A New Executive - NSW Adult Literacy & Numeracy Council

By Mike Weaver,2014-03-28 11:18
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A New Executive - NSW Adult Literacy & Numeracy Council

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    someone like Mark can be

    reached through the Hotline, A Matter of Age make contact with a class, The latest in our series of work on his reading and professional development writing, and go on to win an forums - A Matter of Age award for a great story. was a fantastic day, full of ideas from passionate and You can read Mark’s hilarious- inspiring literacy and but horrifying - story in numeracy people. Around 50 of your own copy of Blue Sky us shared our ideas, caught up Bicycle and other journeys with one another, and learned enclosed, and look out for about the great work of our our next professional colleagues. development forum in October as usual. A highlight of the day was a very moving speech by Mark Collyer, the winner of our

    prize for most outstanding

    entry in the Journeys student

    writing publication.

    Mark is a Randwick TAFE QuickTime?and a

    Photo - JPEG decompressorliteracy student, who has been are needed to see this picture.working with teacher, Judy

    Cameron. Mark brought a wry smile to everyone’s faces

    talking about his feelings

    surrounding literacy

     difficulties. ‘Every time you proud abe student, Mark get asked to fill in a form, Collyer, poses with his copy it’s like having a policeman of Blue Sky Bicycle and other tap you on the shoulder’’ said journeys Mark. Another wonderful connection

    A New Executive for us in the field is that

    Council’s AGM was held after A Mark first heard about

    Matter of Age, and we’re literacy help through The

    excited to have a new Reading Writing Hotline. It’s

    President, Treasurer and some great to see the pieces in our

    new faces on the executive. jigsaw puzzle fitting together

    Welcome to Michael O’Hara from so successfully, so that

    PO Box K450 Haymarket NSW 1240 Ph: (02) 9514 3973 Fax: (02) 9514 3030

    ABN 270 198 490 66

Parramatta College (ACE), our Literacy issues in the

    new President. Michael’s name election will be familiar to quite a We’re interested that reading few of you from his time at and literacy are getting a several community colleges mention in the lead up to the around the state. Federal election, particularly Congratulations also to Keiko in the proposal to give Yasukawa, our new Treasurer parents a $700 cheque to “fix taking over Council’s “ their children’s literacy financial reins from Jillian problems. As workers in the Blakey. Keiko will also be field, we know that $700 will well known to many of us not buy very much tutoring, through her work with UTS and that literacy difficulties Language & Literacy (and require much more than a Numeracy!) programs over the couple of months of added-on years. Most of our other teaching. We would hope that hardworking executive members other more long-term and are continuing their work with systematic solutions, the Council for another year including family literacy with our heartfelt thanks. And, projects where parents’ we’re delighted that Maggie literacy can also be addressed, Sinclair and Kaye Watkins, might be considered. Keep both from Ultimo TAFE, have your eye on this and other joined our Executive. education-related issues over the next few months! Remember, we’re always happy to have other interested Projects of interest people on the Executive, so if A number of providers have you’re interested in getting recently won funding under involved, just give us a ring. Reframing the Future or Learnscope programs, which Ride the Blue Sky Bicycle! will bring people together and Your member’s copy of the increase our skills in various Bicycle is enclosed, but we areas. know that lots of you will want to get hold of more Adult & Community Education copies for your classrooms and have won Learnscope funding to they make a great centres run a program to create a teaching resource! Order statewide platform for a some extras today on the order communication hub for online form enclosed Only $10 a training and moderation. copy, or buy five and get one Parramatta College has an e-free. This price just covers learning project to bring our production and postage casual teachers together for costs, so we hope you’ll order workshops on computer literacy. a set for your centre. We hear that Debbie Littlehales from Kiama

    Community College, and Jan

    Hatton from Walcha Adult

PO Box K450 Haymarket NSW 1240 Ph: (02) 9514 3973 Fax: (02) 9514 3030 ABN 270

    198 490 66

    Education Centre have been nominated as Flexible Learning Leaders.

    And did you know that in the area of volunteer programs, AMES and the Smith Family have been working together since last July as part of a

    consortium? The Smith Family runs the AMES volunteer tutor program, whilst AMES trains the tutors for the whole of the Sydney area, and also in a couple of regional locations including Coffs Harbour. They are currently looking at online training. Also under the AMES umbrella, the English

    @AMES e-learning project is continuing, though with some delays due to a technical hitch. Addressing CSWE levels 2 and 3, the project will be starting trials shortly and apparently looks great and is easy to navigate. The project is based in Mary St in Sydney but will be supported by local e-learning support teachers at various locations. And

    finally, Wollongong Library is currently seeking funding to run a family literacy program called 'Born to Read'

    Do you know of other

    interesting projects??? Let us know!

PO Box K450 Haymarket NSW 1240 Ph: (02) 9514 3973 Fax: (02) 9514 3030 ABN 270

    198 490 66

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