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     总课时数 Unit3 Computers

    课型 编订人 彭秋霞 上课时间 Reading

    1. To learn something about applications of computer technology.

    知识目标 2. To learn some useful words and expressions

     教学目1.To improve students ability of reading , speaking and writing. 能力目标 2.To get the students to know the learning strategylearning by doing.

    To arouse the students awareness of creating 情感态度

    Using different reading methods to read the texts and fulfill the tasks 教学重点

    教学难点 Using what to learn to write a short article

    教学用具 Task based method Multi-me教学方法 dia

    Teaching procedures Activities

     Step1. Lead-in (guessing game) 1. I am very old now. I was born in ancient China. Many people used me for calculating in the past, but now I am a bit lonely because they don’t like me now.

     Do you know who I am? 2. I am very big. Scientists use me to solve some mathematical problems.

    Do you know who I am? 3. I am very small. I can be used for calculating. In our class, a lot of students use me to solve maths problems.

    Do you know who I am? 4. I’m a small, relatively inexpensive computer designed for an individual user. I’m based on the microprocessor technology. At home, people use me to surf the Internet and play games.

    Do you know who I am? 5. I can be used for calculating. Besides, I can also be used for watching DVDs, sending E-mails and communicating with friends through the Internet. However, I am not a PC, because I’m small enough for you to take to anywhere. Conclusion: the history of the computer

     Step2.Scanning: 1.In the passage, ―I‖ refers to _________. 2.the topic sentence of each paragraph.

     Paragraph I:



    So the whole passage is mainly about:



     Step3:Detailed reading (细读) Read the passage more carefully and find more information about computers.Then fill in the two forms below.

     The computer _____ ___ ___ _______ machine 1642

     The _________ machine was made by Charles Babbage.

     Alan Turing ____ __ ___ ____ ________ how computers could be made to 1936 work

     Computers had _____ ___ ______ __ a room. 1940s

     A family of computers was connected by a network.

     First as _ ____and then ___ __ ___ computers were used in offices and homes. 1970s

     Computers connect people all over the world together Now

     From the above form, we can know that the text is written in an order of ___________

    Conclusion: The development of computers:

     early days(the first paragraph)

     Name Function(功能)


    a caculating machine simplify difficult sums

    a 1. _______ machine think logically


    a2. ______machine solve difficult3. _________

     network times (the 2nd and 3rd para)

     tubes large my memory 4._________

    Small chips



    since the 1970s 6.___________; finance; narrow 5___________ 7. ____; robots; mobile phones;

    have been found in many 8.______________; space rockets fields(领域).



    1.What can the computer be used for?

     Tips: We can use a computer to …

2..Should high school students surf the internet(上网)?

    3..What are advantages and disadvantages of computers?




    There is no doubt that computer has two sides ,too. If we make good use of it, it will make our

    lives more colorful and convenient. But don’t lose yourself in playing computers. Just

    remember: Keep fit, study well and work hard.


    1. Write a passage about the advantages and disadvantages of computers 2. Prepare for the next period.


    Get the students to sum up what they have learnt from the class?

    1.One application of computer technology-----the android as a foorball player. 2.How to write a good passage.


Post-teaching Reflections:


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