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    Lesson 8 What colour is the hat?

     元宝山区星光小学 朱小丽

    一、Teaching aims:

    1Knowledge aim:

    New words:hatskirtsocksshoespinkpurplebrown

    New sentences:What colour is the?Its.What colour are

    the?They are

    2Ability aim:

    Enable the children to use the new words and sentences well in their life.

    Develop childrens ability of communication on the basis of the target language.

    3Tactics aim:

    Foster the childrens ability of cooperation,communication and studying on their own.

    4Emotion aims:

    Arouse and keep childrens learning interest.

    Enable the children have deep love for families and friends. 二、Focal points:1 New words 2 New sentences

    三、Difficult points: Have the children to use sentence What colour are the?They are„”

    四、Teaching preparation:Multimedia,pictures,present box. 五、Teaching methods:Task-based communication game

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