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    Selected GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) Strategies in SDAIE and ELD Classroom

    Building Content Mastery in SDAIE and Reinforcing Form/Function and Thematic vocabulary in ELD and

    Strategies organized GLAD Unit GLAD Forms/Functions for Frames see “Frames for roughly by order in SDAIE Classroom ELD Class Fluency”, Sample sentences -GO English Charts, which they would be activities for practice- Carousel/Champion

    presented All charts Curriculum

    remain up for duration Language Development Focus Provide sentence of unit, and are frames for structured oral practice of forms and processed after initial functions not necessary EVERY time, just when presentation creating a using strategy for ELD

    living wall

    Cognitive Content Word Study Word Study-cognates Describe/Express/Predict/Define/Explain

    Dictionary Academic Language Academic language and Sentence Frame for Oral sentence This is a

     learn in context conversational language ______. There are____in the ________. She is

     Content Area Idioms _____ because____. I need to ____because___.

     Vocabulary Tier I, II, III Words (Beck) or I need a_____because____.

     Tier II, III words (Beck) TPR and Sketch, Oral Sentence, Cognates, Word


    Observation Chart Build Background Same. Add more discussion Describe/ Narrate/Ask/Recall

     knowledge around each chart, reading Use sentence frames appropriate to levels in the

     some of the contributions, group. From simple to complex See GO-English

     asking questions according charts.

     to level. There are ____ _______.

     May use picture/word He is_____. I see_____. Does the ______? I

     cards, theme pictures to wonder about________. I remember

     supplement. when_______.

    Students write question or comment pictures

    give context and tap into/build background


    Inquiry Chart Access background Same. Predict/Statement/Question

     knowledge What do you know about___? What do you want

     validate/document to know about____? Provide possible frame to

     learning respond:

     Write exactly as I know_____. I want to know____.

    students say it.

    Chants Whole group, focus on ELD focus on language in Highlight repetitive sentence structures in chant,

     content, highlight chants, vocabulary and rhyming words, academic words, add sketches,

     words, add sketches. sentence structures any other language focus as indicated in

     highlight, add sketches Carousel/Champion.

    Chants in program.

    Big Book Build background Same plus can explicitly Pick apart key refrain, structure of supporting

     knowledge, preview of teach academic structures sentences, text. Reinforce with Read-Alouds with

     key concepts in unit. of language patterned/repetitive language (Carousel).

     form/function. Content/Background/pictures-US History- Explore.

     Incorporate Frames appropriate to various levels

     (simple to complex).

    Picture File Cards Support chants, inputs, Same essential for Provide sentence frame for structured academic (google Images, narrative input and use building background talk to discuss picture kids use pictures to magazines, Carousel with exploration knowledge and supporting practice functions I see a ________ I want to Picture/word cards) report, for discussion understanding know more about_______? What is_____? Use

     Sentence Patterning Chart for reference.

    Input Charts Present in Homeroom Present or Present and Sentence Frames for “heads together” 10/2 talk. Homeroom/ process in ELD/ or process, EL Review with Ie: “Three important facts I learned from the EL review in ELD present in ELD. small group Input chart are________.”

    ELD Retell Present Narrative. Pull 2-4 Newcomers/Early Just tell me what you remember

    Review after Intermediate level Ss Can you think of anything else?

    processing. Follow Record language as you

    Draft Rev. 10/2010, GLAD and ELD, Anne Ginnold, /510.760.9395

    same process as in ELD. they say it. Write response

    for each student in different


    Draft Rev. 10/2010, GLAD and ELD, Anne Ginnold, /510.760.9395

    Strategy GLAD Unit SDAIE GLAD -ELD Class Functions for Frames see CW Charts

     Classroom Language Development Focus, Tips for ELD Input Charts- Present in homeroom Relate Input to Theme Analyze,Compare/Contrast,

    Graphic Organizer and process in ELD/or picture (Carousel) or Express/Explain/Describe

    Pictorial Input present in ELD a Input Chapter theme He can____She has_____She is a____. You say

    Comparative Input - related to (Champion) that the ____.

     Theme/topic ie: Process in ELD class (word

    Human Body line cards, picture cards)

    drawing. sketch to add to chart

    Narrative Input Follows oral storytelling Use book or story that ties Ask/Narrate/Retell/Sequence/Predict, etc.. Homeroom/ELD -may be tradition link with in with ELD theme. May Be strategic about processing speech bubbles, different story literature series, ELD develop input from Short choose individual words and phrases that will

    program or content , readings (Explore) or be key to use in retelling.

    lead to story map. Stories in programs

    (Carousel and Champion)



    leads to story map.

    Story Map Focus on retelling Story linked to literature Retell/Sequence/Narrate/ Describe

     content of story. series, reinforce First, Then, Next, Last

     comprehension strategies Teach Frames for retelling and transitional

     learned phrases like All of a sudden, however,

     Focus on retelling, then on therefore, Once upon a time, etc…

    language to use in

    retelling .

    Sentence Patterning Chart For prepositional Choose plural noun. All change verb endings, Homeroom and ELD phrase a preposition Trading game superlatives/comparatives.

    Teach parts of speech, is anything a squirrel Reading game Practice English syntax and sentence complex sentence can do to a treeDo after students have construction

    formation. Student’s (except: of, with, like, gotten into unit Word bank. Explain complex vs. simple words during) VERY powerful strategy. sentences

    Using Form/function charts or Frames for

    Fluency teach form/function appropriate to


    Exploration Report In Class using picture Directed, language Explain/Describe/Ask Questions/Predict

    file cards-generate experience approach-K/1 I observe/ I see________.

    discussion. May use when introducing I wonder_______/.I predict____________.

    Theme Picture (Carousel) We think_________.

    or theme (Champion or


    EL Retell/Group Frame Assess student Whole group based on Retell/Sequence/Describe

     learning, pull small level, then turn into coop

    groups strip paragraph

    Mind Map-Process Grid Transfer information Same -Use to write Categorize/Classify/List/Summarize

    from Pictorial to complex sentences, Color

    Process Grid code rows process grid -

    chunk information.

    Coop Strip paragraph Build as whole group, Same Compare/contrast, describe, (from process grid) practice reading for narrate/retell/sequence

     fluency whole group Read for fluency and comprehension

    then small, Teach sentence, phrase and word formation.

    homogeneous group.

    Draft Rev. 10/2010, GLAD and ELD, Anne Ginnold, /510.760.9395

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