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    Module1---module2 达标题


    1,开会 _______________ 2,我一点也不知道_______________ 3Listen upeveryone_______________4What is it about(


    5 do an interview about _______________6)写下!_______________ 7do an interview with sb. _______________ 8)写作文_______________ 9,取得好成绩_______________

    10) ……里出来_______________ 11,走过大门_______________ ,在东方_______________ 13,检查_______________ 12

    14,太……而不能_______________ 15fall away _______________ 16处于……的边缘______________17……底部_______________ 18look across _______________ 19on both sides _______________ 20) over 400 kilometers long _______________ 21. 来说, 至于 22. 听起来像

    23. 在中国文学上 24.-----的影响

    25. 数百万 26. 作为……而著名

    27. 其实, 事实上 28-------而著名

    29. ---上方看过去 30.----有关系

    31.用日常英语 32------是高兴的

    33.跑掉!潜逃 34.一箱子金子

    二、 选择正确的答案

    1Where ______ are you going to visit?

     A. other B. another C. else D. also 2)A girl ______ Lucy is waiting for you outside.

     A. called B. call C. calling D. calls 3) The sign at the crossing tells us which road _____.

     A. to take B. taking C. take D. took

    4All the students will climb the mountain if it _______ rain tommow.

     A. won’t B. don’t C. didn’t D. doesn’t

    5) _______ will the supper be ready? I’m very hungery.

     In a minutes.


     A. How soon B. How long C. How much D. How often

    6) Please turn on the light. It is _______ dark _______ see anything in the


    A. tooto B. so, that C. such , that D. too, not to

    7The two men walked _____ the tunnel and got to a small house .

    A. across B. through C. crossing D. over

    8. What about listening to some light music?


     A. It doesn’t matter B. That’s all right C. It’s my pleasure D.

    Good idea

    9. My aunt isn’t here. She____- Shanghai on business. She will be back in

    three days.

    A. went B. has gone to C. has been to D. will go to 10―When did you buy these new CDs?‖ ―I ___ them for tow days.‖

     A. had B. have bought C. have had D. bought 11 ------When will your brother return?

     ------ I don’t know. I’ll let you know as soon as he ______ back.

     A. getting B. to get C. gets D. will get

    12) ----- How long ______ the film King Hong ______ ?

     ----- For just several minutes.

     A. did ,begin B. has, begun C. has, been on D. did,been on

    13) ---- Why is your brother’s English so good?

     ---- Because he ______ New York for 6years.

     A. has gone to B. has been in C. has come to D. has been to 14I have three books. One is about science, ______ two are about history.

    A. another B. other C. the other D. others 15Do you ever that you’ll fail a test?

    A. think B. thinks C. thought D. thinking

     16He was _____ weak ____ stand up.

    A. so, that B. too, to C. such, that D. enough, to

     17The Changjiang River is about 6300kilometers________ .

     A. wide B. tall C. long D. high

     18. One of the wonders of the ________ world is the pyramids in Egypt.


     A. old B. natural C. modern D. ancient

     19. For my homework I have to write a(an ) ________ about the wonders of the world.

     A. music B. picture C. composition D. exam

     20. If I work hard, I hope I’ll get good ________.

     A. grade B. notes C. checks D. answers

     21. My favorite ________ is the Beatles and I’ve got lots of CDs.

     A. concert B. band C. singer D. club

     22. Mt. Qomolangma is the ________ mountain in the world.

     A. highest B. longest C. tallest D. deepest

     23. The Times is an international ________ .

     A. article B. newspaper C. interview D. magazine

     24. He stood on the ________ of the canyon and looked down..

     A. edge B. path C. bottom D. ground

     25. I’ve never ________ to the Great Wall.

     A. been B. gone C. seen D. come

     26. Have you ever studied with your friends?


     A . No, I don’t B. Yes, I do C. Yes, I have D No, I didn’t

     27. My mother isn’t here. She____ Beijing on business. She will be

    back in three days.

    A. went B. has gone to C. has been to D. will go to

    28. Why don’t you _______ to tapes?

     A listening B listen C listened D to listen

     29. It is almost five years_____ we saw each other last time.

     A. before B. since C. after D.. when

     30. Why not___ the music club? —I’m sorry. I can’t sing or dance.

    A. to join B. join C. joining D. to join in

     31. Such noises make me .

    A . want to leave B . to want to leave C . leaving D . to leave

     32. The story was sad it made us cry .

    A . too, to B . so, that C . enough , to D . very , because


     33. Mr Green is an engineer . He in China for about two years .

    A . worked B . had worked C . works D . has worked 34 My aunt isn’t here. She ____ Shanghai on business. She will be back in three days.

     A. went B. has gone to C. has been to D. will go to 35 ―When did you buy these new CDs?‖ ―I ___ them for tow days.‖

     A. had B. have bought C. have had D. bought 36 Have you ever studied with a group? ___________.

     A . No, I don’t B. Yes, I do C. Yes, I have D No, I didn’t

     37I have ___ French for 6 years.

    A. learning B. learned C. to learn D. learns

     38Yi Zhongtian’s simple and interesting explanation of history has ______ lots of TV views.

     A. caused B. attacked C. tested D. attracted 39) It took my daughter 2 weeks ________ the novels ________ by Yang Hongyong.

     A. read ,written B. to read , written

    C. reading, to write D. to read,wrote

     40----Are you afraid of _______ at home,Linda?

     -----No, I’ve grown up.

     A. alone B. being alone C. lonely D. being lonely

41) .______you ever______to Tianjin since 1986?

     A.Did...go B.Have...gone

     C.Have...been D.Were.../

     42) There is an old house standing ______ the edge on the canyon.

     A. at B. on C. of D. with

    43. English ________ in Canada.

     A. speaks B. are spoken C. is speaking D. is spoken 44. This English song _________ by the girls after class.

     A. often sings B. often sang C. is often D. is often sung 45. This kind of car ________ in Japan.


     A. makes B. made C. is making D. is made 46. New computers __________ all over the world.

    A. is used B. are using C. are used D. have used 47. Tea ________ in the south of China.

    A. grows B. is grown C. were grown D. will grow 48. ________ visitors visit the Great Wall every day.

    A. Two millions B. Millions of C. Millions D. Two millions of 49. Mark Twain is known _______ a great writer.

    A. for B. as C. of D. about

    50. I don’t have ________ friends and sometimes, I feel _______.

    A. close, lonely B. closed, lonely C. close, alone D. closed, alone

    51. Wash your hands with soap the experiment.

    A in the end of B in the end C to the end D at the end of 52. Peter’s father is the teacher Peter’s study.

    A talking with, with B talking to, with C talking with, about D talking about, with

    53. He decides his own funeral.

    A going B going to C go to D to go to

    54. She is very her husband alive.

    A happy seeing B please to see C pleased to see D sad seeing 55. ---How clean and tidy your bedroom is ! ---Thanks. It every day.

    A cleans B is cleaned C cleaned D is cleaning 56. ---I want to be a doctor. ---Doctors greatly in every part of the

    world, I think.

    A need B are needed C are needing D will need 57. Linda, the tea smells nice. Where it ?

    A is, built B does, make C is, produced D is, used 58. ---This sweater feels soft. What is it of? ---Wool. I think.

    A make B makes C making D made

    59. ---How often your school sports meeting ? ---Once a year.

    A does, hold B was, hold C is held D did, hold 60. ---Is the environment good around your city? ---Yes. Many trees here every year.


    A are planted B plant C are cut down D are planting 61. How much did it cost to build the school library? -Four __________ yuan.

    A. million B. millions C. millions of D. million of 62. How about going shopping on Hunan Road this evening? --_________, but I’ve to prepare for tomorrow’s exam.

    A. I can’t B. Sounds great C. That’s right D. No, I’m terribly sorry

    63. How nice the music sounds!

    -It does! The peaceful music will make you feel __________. A. excited B. bored C. moved D. relaxed

    64. –It’s necessary for us to take one hour’s exercise every day.

    - I agree _______ you.

    A. at B. to C. on D. with

    65. Usually computers __________ to get information on the Internet. A. use B. are using C. are used D. used

     ( )66. Newly-born babies___ in hospital.

    A. are taken good care B. are taken good care of

     C. take good care of D. take good care ( )67English ____ in Canada.

     A. speaks B. are spoken C. is speaking D. is spoken ( )68. -What are you going to do this Sunday?

     -I ________ yet.

     A. won't decide B. didn't decide C. haven't decided D. don't decide

    ( )69. -Could you tell me when ________ (

     -In ten minutes.

     A. the bus left B. will the bus leave

     C. did the bus leave D. the bus will leave ( )70. -How clean and tidy your bedroom is

     -Thank you. It ________ every day:

     A. cleans B. is cleaned C. was cleaned D. is cleaning ( )71. Shenzhou VI returned safely to Earth _______ October 172005

    after a five-day flight.

     A. on B. in C. at D. during ( ) 72. Tea ___ in the south of China.


     A. grows B. is grown C. were grown D. will grow ( ) 73. This kind of car ___ in Japan.

     A. makes B. made C. is making D. is made ( ) 74. The following four books are about ________ stories.

    A. sports B. children's C. animal D. love ( )75Doctors ___ in every part of the world.

    A. need B. are needing C. are needed D. will need ( 76-Which of The Twins sings _______ (

     -They are neck and neckI think.

     A. well B. better C. best D. the best

    - ______ do you like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer? ( )77

     -Very interesting.

     A. How B. Who C. What D. When

    ( ) 78. -Mr. Johnson, we have found your watch.

    -My watchThank you. Where _________ it?

     A. do you find B. have you found C. did you find D. were you finding

    ( ) 79. -Would you mind if I use your dictionary?

     -Of course not . __________ .

    A. Don't do that B. I'm sorry I can't

    C. It's over there D. I have a dictionary

    ( ) 80. -Jack rang you up while you were out. He had something important

    to tell you.

     - ________ (

     -Nohe'll call you later.

     A. Shall I call him back B. Will he call again

    C. What is it about D. Where is he now 81.I don’t want this one . Please give me .

    A . ones B . another C . the others D . other 三、完成句子

     1I don’t know ____________________________( 他发生了什么事)(

     2They started a magazine _______________( 关于医学方面的)

    3______ _______ _______ _______ ( 我们为什么不开办) an English


corner for ourselves?

    4) The will _______ _______ _______ _______ ( 采访 ) the famous

    singer and ______ _______ _______ _______ ( ……作评论) the band.

    5) I wanted to know ______ _______ _______ ( 该做什么) next.

    ) The river in our hometown is about _______ _______ _______ (2000 6


    7. 据我所知!张老师今天不来了。

    Mr Zhang isn’t coming today , __________________ I know .

    8. 宋祖英是公认的出色的歌唱家。

    Song Zuying __________________________ a great singer . 9 我的问题与今天的作业有关。

    My question __________________________ today’s homework .

    10. 每年有数百万人看萨士比亚的表演。

    Shakespeare's plays _____________ by ______________ people every year .

    11. 他长大了想成为作家。

    He wants to be a writer when he _______________________ 12.During the trip, after _______ _______ ( 穿过) the forest , we sailed _______ ( 横渡 ) a big river.

    四, 用词的适当形式填空

    1 He is only interested in ______ (sit) in a boat and doing nothing.

    2_______ (be) cool is being popular.

    3Let’s play football instead of _______ (stay) at home.

    4Why not ______( have ) a rest after a long walk? 5) Jim has a new friend _______( call ) Rose. 6) What would you like __________( write ) about the new movie(

    7The doctor suggested ________ ( take ) a walk after supper. 8) I ________( not hear ) of him before.

    9His granny _________( die ) for seven years. 10) They _________ ( visit ) the Great Wall twice. 11) I’ll tell you the news,as soon as he _____ ( come ) back.

    12) What _____ you ______ ( do ) when the telephone rang?


13He is one of the best________ (student) in his class.

    14 At the moment, we ________ ( learn ) about the Great Wall in our history lessons.

    15. ________ you ever ________( visit ) the Forbidden City? 16. I am looking forward to ________ ( meet ) my favorite band soon. 17. Next week I ________ ( take ) some foreigners to visit the Summer Place. 18. Hundreds of people ________ ( visit ) the Pyramids every day. 19. I’m thinking about __________(start) it again.

    20. As far as I remember, New Standard ____________(start) by Becky Wang.

    21. Confucius’ works ____________(read) by many people.

    22. If I’ve got it right, it __________(call) New Standard.

    23. Shakespeare’s plays ___________(see) by millions of people every year.

    24. It ___________(sound) like a good idea.

    25. Why don’t you ____________(write) the first article on ―Great Books‖?

    26. I can’t decide which one _____________(buy).

    27. He doesn’t really enjoy _____________(read).

    28. He was happy on the day of his _____________(die).

    29. Mum, can I go out and play?

    -If your work ____________(do).

    30. They came here ____________(plant) trees.

    31. She _________ (likes/is liked) by all of us.

    32. The teacher ____________( asks/is asked) to explain the sentence again. 33. The soup _____________(tastes/is tasted) very delicious. 34. This type of television set __________(sells/is sold) very well. 35. These houses ____________ (painted/are painted) every year.

    36. It was winter ,and Mrs Brown wanted ___1__ ( do ) a lot of shopping .She waited until it was Sunday , when her husband was free. Then she __2___ ( take ) him to the shops with her .He helped her __3___ ( pay ) for everything and to carry her things .They went to a lot of shops ,and Mrs Brown __4___ ( buy ) a lot of things .She often ___5__( stop ) and said : ― Look Joe! Isn’t that beautiful ?‖


    He then answered :― All right ,dear .How much is it ?‖ and got his money ready and ___6__ pay for it .

    It was dark when they came out of the last shop .Mr Brown was tired and ___7__ ( think ) about other things ,like a nice drink by the side of a warm fire at home .Suddenly his wife ___8__ ( look ) up at the sky and said : ―__9___ look at the beautiful moon ,Joe !‖

    Without stopping ,Mr Brown __10___ ( answer ) : ― All right ,dear. How much is it ?‖

    1._________ 2. _________ 3_________ 4. _________ 5. _________ 6._________7. _________ 8. _________ 9. _________ 10. _________

    37The sun ____1___( go ) down and when we ___2____ ( arrive) at bottom of the building. I ___3____ ( be ) afraid of the height so I ____4___ ( be ) a little nervous as we ____5___ ( wait ) for the lift to the top. The lift ____6___( climb ) faster and faster until we ___7____( reach ) floor No 88. The Jin Mao Building in Shanghai ___8____ ( be ) 420.5 meters high, one of the tallest buildings in the world. It was built in 1998 and it ____9___ ( have ) a fantastic view of Pudong District and center of Shanghai.But it ___10____ get dark and we decided to go back down again. It ____11___ ( be ) high up there, but I was not afraid when I ___12____ ( stand ) at the top. I _______ ( hope ) to go to Shanghai again next year, and I am sure I ____13___ ( want ) to go up the building again.

    1. _________ 2. _________ 3. _________ 4. _________5.

    _________ 6. _________ 7. _________ 8. _________9.

    _________10 _________ 11. _________ 12. _________13.

    38 词类活用

    On Nov.18th,1908,three men went up in a balloon?气

    球,.They___1___( start ) early in London. The headman was Augusta Gaudron, and the other two men were Tannar and Maitland. They had a big balloon and they were ready for a long way.

    Soon they heard the sea. They were carrying the usual rope?绳子,,and

    it___2____( hang )down from the basket of the balloon. At the end of the rope they had tied a metal box. This could hold water, or it could be empty.


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