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     Guozhu Cai, Kaidi Man, Shengli Yang, Shaoming Wang, Wenjun Chen;Jiandong Yuan

     IMP, 730000 Lanzhou, China

    A Laser tracker provides a relatively fast, accurate and Abstract

     With the new instruments come forth, the many intuitive method of measuring large objects in industrial portable 3D CMM, like laser tracker, etc. was widely environments, now it was wide applied to alignment and applied to alignment and survey of accelerator. Now;the survey of accelerator. API T3 is the newest laser tracker primary problem is how to use them more efficiently with compact shape and reliable performance. Formerly;

    face to our alignment. SpatialAnalyzer (SA) is a we used the SMX tracker 4500 and its

    traceable metrology 3D graphical software platform that application--Insight 4.0 to measure tasks , but they were can simultaneously communicate to virtually any number outdated after 8 years, so we must find new solution for and type of dimensional measurement system like laser our project.

    tracker etc, and perform complex analysis tasks. In the SpatialAnalyzer (SA) is a traceable metrology 3D alignment and survey of our project CSR(Cooling graphical software platform that can simultaneously Storage Ring), we operate the laser tracker to survey communicate to virtually any number and type of network, analysis and solve the results, and monitor dimensional measurement system like laser tracker etc, adjust the position of magnets etc, all the tasks rely on and perform complex analysis tasks.

    the SA. This method was more reliable than Insight4.0 2. Laser tacker measure 3D survey control we used before and can accomplish more tasks. network

    Key words: 3D survey network, SA , laser tracker It is necessary to build the 3D control survey network

    in the CSR for monitoring and aligning the magnets, 1. Introduction

    The Cooling Storage Ring (CSR) is upgrade project of Unified Spatial Metrology Network (USMN) brings the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL), it answer to our measurement uncertainty issues, and the is as one of the national scientific projects in 9th USMN is GUM compliant and meets ISO standard five-year plan was put into operation in 2007. requirements. Some highlighted features list: It greatly enhanced the performance of HIRFL for a. Different weighting for different observation points those researches by using Radioactive Ion Beams and and instruments.

    high-Z heavy ion beams in the fields of nuclear physics b. Considers instrument uncertainties and calculate point and atomic physics. The CSR consists of main ring uncertainties.

    (CSRm) and experimental ring (CSRe). The c. DOF (degree of freedom) freely definable. circumference of CSRm and CSRe is 161m and 128.8m d. Using scale bars can constrain dimension error. respectively (see Figure. 1). Every year during the Following example is measurement of CSRm. checking and fixing mouth in summer, we need survey Firstly, like before, we measured all the net points, control network in order to check the position of magnet including the reference points on the magnets (8 and decide to if need to adjust position error of magnets. reference points on every magnet were fiducialized

    previously) , 8 leveling net points, and the nets on the

    wall, in the 14 stations one by one, used bundle

    adjustment to link the both adjacent stations and close

    loop around ring finally.( the magnet layout of CSRm in

     Figure1. Layout of Hirfl-CSR Figure2, and the survey control network illustrated in

    Figure3) 3. Checking and fixing the position error of 元件实测坐标系magnets 2000L2000L2000LAfter located instrument beside the monitored 2000L2000L2000L2000L2000L2000Lmagnet in the 3D survey control network depended on 2000L2000L2000L2000L2000L主环坐标系2000L2000Lthe nets around it, changed the live frame to this magnet 2000L2000L2000L2000Lpart frame, the 8 reference points were measured on the 2000L2000L2000L2000L2000L2000L2000L2000L2000L2000L magnet would be the actual data. an application of

    Figure2. Layout of main ring in Hirfl-CSR best-fit programmed by Matlab(also can do this in SA)

    can solve them with the actual data and the nominal data

    come from fiducialized magnet before. after solve it ,we

    can get the 7 parameters: DetlaX, DetlaY, DetlaZ,

    RotatedX, RotatedX, RotatedZ and Scale in the

    nominal part frame respectively, these parameters

    imply if the magnet need to be adjusted.

    Figure3. Illustration of surveyed CSRm Each equipment need to check with the same method Secondly, Run the analysis of coordinate uncertainty mentioned above.Figure5 and Figure6 illustrated the in the USMN. Then choose all stations and solve it after process respectively.

    trim outliers, the summary of the points error: overall

    RMS is 0.043 with 95.46% confidence interval(2.0

    sigma). It is the outstanding result.

    Thirdly, the level plane was created from 8 net points

    that corrected height with the known value measured by

    Digital Level from Leica DNA03, The 8 net points were

    Figure5. measured by tracker too in the survey network, It solved

    how to decrease the deviation of height during building Illustration of locating the instrument in the network the 3D Control Survey Network. The plane, which Q26_b01-503.33-133.71164.6MG2Q1_1-503.254-133.789163.798

    Q26_b02-503.02-134.13-202MG2Q1_2-502.861-134.26-202.442RMS is 0.068mm(Figure4),constructed by the 8 net Q26_b03-414.77243.015215.3MG2Q1_3-414.687242.94214.61points, and This plane was used to construct a local Q26_b04-415.14243.035-215MG2Q1_4-414.964242.975-216.207Q26_b05-242.16416.055216MG2Q1_5-242.062415.943215.241frame to align the part frame. Q26_b06-242.12415.865-216MG2Q1_6-241.948415.77-216.257Q26_b07134.63484.955197.2MG2Q1_7134.774484.848196.583Q26_b08134.18485.065-197MG2Q1_8134.368484.967-197.928

    ΔX(mm)ΔY(mm)ΔZ(mm)Δω_xΔφ_yΔκ_z(mrad)after best-fit:


     Figure4. Best-fit plane from 8 leveled net points. Figure6. An example of actual data and nominal Fourthly, When the 3D survey control network was data of reference points on the magnet.

    built, any measurement on the Ring is convenient, each 4. Best-fit position of magnets on orbit equipment, like magnet, hold the own part frame with In the SA, the best-fit transformation is powerful different coordinate and rotated angle in the local Ring function, it not only can best-fit actual points to nominal frame. In the SA, we can create the part frame for each points, but also can best-fit actual points to nominal 3D equipment and change frame among them freely. object/surface, or point clouds to object. We can use the 3D survey control network to check When we measured all adjusted Q-magnet tie to 3D and adjust the position of magnets. survey control network. Each the center of Q-magnets

    will be used to best-fit the object of orbit, it was

    simulated by the 0.01mm thin plane of boundary of orbit Survey simulation, it is very useful function for shape was built by Catia V5. After solved, every magnet measurement planning and precision estimation error can be showed, it is clear that we need to know 6. Summary

    deviation to orbit ultimately. It brings much help for us for implementing survey in

    the layout, measurement, analysis, report with SA.

    I think, its strongpoint:

    a. Strong platform drive all kind of measurement


    b. Data analysis accords with GUM and ISO standard;

    c. Much functional module for all kind of tasks.

     its shortcoming:

    Figure7. An illustration of best fitting orbit a. Price and cost of maintenance is expensive;

    b. Its not easy to understand operate the software 5. Others useful function in the SA

    The SA is power software in the survey, especially in 7. References

    the field of large dimension with high precision. Others [1] SPATIALANALYZER USERS MANUAL;New

    the function is as well as very useful. River Kinematics, Inc.1.21.2008.Copyright

    SA can drive almost all the portable measurement 1996-2008 New River Kinematics

    instrument and bundle adjustment for different [2] The J.W. Xia, W.L. Zhan, B.W. Wei et al, “The

    instrument and stations. we achieve the laser tracker heavy ion cooler-storage-ring project (HIRFL-CSR) API T3 and Leica total station TCA2003 worked at Lanzhou”, Nuclear Instruments & Methods In together. Physics Research A 488 (2002) 11-2

    Measurement plan, it is an advanced programming

    language for automated measurement, analysis,

    reporting and archival processes.

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