as possible.

     As former US President Bill Clinton said as a co-chair of the advisory board of International AIDS Trust, the AIDS problem is ??manageable and preventable?? though we must wage it on all fronts with tenuous determination, utmost patience and tactful skills.

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