Independent Task II

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Independent Task II

Independent Task II

    Real Test

    Does TV have the positive or negative effect on the modern society? Choose one and explain why.

    ; Idiot box

    ; Overindulgent in watching TV will cause such symptoms like eye irritation, obesity and


    ; Poor sight

    ; Watching TV will have a bad influence on children and younger generations both

    physically and psychologically.

    ; Physically

    1. Poor sight

    2. Obesity

    3. Coach Potato

    ; Psychologically

    1. Isolation

    2. Loneness

    3. Too much adult materials like violence and crime

    Do you think the high school should teach music and art as other basic science? Explain why.

    ; Yes

    1. Music teaches us not only how to sing, but also the rhythm, which is fascinating and


    2. Learn how to appreciate the arts, like music, songs, operas and exhibitions and shows.

    3. The appreciation of beauty

    Do you think using mobile phone should be banned in some certain place? Explain why.

    ; Yes.

    1. Places like airport and gas station in case there is anything dangerous happens.

    2. Places like classroom, library, music hall, cinema, and theatre. Simply because we will

    disturb others when the places are supposed to be quite.

    3. Places like hospital, using mobile phone will disturb the peace and interrupt the patience. Which one acts more influence on you, newspaper, TV, or people like your teachers, parents or classmates? Explain why.

    ; Influence

    1. Good characters/personalities/qualities

    2. Learn a lot from newspaper/TV.

    Do you think government should sponsor to build up museum and theatre? Give reasons and details to support your opinion.

    (A or B)

    ; Yes.

    1. Building museum and theatre will promote city image.

    2. Along with the city image promotion, museum and theatre will contribute to the cultural


3. Besides, it provides another place for recreation for people to go.

    4. Also, it helps teach children to get familiar with diversified culture, like Greek and


    ; No.

    1. The government should attach the importance of the development of economy. 2. Not necessary: Accessible and convenient internet

    3. Together with the economical development, people are able to travel to the places like

    Paris, Rome and Greece to see the places of interest in person and visit the theatre and

    listen to opera.

    Do you prefer eating at home or eating out, and explain why. (A over B)

    ; Eating at home is much better than eating out in the following aspects. 1. A lot cheaper, more nutritious than to eat out, which does good to our health. 2. Good for family, since when we are around table, taking about something happened

    during the day, it is the happiest moment in the whole day.

    3. However, eating out will provide you with different choices, which means you can have

    something Italian or Chinese.

    4. All in all, due to/owing to the reasons that Ive stated above make me eat at home a lot.

    Do you prefer to study in a big city or a small one, and explain why? (A over B)

    ; I would like to study in a big city rather than a small one with the following reasons. 1. Big city-diversified culture

    2. Big city-advanced and developed equipment and study materials.

    3. Big city-different friends coming from different cultural backgrounds.

    Do you prefer to live alone or live with a roommate? Explain why.

    ; Living alone.

    1. More private space that I can do anything I want anytime.

    2. I will be more independent, like I can learn how to arrange my life from food to laundry. ; Living with a roommate.

    1. Learn a lot about how to get along with each other like taking care of other people. 2. Share laughter and sadness with him or her.

    Should the universities and colleges open to every student or just a part of students? Explain


    ; Yes.

    1. Every student has the right to receive higher education to pursue a fancy job and better

    life, especially to those who are poor but very intelligent and diligent. 2. It is the obligation of the universities and colleges that open to every student as education

    is supposed to treat every human being equal.

    3. Making possible that every student can be accessible to the higher education contributes

    to the development of our society, like science and technology, and economy.

    Whether parents should lead their children to watch TV or the children should choose what

    they want to watch by themselves. Explain why.

    ; Parents should lead their children to watch TV.

    1. Children are too naïve to tell the difference between good and evil, when they are facing

    TV which is full of /flooded with adult materials like violence and crime. 2. Children are too young to arrange their timetable. They need the guidance of parents.

    3. Besides, the current and urgent task for them is to concentrate on study, too much

    TV-watching will disturb their study and come up with bad marks.

    Should schools open up music class? Explain why.

    ; Yes.

    1. Enrich the curriculum.

    2. Singing a song is fascinating and happy.

    3. Enhance the study efficiency (higher efficiency)

    4. Music teaches rhythm which does good to our future.

    5. Learn to appreciate beauty.

    Do you prefer to study in class or self-taught? Explain why.

    ; Study in class

    1. Classmates, discussion, debating makes us understand a topic deeply, since if you want to

    persuade someone you have to provide sufficient and enough reasons.

    2. Teachers, guiding and helping. Whenever I come across a difficulty I can discuss with my

    teacher immediately.

    ; Self-taught

    1. In the light of my own interests without the compulsory but quite boring subject.

    2. Master more for the study is more direct.

    Is attending colleges easier to be successful in career than not? Explain why.

    ; Yes.

    ; Attending colleges makes us study more knowledge specially to make sure we understand

    more about the society.

    ; More knowledge offers us skills and talents to deal with the problems that may appear in

    our future.

    ; When we are at work, the urgent and important task we must face is how to solve the

    problems, and the solutions to those problems can be settled by not only professional

    knowledge but also wisdom which will be nourished by the knowledge weve got from


    Do you prefer indoor activities or outdoor activities in your spare time? Explain why.

    ; Indoor activities

    1. Reading a book,读书题

    2. Listening to music or opera听音乐题

    3. Watching DVDs.

    ; Outdoor activities

    1. Jogging, tennis, basketball, football

    2. Hang out with friends like going to a bar, restaurant, cafe or karaoke.

    3. Go shopping

    4. Enjoy the sunshine, more fresh air, happy with friends


    13th January: When people take a journey, some prefer to arrive at the destination fast and directly, others prefer to enjoy the scenery along the road, which one do you prefer? Explain your thoughts with details.

     Get to the destination directly and fast for the following reasons:

    1. Purpose is the destination, we should have a good rest on the journey and save our energy.

    2. Arriving at our destination directly is the most efficient way to go, spending too much

    time on the journey is a kind of waste of time, though there may be some beautiful scenes

    along the road.

    19th January: People say that childhood is the best time in one person’s life? Do you agree or

    disagree with the statement? Explain your ideas with details and examples.


    1. Not so much pressure compared with adulthood, we can play around the whole day

    without worrying about the homework.

    2. We are young and naïve, believing anything under the sun is good and beautiful. 27th January: Some get advice from family and friends, others learn it through personal experience, which one do you prefer? Explain your own thoughts with examples and details.

     Friends and family

     Advice from friends. Friends who are older than us are experienced and they can give

    some suggestions derived from their experience. Sometimes, learning from others is wiser

    than learning from the same mistakes made by us, since in that case, we can take some

    precautious methods to prevent anything wrong.


     Some say, parents are our first teachers. What they’ve said to us and tell us do good to our

    present and future. We should be all ears to them.

     As a wise person is to learn something from the mistakes made by others rather than to make them in person.

    3rd Feb.: Do you agree or disagree with the statement that students should wear uniform in school? Explain your own thoughts in details.


    1. Uniform is a symbol of a student.

    2. Wearing uniform contributes a lot to the discipline of the students.

    3. Wearing uniform gives a student a sense of school belonging and do good to their focus

    on study.

    4th Mar.: Do you think that our life is easier than our grandparents or more difficult? Explain your own thoughts in details.

     Not exactly

    1. Along with the improved living standard, we are facing up with more pressure from our

    peers and society, which requires us to be equipped with more advanced knowledge and

    challenges us more.

    2. More challenges, more risks and more pressure.

    21st April




    29th April

     Money多的工作还是personal satisfaction 高的工作你比较prefer?

     Personal satisfaction

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