By Tommy Flores,2014-04-15 08:16
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    when the affirmative is always mentioning men is superior to women only due to the higher position ,glory and status. I’m concerned so much that the affirmative is a bit

    superficial.They are hard to realise what the true reality of such history is.

    I wanna say whether the affirmative ever take account for the fumdemental role women playing in the family, marriage as well as career? Except for women’s natural ability, who can cope with these relationships in the daily life? Who can be able to give birth to children? Who are really dominant in generating and assist the whole humen being to continue our glorious history? While the men center themselves upon the outside world, and under tremendous oppression, and it is their beloved wives who really help them to relieve themselves and cheer them up. Particularly, when men come back home with dragging their feet, they embrace their wives and the lovely children, what can ever replace such beautiful scene in life, such happiness. SO to speaking, we our team stake our claim women can hold up the sky. Girls and ladies, no wonder for us to become equal to men, we together are exposed to construct a harmonious society, every instrument in a masterpiece of music can never be


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