Part-1 - NOVA Student We

By Edward Rivera,2014-11-12 10:26
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Part-1 - NOVA Student We


    Sister Corita: The Joyous Revolutionary

    The Brush Gallery • Educational Outreach

    Student Project

    Title: Text as Image Combining texts and Adobe visual elements to create exciting imagery and new meanings.

1. Open Adobe Photoshop.

    2. Click on File then New to open a new document.

    3. In the Name box, type a title for your document (i.e. your last name.text.your school/organization initials).

    4. Next change pixels to inches. Type 9 in Width, and 6.5 in Height. Click OK.

    Fig. 1

    3. Click on Type tool (See Fig. 2). Hold mouse button to drag cursor to top left corner of document. Continue to hold down the mouse button as you drag your cursor to make a typing box the same size as your image window. Let go of the mouse button. Your document should now be surrounded by a dotted outline (see Fig. 3).

    Fig. 2


    Fig. 3

Notice that a new Layer opened in the Layer Palette titled Layer I. You should also see

    a Background Layer.

Fig. 4


    4. Next, look at the list in this packet titled “Text Lingo.” Choose your favorite text messaging shorthand phrase and type it in. It will appear in the document. Hold the mouse button down and drag across your text to highlight it. Now start to manipulate the text by using any of the Type toolbars across the top of the screen (Figs. 5 & 6).

Fig. 5

Fig. 6 Type Toolbar:

     Changes Orients text Choose from any Indicates Change size of edge horizontally font style using strength--font using drop quality or vertically. drop-down menu. regular, italics, down menu or bold, etc. type in a new size.

    Choose page alignment

    Highlight text then choose a new color using color pickers.

     Warp Text toolfun tool! Choose a style and see how it manipulates your text. Change Bend, Horizontal

     Distortion, and Vertical Distortion arrows for even

     more changes.

    Fig. 7 Warp Text example:


    5. Once you have finished, click on File then Save. Next, rename Layer 1 with your text slang (rutlkn2me in this case).

    6. To add background color, click on the Background Layer in the Layer palette. Notice how this layer is highlighted in blue. This is now your active layer. Choose the Paint Bucket icon from the left palette, then click on the upper color box tool. Use the Color Picker slidebar to change the color range, then click on a color in the large box. Next, click your mouse in the background to drop in full color. You may use any of the Brush Tools or Erasers to paint/draw into the background as well.

     Fig. 8


    7. You may choose to use the Filter options to manipulate Background color some more. (Note: Do not apply Filters to the Text layer since you will not be allowed to edit your text any further.) Be sure you see the Background layer highlighted in blue before you use Filters.

    If you wish to go back into your Text layer, click on the Move tool first, then click on your Text layer, then edit text further if you wish. You may move the text within this layer simply by clicking and dragging with the Move tool. Click on the T (Type) tool to bring up font options again.

    8. Try combining texts now. Choose a Commercial Slogan from the list provided. You will need to add another Layer. Find Layer across the top drop down menu then choose New Layer. A new Layer has now opened and is highlighted in blue. Next, choose the Type tool (T) again, and click and drag a new typing box around your image. Type your slogan and manipulate text as before following steps 4 & 5. Your slogan should appear as the name of this new layer (see Fig. 9).

    To see only this layer, click the eye icons next to the other layers. When the eye is gone, the layer is invisible. Click that box again to see the eye icon and the layer again.

Fig. 9

    9. Be sure to save as you work and before you print. Your image is horizontal, so make sure you choose Landscape or Horizontal orientation on the print screen before printing. Enjoy!

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