PLANNING YOUR NEW ROOM - Copenhagen Furniture

By Charles Watson,2014-11-12 10:16
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PLANNING YOUR NEW ROOM - Copenhagen Furniture

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    This easy to use planner will help you make the best use of your room space.

? Step 1 Draw Your Room to Scale

    Use a measuring tape, ruler and pencil, measure and draw your room’s length and width on the grid (page 4).

Each 1/4" square on the grid = one foot of your room size.

    Along each wall, measure the distances between the corner and trims of all doors, windows and other openings. Draw in the widths of these openings.

    Measure and draw in the locations of all wall outlets. Put "E" inside a small circle to indicate an electrical outlet, "W" for wall switch, "C" for cable, and "T" for telephone.

    Draw or note room features that may affect furniture placement: floor and wall vents, distance from floor to bottom of windows, height of wall molding, baseboard thickness, ceiling fans, etc. ? Step Two - Make Some Notes

Jot down some notes below to help you design the room you want.

    Primary Room Function (entertaining, eating, home theater, working, sleeping):


Will the room have ____ light, ____ medium, or ____heavy use?

    (This may affect your choice of furniture styles, materials and surface protection.) What do you like or dislike about the items you are replacing? ________________________

     ____________________________________________________________________ If you are you planning to keep any existing items in this room, note the dimensions:

     ____________________________________________________________________ Type and color of window treatments ________________________________________

    Type and color of floor covering ____________________________________________

    What rooms are adjacent to this room? _______________________________________

? Step Three - Select and Arrange Your Room

See the helpful hints on the back page of this planner.

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