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    1. All the top management of large organizations, regardless of their aptitudes or skills, should make a long period plan which covers 5 to 10 years and match the organization’s structure to its desired goal.

    2. Today’s model of management is still consistent with that developed at the end of

    ththe 19 century. The major management activities are still planningorganizing

    leading and controlling.

    3. The first-line managers of the company established the proper atmosphere and motivated their employees to do their best in the work.

    4. The managers should consider organization’s goals, the feasibility of the plans and whether they will be acceptable to the employees.

    5. The new employees can not adapt to the environment in which their organization operates. You should take care of them and encourage them.


    1. Last year this firm recruited 2 typewriters and 3 sales-persons . This year it plans to recruit several higher level executives.

    2. The general-manager has agreed the policy of promotion from within, because it fosters loyalty among organization members.

    3. Giving new employees some challenging assignments helps them and the organization accommodate to each other quickly.

    4. If a manufacturing company purchases new automated equipment, but it doesn’t

    hire and train people to operate the equipment. It’s likely that the equipment may

    remain idle and the company decreases its productivity.

    5. Every year IBM expenses 900 million dollars to educate and train the employees and the general manager appraises the performance of middle and first-line managers.


    1. Corporate culture is a management approach, it has a very strong influence on management and it can be identified as the inner rites, rituals, heroes and values. 2. High ranking officials have discussed “How to assess the corporate culture” and determined a few assessment indicators.

    3. The management are very interested in the concept of the corporate culture .Because it has a powerful influence on how the employees think and act 4. The economists predict that the firms of future will be quite different from those of today. Tomorrow’s firms will be made up of small task–oriented work groups.

    They will be coordinated through an elaborate computer network and held together by a strong corporate culture.

    5. Every new employee at Honda is encouraged to plant a small pine tree. The growth of each pine tree represents the personal growth and development at Honda.


    1. His interests in ethics stem from the university times. Now his research on

    business ethics has become a public concern among the entrepreneurs. 2. Besides obeying all laws and regulations, businessmen are expected to refrain from knowingly deceiving, misrepresenting or intimidating others. 3. Ethical decisions will always withstand scrutiny. Fairness and honesty will often win trust and support, help build solid business relationship.

    4. The deceiving practices of advertisement’s sponsor infuriate most customers

    greatly. We must take precautions against them.

    5. Investors, employees, creditors and competitors exert some type of pressures on the management, so the firm is always facing ethical choices directly or indirectly.


    1. Financial management consists of all those activities that are concerned with obtaining money and using it effectively. Effective financial management begins with goal setting and planning.

    2. Income and expenses vary from season to season or from year to year. Temporary funding is needed when expenses are high or income is low.

    3. What the financing will be used for deserves careful consideration, because whether short-term or long-term financing which the firm looks to depends on it. 4. Today’s managers not only pay attention to production and sales, but also more to

    financing, because they know it is needed to start a new business and to keep it going.

    5. The source of longterm financing depends on the size and type of the business. If it is a sole proprietorship or partnership, the original capital of the owner is acquired and it must be invested to the business by the owner.


    1. The input unit of the computer enters data into a computer, some of them are much like a typewriter keyboard. Currently some computer manufacturers are developing voice recognition as an input device.

    2. Input unit ,arithmetic logic unit, main memory, control unit and output make up the computer’s hardware.

    3. With a computer, data can be stored on a disk and it can be used at a later date if it is needed.

    4. A word processing program allows the user to store letters, memos, reports and the like in the computer main memory or on a magnetic disk.

    5. The software package of database management contains all kinds of data, they can be sorted by different criteria.

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