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    Unit 5 Topic 1 Why all the smiling faces ?




    Section A

    Section A needs 1 period.

    The main activities are 1 and 3a. ?. Aims and demands

    1. (1)Review and learn some adjectives expressing feelings:

    worried, disappointed, unhappy

    (2)Learn other new words and phrases:

    invite, say thanks to, smile, none, taste, rich, silly, cruel

    2. Master the structure oflinking verb+adj.

    You look excited.

    That is very exciting.

    I feel disappointed.

    It tastes so delicious.

    3. Greetings:

    How are you doing?

    Very well, thank you.

    Please say thanks to your mom.

    4. Happiness:

    Thats great! Im so happy.

    How nice!

    5. Regret:

    What a shame!

    ?. Teaching aids


    ?. Five-finger Teaching Plan

    Step 1 Review 5minutes


    1. Ask and answer :

    T: Did you have a good time in your winter holiday? Ss: Yes, we did.

    T: S, did you ask your friends to your home for dinner? 1

    S: Certainly. 1

    T: Oh, I know you invited your friends to your home. Were you ?

    S: Yes, we were very happy. 1

    T: If none of your friends came for dinner, were you ?

    S: Yes, I was very disappointed. 1

    T: Great. I know a ll of you had a good winter holiday. Now use stick figures to express your feelings in the holiday.


     sad excited angry worried


    invite, none, disappointed, worried

     2. 引出形容词进行系表结构的教学

    T: Did you enjoy yourselves in your winter holiday? What do you like doing best

    during the

    Spring Festival?

    T: Lets ask a boy to act dumbly, and then we watch how he fires firecracker and

    then find some adjectives to express feelings.

    Step 2 Presentation 7 minutes

    Teach Part 1 and 3a

     1. Lead in :

    T: We had a good time in the winter holiday. So we are all happy today. What about

    Kangkang? Lets listen to 1 and find it.

    (板书) How does he feel?

2. (让学生跟读1并画出文中重点词、句!然后教师板书。学生掌握say thanks to)

     How are you doing?excitedinvitesay thanks to

    ) 3. (导入3a。掌握生词smile

    T: Kangkang, Michael, Maria and Jane are happy. What about their teacher, Mr. Lee?

    Now listen to 3a and answer my questions. (用小黑板呈现听力问题。)

    a. Why all the smiling faces?

    b. How does Mr. Lee feel?


    Step 3 Consolidation 10 minutes


    1. Read 1 again, and then act it out in roles. 2. Read 3a again and retell it in your own words according to the key words on the


    3. Circle the sentences with linking verb + adj.

     Step 4 Practice 15minutes 1. Pay attention tolinking verb+adj.

     Kangkang/excited Mr. Lee/disappointed


T: Kangkang looks excited. What about Mr. Lee?

    S: He feels disappointed. 1



    be, look, feel, sound,


2. T: Give you 3~5 minutes to finish 2 and 3b.


    2. (2) The man is/looks funny.

    (3) Michael is/looks so active/happy.

    (4) The teacher is/looks/feels angry and the student is/looks/feels afraid. (5) The girl is/looks/feels sad.

    (6) The woman is/looks/feels very worried and the boy is/looks/feels sad.

3b. How do the children look? They look happy.

    How does the music sound? It sounds


    How do the people feel? They feel excited.

    Step 5 Project 8 minutes

    Important points

    1. Now, work in two groups. Group One discuss Ji Gong, and Group Two discuss the

    rich landlord according to the pictures and words given in 4. Pay attention to

    linking verb+adj.

unhappy, unpopular, rich, silly, cruel

Read the words in the box and learn the new words according to their opposite words.


    2. Homework:

    T: Make a survey about how your friend feels when she/he is in the following


    Situation Feeling

    Pass the exam.

    Be late for class.

    Pet dog is dead.

    Listen to wonderful music.

    Mother is ill.

    Friends come to visit.

    Get some money from





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