By Suzanne Duncan,2014-04-15 13:06
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     The Gaps between My Father and Me

    Different from others, I dont dare to say loud: hi papa, I dont want to

    sorts of. study any more; Im in love

    What I always do and always say is always obey: yes papa; ok papaetc.

    I love my papa just like you do.

    But I cant deny that there are many gaps between us.

    As the saying goes, three years one gap, you could see how many gaps. He dont have a high education background, what he knows is always get from the experience, which in some degree means old.

    He thinks that only study and graduation makes you usefully. He believes only get high score means you are hard study. He admits that when you get many certificates, you will be really extraordinary.

    But the reality is every person could be extraordinary, if you are in your exact position.

    Study in school means something to me, but the experience outside means much more.

    This is off course one example, still many others.

    If you pay attention, you will see more than I do.

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