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    How the DSS exactly works in making a production


    As we all know, decision support systems is a

    computer-based information system that combine models and data to deal with semi-structured problems. It is usually specially designed for the top management person, but it is also easy for non-computer professionals to use in interaction way. And there are amounts of other characteristics of DSS, obviously, I cant tell it one by one


    Lets get to the point. How the DSS exactly works in making a production schedule. As we all know, the product in most companies involves many complex processing. And the DSS was specially designed to provide some help. Firstly, I will talk about the main function of the DSS in making a production schedule. By using the decision support system, a product manager can make a production schedule quickly according to the sales order, sales forecasts and product development plans. Then material purchasing plan will be done with production planning and production process. After that, the product manager combines with production planning and production process for the workshop schedule and production tasks. Finally, the system can track the production process and watch the statement and changes of the production, so that we can

    coordinate and control the production process in time.

    Secondly, I will talk about some details of the application of DSS. When a production process was made by a production manager, it could be customized to deal with all kinds of working situation neatly. So we will not be confused when faced with new problems. Besides, the DSS can calculate the cost of material and labor easily for financial management system. The function makes it more convenient to check the production cost and the salary of the employees. Whats more, the powerful function of statistical analysis can output the result through the form of graph or EXCEL. I think it will do the production manager a great favor to analyze these data.

     That is what I know all about the support of DSS in making a production schedule. And, as far as I’m concerned, decision support

    system can also be applied in other perspectives in an enterprise. There are including: sales target management, inventory management, production distribution, and the analysis of sales, comprehensive statement and so on. The top manager analyzes and abstract all the information provided by the software to find the hidden opportunities and dangers, so he could make the right decision at the right time. And it could improve his work efficiency greatly.

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