Good Morning - I hope you had a great weekend

By Glen Patterson,2014-07-12 08:50
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Good Morning - I hope you had a great weekend

Good Morning - I hope you had a great weekend...

I have a couple of questions for you:

    ~ Is there a difference in how you approach eating out on the occasions when you are doing so because of circumstance vs. celebrational meals out?

    ~ What are your top 10 tips for managing eating out “special occasions” without losing control of your weight-loss efforts?

    ~ Do you feel like you are managing the times when you are eating out like a “pro” Weight Watcher or could you use some extra tips?

If you do have this figured out please come to the meeting and help the rest of us

    you’re a great resource!

Our tendency to use every eating-out occasion as a reason to go “off-plan”

    seriously challenges long-term weight management. Eating out doesn’t

    have to mean a splurge every time or a loss of control, and can fit into a healthy lifestyle.

    If you have a Weight Watchers “Dining Out Guide”, you may want to bring it with you to the meeting, we’re going to use it in our brainstorming this week.

Following Up on Last Week Feed Your 'Soul'Not Your Taste Buds

    ~ Did you manage to find a few minutes to complete your “Reframing” Tool for Living?

    ~ How did it feel to incorporate the self-care activities you chose last week?

    ~ What difference did taking caring of yourself make in the way you managed challenging feelings?


    As well as discussing eating out this week, if you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share with your WW Buddies, type/write it out and make sufficient copies for everyone. We’ll take a couple of minutes during the meeting to share them.

Snack Bar and Baked Snack Sale

    This is the last week of the sale:

    2 POINTS Value Bars Banana Nut, Sweet and Salty, Double Chocolate Delight, Lemon Dream and Fruity Nutty Madness are all $3.50 per box (usual price $5).

    Baked Snacks Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Thins, Multigrain Crisps and Cheddar Twists are all $3.50 per box (usual price $4.50).


    How are you doing on your challenge? Are you ready to turn you BINGO Card in yet?

    Don’t forget, you can always take a second one to work on once you have completed the first one!


    It’s so TIME FOR ICE CREAM! (I saw the sun last week so summer’s here – right?)

    Here is my favorite: Stonyfield Farm FAT FREE Frozen Yogurt the “After Dark

    Chocolate” is totally scrumptious! But all the flavors are good.

And finally: to boost the conversation at this week’s meeting I found this article on

    the website at

Hungry Girl Goes...To A Diner

    Article By: Lisa Lillien

    Here's a list of diner dos and don'tscourtesy of Hungry Girl!

FIGHT IT! Chef's Salad

    This isn't 1983, people! Why anyone is even pretending that a chef's salad is a reasonable option is a mystery to me, but I see it all the time at diners. This salad is typically crammed with various hunks of deli meats (not bad) and chunks of hard cheeses (getting worse). Then it's topped off with a river of Thousand Island dressing. Skip this retro lunch unless you love the idea of a salad that can have as much fat, calories and POINTS? values as a Big Mac and fries!

BITE IT! Grilled Chicken Salad

    Here's a better option for you. A nice grilled chicken breast on top of a plate of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and more yummy veggies. Order a fat-free dressing or a nice balsamic on the side (then dip, don't pour), and you're all set.

FIGHT IT! The "Diet" Plate

    Here's another throwback for you. Next time you're at the diner don't be surprised if you see a "diet" plate that consists of a fatty burger patty topped with a scoop of fatty cottage cheeseand a syrupy peach half for dessert. Yikes! That 600-plus calorie fat-fest of a lunch is anything but diet-friendly. Note to the diner owners out there: It's time to remove this item from your menu! There, I feel better now.

BITE IT! Your Own Creation

    Don't be shy. Create your own version of a healthier plate. Go for lean meat and a side

    of fruit salad or steamed veggies. Skip the cottage cheese altogether because more often than not diners serve the full-fat kind.

FIGHT IT! The Word "Deluxe"

    Items on the menu that contain the word "deluxe" typically come with French fries and one of those hula-hoop-size onion rings. Who needs it? Even reasonable wraps, veggie burgers and simple sandwiches are often sabotaged nutritionally by that fancy word. Just say no!

BITE IT! Special-Order Sides

    Even if you want that sandwich, wrap, or burger get it with a side salad. Ordering greens or veggies is a better way to go. And if you want a potato, get one that's baked not fried.

FIGHT IT! Complete Lunches or Dinners

    Yes, they're money-savers, but they can send the calorie count of your meal soaring into the quadruple digits. Do you really need fruit juice, soup, salad, an entree and dessert? Just because you can get all of that for $9.99 doesn't mean it's a good idea.

BITE IT! A La Carte

    Instead of that four-course meal, pick and choose some key items carefully. Starting a meal with a broth-based soup is a great idea. If you skip the appetizer or soup, you may want to indulge in a smart dessert, like Jell-O, sorbet or a baked apple. But downing everything all in one meal equals bad news.

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