How to install the Barcode Font

By Brittany Stevens,2014-06-13 16:06
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How to install the Barcode Font

    How to install the Barcode Font:

    Follow the steps for your Operating system.

    Windows XP or Windows NT

    Windows Vista or Windows 7

Windows XP or Windows NT

1. Go to

    2. Right-Click on “Bar Code Font” and do a save as. For Windows XP save to c:\windows\temp for Windows NT

    save to c:\winnt\temp

    3. Once the file is saved, type the following into the address bar... for windows XP users type in C:\windows\fonts or

    for Windows NT type in C:\winnt\fonts this will take you directly into you fonts folder. 4. Click on “File” then Install New Font

6. This will open a box that looks like this.

7. From here go to the Folders list in the lower left and go to your Temp folder. When you open it you will get a font

    in the “List of Fonts” at the top of the window and it will look like this.