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the introduction to a famous american film

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    Classical movie Forrest Gump about it real hard I could remember PART ONE,CHILDHOOD my first pair of shoes. Mama said ANDSCHOOL DAYS they would take me anywhere. She Forrest: said they was my magic shoes. Hello. My names Forrest. Forrest Doctor:

    Gump. Do you want a chocolate? I Alright, Forrest. Open your eyes now. could eat about a million and a half of Let‟s take a little walk around. How these. My mama always said Life do those feel? His legs are strong, was like a box of chocolates. You Mrs. Gump, as strong as I‟ve ever never know what you‟re going to seen. But his back is as crooked; as a

    get.” Those must be comfortable politician. But we‟re going to

    straighten him right up now, aren‟t we, shoes. I bet; you could walk all day

    in shoes like that and not feel a thing. Forrest?

    I wish I had shoes like that. Mrs.Gump: Forrest!

    Woman: My feet hurt. Forrest:

    Forrest: Now when I was a baby, Mama

     Mama always said “There‟s an named me after; the great Civil War

    hero, General Nathan Bedford Forrest. awful lot; you can tell about a

    person by their shoes. “Where they‟re She said we was related to him in going. Where they‟ve been.” I‟ve some way and what he did was, he worn lots of shoes. I bet if I think started up this club called the Ku

     ;; I bet: 日常用语(我肯定(我敢说 crooked: 弯曲的(不诚实的 ;; an awful lot:相当多的 name after: 以……来命名

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    understand them. We lived about a Klux Klan;. They‟d all dress up in

    their robes and their bed sheets and quarter mile off Route 17, about a

    half mile from the town of Greenbow, act like a bunch of ghosts or spooks;

    or something. They‟d even put bed Alabama. That‟s in the country of sheets on their horses and ride around. Greenbow. Our house had been in Anyway, that‟s how I got my name, mama‟s family since her grandpa‟s Forrest Gump. Mama said the Forrest grandpa‟s grandpa had come across part was to remind me that sometimes the ocean about a thousand years ago, we all do things that, well, just don‟t something like that. Since it was just make no sense. me and mama and we had all these Mrs.Gump: empty rooms, mama decided to let What are y‟all starin‟ at? Haven‟t you those rooms out;, mostly to people

    ever seen a little boy with braces on passin‟ through like, oh, from Mobile, his legs before? Don‟t ever let Montgomery, places like that. That‟s anybody tell you that they‟re better how me and mama got money. Mama than you, Forrest. If God intended was a real smart Lady.

    everybody to be the same, he‟d have Mrs.Gump:

    given us all braces on our legs. Remember what I told you Forrest. Forrest: You‟re no different than anybody else

    Mama always had a way of is. Did you hear what I said, Forrest? explaining things so I could You are the same as everybody else.

     ; Ku Klux Klan: K ;; spook: 幽灵 lent out/rent out: 出租!房屋,等

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    You are no different . my boy, Forrest, is going to get the Mr.Hillcock: same opportunities as everyone else. Your boy‟s different, Mrs.Gump. His He‟s not going to some special school I.Q;. is 75. Mrs.Gump: Well, we‟re to learn how to retread; tires. We‟re

    all different, Mr.Hillcock. talking about five little points here. Forrest: There must be something can be She wanted me to have the finest done.

    education so she took me to the Mr.Hillcock:

    Greenbow County Central School. I We‟re a progressive school system. met the principal and all. We don‟t want to see anybody left Mr.Hillcock: behind. Is there a ...Mr. Gump, Mrs.

     I want to show you something, Gump?

    Mrs.Gump. Now this is normal. Mrs.Gump: He‟s on vacation.

    Forrest is right here. The state Mr.Hillcock: Eee,Eee,Eee… Your requires a minimum I.Q. of 80 to mama sure does care about your attend public school, Mrs.Gump. He‟s schooling, son. You don‟t say much, going to have to go to a special do you?

    school. He‟ll be just fine. Gump: Eee,Eee,Eee…

    Mrs.Gump: Mrs.Gump: (reading to Forrest) What does normal mean, anyway? He Finally, he had to try. It looked easy might be a bit on the slow side. But but... oh, what happened?

     ;; I.Q.: 智商 retread: 更换轮胎(给!旧轮胎,装新胎面

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    Gump: Mama, what‟s “vacation” Mrs.Gump: Forrest, I told you not to mean? bother this nice young man. Mrs.Gump: Vacation? Elvis Presley: No, that‟s alright Gump: Where daddy went? Ma‟am. I was just showing him a Mrs.Gump: Vacation is when you go thing or two on the guitar here. somewhere and you don‟t ever come Mrs.Gump: Alright. Supper‟s ready if back. y‟all want to eat.

    Forrest: Elvis: Yeah, that sounds good. Thank Anyway, I guess you could say me you, Ma‟am. Say, man, show me that and mama was on our own. But we crazy little walk you just did there. didn‟t mind. Our house was never Slow it down some. “You ain‟t;

    empty. There was always folks nothing but a hound dog...”

    coming and going. Sometimes we had Forrest:

    so many people staying with us that I liked that guitar. It sounded good. I every room was filled with travelers. started moving around to the music, You know, folks livin‟ out of their swingin‟ my hips. This night, me and suitcases and hat cases, and sample mama was out shoppin‟ and we cases. One time a young man was walked right by Pitsey‟s Furniture and staying with us and he had him a Appliance store. Guess what.?.. (Elvis guitar case. was on TV Dancing the way that (Forrest Dances as the traveler sings Forrest taught him)

    “Hound Dog”) ; aint: 仅用于口语(表示系动词和助动词的否定

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    Mrs.Gump: This is not for children‟s Well, now we ain‟t strangers anymore. eyes. Kid: This seat‟s taken.

    Forrest: Other Kids: Taken. Different Kid: Some years later, that handsome You can‟t sit here.

    young man who they called “The Forrest:

    King”, well, he sang too many songs, You know it‟s funny what a young had himself a heart attack or man recollects;. „Cause I don‟t

    something. Must be hard being the remember being born. I don‟t recall king... You know it‟s funny how you what I got for my first Christmas. I remember some things. But some don‟t know when I went on my first things you can‟t. outdoor picnic. But I do remember Mrs.Gump: You do your very best the first time I heard the sweetest now, Forrest. voice in the wide world.

    Gump: I sure will, mama. Little Jenny: You can sit here if you Forrest: I remember the bus ride on want.

    the first day of school very well. Forrest: I had never seen anything so Dorothy: Are you coming along? beautiful in my life. She was like an Gump: Mama said not to be taken angel.

    rides from strangers. Little Jenny: Well, are you going to Dorothy: This is the bus to school. sit down or aren‟t you? What‟s wrong Gump: I‟m Forrest, Forrest Gump. with your legs?

    Dorothy: I‟m Dorothy Harris. Gump: ; recollect: 回忆

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    Gump: Nothing at all, thank you. My Dangle. She helped me learn how to

    read, and I showed her how to swing. legs are just fine and Dandy;.

    Forrest: I just sat next to her on that Sometimes we‟d just sit out and wait bus and had a conversation all the for the stars.

    way to school. Gump: Mama‟s going to worry about

    Gump: The doctor says my back‟s me.

    crooked like a question mark. These Little Jenny: Just stay a little longer. are going to make me as straight as an Forrest: For some reason, Jenny arrow. didn‟t ever want to go home.

    Gump: OK, Jenny. I‟ll stay. Forrest: Next to; mama, no one ever

    talked to me or asked me questions. Forrest: She was my most special Little Jenny: Are you stupid or friend... My only friend. Now, my something? mama always told me that miracles Gump: Mama says “Stupid is as happen everyday. Some people don‟t stupid does.” think so.But they do.

    Little Jenny: I‟m Jenny. Gump: I‟m Bully1: Hey, dummy;! Are you

    Forrest. Forrest Gump. dumb, or just plain stupid? Forrest: From that day on, we were Bully2: Look, I‟m Forrest Gump.

    always together. Jenny and me were Little Jenny: Just run away, Forrest.

    Run, Forrest. Run away.Hurry! like peas and carrots;. She taught me

    how to climb. I showed her how to Bully2: Get the bikes. Hurry up.

     ; fine and dandy: 非常好 ; next to 除…之外 ;; peas and carrots: 亲密无间 dummy: 傻瓜(蠢货(笨蛋

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    Bully1: Look out, dummy, here we her and her sisters. And then this one come. Gonna get you! time, Jenny wasn‟t on the bus to go to Little Jenny: Run, Forrest. Run, school.

    Forrest. Gump: Jenny, why didn‟t you come Bully1: Come back here, you! to school today?

    Little Jenny: Run, Forrest, Run! Little Jenny: Shh! Daddy‟s taking a Forrest: nap.

    Now, You wouldn‟t believe it if I told Father: Jenny!

    you. But I can run like the wind Little Jenny: C‟mon!

    blows. From that day on, if I was Father: Jenny! Where‟d you run to? going somewhere, I was running! You‟d better get back here, girl. Jenny? Man in store: That boy sure is a run Where you at?

    fool. Forrest: Now, remember how I Little Jenny: Pray with me, Forrest. told you that Jenny never seemed to Pray with me. Dear God, make me a want to go home? Well, she lived in a bird, so I can fly far, far far away house that was as old as Alabama. from here. Dear God, make me a Her mama had gone up to heaven bird...So I can fly far…

    when she was five and her daddy was Forrest:

    some kind of a farmer. Mama always said that God is Gump: (knock on the door) Jenny? mysterious. He didn‟t turn Jenny into Forrest: He was a very loving man. a bird that day. Instead, he had the He was always kissin‟ and touchin‟ police say that Jenny didn‟t have to

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    stay in that house no more. She went get where I was going. I never to live with her grandma, just over on thought it would take me anywhere. Greekmore Ave., which made me Football Coach: Who in the hell is happy „cause she was so close. Some that?

    Assistant Coach: That there is Forrest nights, Jenny would sneak out; and

    come on over to my house, just‟ cause Gump, Coach. Just the local idiot. she said she was scared. Scared of Forrest: Can you believe it? I got to what? I don‟t know.But I think it was go to college too.

    Football Player: Run! Move it! her grandma‟s dog. He was a mean;

    dog. Anyway, Jenny and me was best Forrest: OK!

    friends all the way up through high Coach: He must be the stupidest school. son-of-a-bitch; alive, but he sure is


    Bully1: Hey! Stupid. Forrest: Now, maybe it‟s just me.But Jenny: Quit it! Run, Forrest! Run! college was a very confusing times. Bully1: Hey !Did you hear me, News man:

    stupid? Federal troops enforcing a court order Bully2: Get in the truck. Move it. integrated; the University of

    C‟mon, he‟s getting away. Alabama today. Two negroes were Jenny: Run, Forrest! Run! admitted but only after governor Forrest: Now, it used to be, I ran to George Wallace had carried out his

     ;; sneak out: 蹑手蹑脚地出来(溜出来 son of a bitch: 狗崽子!粗口, ;; mean: bad-tempered, liking to bite 恶意的(脾气暴躁 integrate: 取消!种族,隔离(使社区融合!尤指种族

    的(凶残的 间,

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    symbolic threat to stand in the and governor Wallace... And so it is schoolhouse door. that the University of Alabama in Gump: Eart! What‟s going on? Tuscaloosa had been desegregated;

    and Student:s Jimmy Hood and Student:: Coons; are trying to get

    into school. Vivian Malone had been signed up Gump: for summer classes.

    Gump: Ma‟am, you dropped your Coons? When raccoons; try to get on

    our back porch, mama just chases‟em book, Ma‟am. News man: Governor off with a broom. Wallace did what he promised to do Student:: Not raccoons, you idiot, by being on the Toscaloosa campus... niggers. And they want to go to Coach 1: Hey, wasn‟t that Gump?

    school with us. Coach 2: No, that couldn‟t be.

    Gump: With us? They do? Coach 3: Sure as hell was. News man: Forrest:

    Shortly after governor Wallace had A few years later, that angry little carried out his promise to block the man at the schoolhouse door thought door way, President Kennedy ordered it‟d be a good idea and ran for the Secretary of Defense then to use President. But somebody thought that military force. Here, by video tape is it wasn‟t. But he didn‟t die.

    the encounter by General Gram, Lady: My bus is here.

    Commander of the National Guard Gump: Is that the No.9?

     ; coon: raccoon(多见于美式口语中(!讳(俚(贬,

    黑鬼 ;; raccoon: 浣熊 desegregate: 废除!种族隔离,

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    Lady: No, it‟s the No.4. He doesn‟t know any better. Forrest! Forrest: It was nice talking to you. Why‟d you do that?

    Mother: I remember when that Forrest: I brought you some chocolate. happened, when Wallace got shot. I I‟m sorry. I‟ll go back to my college was in college. now.

    Forrest: Did you go to a girls‟ college Jenny: Forrest, look at you. Come or a girls‟ and boys‟ together college? on… Do you ever dream, Forrest, of

    who you‟re going to be? Mother: It was co-ed;.

    Forrest: cause Jenny went to a college Forrest: Who I‟m going to be?

    I couldn‟t go to. It was a college just Jenny: Yeah. Forrest: Ain‟t I going to for girls. But, I‟d go and visit her be me?

    every chance I got. Jenny:

    Jenny: Oh! That hurts. You‟ll always be you, just another Jenny: Forrest! Forrest! Stop it! What kind of you. I want to be famous. I are you doing?! want to be a singer like Joan Baez. I Forrest: He‟s hurting you . Boy friend: just want to be on an empty stage What the hell is going on here? Who with my guitar and my voice. Just me. is that? And I want to reach people on a Jenny: Billy, I‟m sorry. personal level. I want to be able to Billy: Just keep away from me. say things, just one to one... Have you Jenny: Don‟t go. Billy, wait a second. ever been with a girl, Forrest?

    Forrest: I sit next to them in my ; co-ed: co-educational(男女同校

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