Predominant Church, Pt

By Wanda Stewart,2014-03-28 11:22
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Predominant Church, Pt

Highly Impact-full Predominant Church, Pt. 2

    “We want to take this opportunity to tell you more of the inside scoop on the building fund, and for the sake of time we‟ll do that while you enjoy the barbeque graciously

    provided by the Lindquist‟s.”

“Our pastor is big on multi-tasking,” Janie said with a wry smile.

    I had come out to the suburbs to visit Janie and Mark‟s church and the plan was to go to a barbeque with some of the folks from the church. Turns out the barbeque was serving up a combo platter of both eating and meeting, where they could talk openly about the building fund and, as Janie described it later, have the food act as a distraction while they turned on the thumb screws.

    The senior pastor was at the mic, surrounded by his team, which included the executive pastor, the teaching pastor, the worship pastor, the visitation pastor, the missions pastor, the pastor of small groups, the pastor of connections, the pastor of new development and the campus pastor. Janie describes these guys as the wonder bread team.

    “We‟re not sure what the “campus pastor” does, but he has a degree in engineering.” Janie commented with a twinkle in her eye.

Mark added, “I see him at the gym a lot and I think he hangs out at Panera Bread – they

    have free wireless access.”

    The senior pastor was concluding his remarks at the mic: “Now because we‟re interested in pleasing God and not man, let‟s pray and then we‟ll have our fundraising consultant give us his presentation.”

    The church had hired a professional fundraiser, a former CEO of a technical consulting group.

“You‟ve got to spend money if you want to raise money these days.” Janie cracked.

    The consultant started out by joking about the days of the huge thermometer poster that would track the progress of meeting the building fund goal. “Long gone are those days”

    he chuckled. Then he pulled out some colorful pie charts. They clearly explained how we should realistically expect about 60 to 70 percent of the congregation to actually give and that the real big money, in fact 75 per cent of the goal, will come from 10 to 25 per cent of the number that give.

“They‟ve really got this down to a science,” Mark remarked.

Not to be out done, Janie joked: “Yep, pie is way cooler than a thermometer, and more


    Mark laughed at that, but caught my eye and offered a quickly explanation for their joking around: “Now before you think we‟re a little too over the top, you have to understand that we‟ve been hearing about the building fund for five months straight. It‟s

    mentioned in every sermon actually, it‟s gotten to be kind of a game for us to try to guess how many minutes into the sermon that it‟ll come up.

    “Listen Jim, we know that it‟s probably us, and that if our church has a few quirks here and there we know we aren‟t going to find the perfect church and we need to try to

    see beyond the minor things and keep the bigger picture in mind. But we do try to keep a good sense of humor about it all.”

“Yes,” Janie smiled, “and sometimes the best way to keep a good perspective on some of

    the little oddities, is to have a good laugh at them. Otherwise I focus on them too much. And anyways, it‟s better than crying about „em.”

    ? Jim Poole, August 2007

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