thinking of the text language

By Esther Carter,2014-11-11 17:15
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thinking of the text language

    Thinking of the text language

    With the more and more computers and mobiles are used in our life, we contact other people by text message a lot, so millions of people send text messages every second by our mobile or computer. Then text language are being used by a lot of texting we are seeing ,in a small way, language in evolution. I read a poem by Hetty Hughes, winner of the Guardian text-message poetry competition 2001. Below is the poem:



    Try2rite eassays,

    They all come out txtis.

    Gran not plasedw.lettersshesgetn

    Swears I wrote better

    B4 comin2uni.

    I read this poem over and over, but I still didn’t know what the poem means. For me

    it like a riddle. Do other people understand it very well?

    I knew this was coming.From the first time one of my friend chatted with me in May 2010, He sent me a message ‘hbd!’ I was confused and asked him what that means. He told me that means happy birthday. Use the first letter of every word’s. Then he

    showed me more examples.

    Wer r ya? Means’ where are you?’

    LOL, means laugh out loud.

    I knew the text message missed some letter, but most English peoples still can understand it. The English language as we once knew it is out the window, and replacing it is this hip and cool slang-induced language, obsessed with taking the vowels out of words and spelling of fonetikally.

    The teenage are fascinated by it. They text message like ‘WUU2? U comin out lad! Or ‘hiyaa you awryt?xxx’……the most people aged 14—24 years old, they used it a lot

    and they type very fast and know it. But the people aged over 25 years old, they usually don’t use it more, they often text message with properly English and clear words. Maybe they use one or two very simple text languagewords as ‘x, means’ kiss’

    or ‘means ‘you’.

    Why the different aged people use the text message is big different. I think the teenage are easy to learn new things and they like to text quickly as they do. Of course most of the teenages know this special text language. So they contact other one and they can use it very well. But when the people are older than 25 years old. They would like to text good English and don’t make the people confusing. So they

    type message strictly.

    There are different opinions towards text messaging. If the text language is right? Please read the below article:

    thThe Daily Mail article 28 September 2007

    Texters are vandals who are doing to our language what Genghis Khan did to his neighbours 800 years ago. They are destroying it: pillaging our punctuation; savaging our sentence; raping our vocabulary, andthey must be stopped.

    From this we knew they didn’t like the text language. But other news proved some people like it and they think it is great. Please read below the other one article. Findings from a recent study into text message use at Coventry University. Researchers found strong positive links between the use of text language and the skills.

    Underlying success in Standard English in a group of pre-teenage children. The more abbreviations they use in the text messages. The higher they scored in tests of their reading and vocabulary.

    From this we knew the researchers thought it can help the children to remember English words. So it can help the children to study English language. How do the people think about the text language?

    Here is Quote from the David Crystal’s book’ Tetng: The gr8db8’: Teenager texters are

    not stupid. They could not be good at texting If they hold not already developed considerable literacy skills. What teenagers are not good at is fully understanding the consequences of what they are the eyes of society as a whole. And this is where teaching comes in. They need to know when textisms are appropriate and when they are not.

    Other article in the book:

    Some people dislike texting. Some are bemused by it. So some love it .I am fascinated by it. For it is the latest way for humans to be creative with language and to adapt language to suit the demands of diverse settings. In texting we are seeing, in a small way, language in evolution.

    From the example we knew some people say’ no’ ,some people say ‘good’. I don’t

    like it. I think we must speak English exactly, we must check our spelling correctly. English is UK’s country language, So we must improve our text message language. You can use the text message language with your best friend who you know the text language very well. Don’t text it to strange people or new friend. Sometime the

    people can’t understand.

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