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at the first day first day at work senior high school the first day setfirstdayofweek senior high first day on the first day oracle first day at first

     BOOK 1. Module 1 7.Students should have correct _________(态度)towards their failure in exams. 一、词汇 8.Be sure to read the __________(说明)carefully before taking the medicine. 单词( 9.The students are all ________________(盼望) the arrival of the summer vacation. 1. v.....吃惊_________ adj.吃惊的_________ adj令人吃惊的_________ 10.Many old customs are __________(消失) over time.

    ________ adj.令人厌烦的__________ 2. V.使...厌烦bore adj.厌烦的11.The presidents attending the meeting for himself gave them a lot of __________(

    3. embarrass v.使...尴尬 adj.尴尬的________ adj.令人尴尬的__________ ).

    4. V.记述!描述_________ n.描述_____________ 12.He took much _________(乐趣) in taking pictures of his children. 5. Vt.impress使印象深刻 adj.给人印象深刻的_____________ n.印象_______ 13.I want to clear up the _______________(误会) between us.

    6. Vt.使失望__________ adj.失望的_________ adj.令人失望的__________ 14.The ___________(流畅)of her Japanese surprised her teacher. 短语( 15.His parents were __________(失望)at his study.

    1.一点也不像_____________________ 2.对待…的态度_____________________ 三、句型转换

    3.独自地_____________________ 4.把…介绍给…_____________________ 1.Im really expecting to go out for a walk with you on such a fine day. 5.期待!盼望_____________________ 6.换句话说_____________________ Im really ____ _____ _____ going out for a walk with you on such a fine day. 7.给…留下深刻印象____________________ 8.离…很远_____________________ 2.You made too many mistakes in the maths test, that is, you failed it. 9.参加_____________________ 10.被分成…_____________________ You made too many mistakes in the maths test, and ____ ____ ____ ____,you failed it. 11.在…开始的时候_____________________ 12.在…结束的时候_____________________ 3.Look, this pair of shoes is not of the same size. 13.上大学_____________________ Look, this pair of shoes is not ____ ____ ____ each other. 二、根据汉语提示选择正确单词形式填空 4.Im afraid that my attitude to the matter is quite different from yours. 1.More and more people are ___________?热心的,about playing Kaixin farm every day. Im afraid that my attitude to the matter is ________ ______ yours. 2.Teachers should make their lessons lively and interesting so as not to get the students 5.My monthly pay is double yours.

    _______(厌倦). My monthly pay is _____ _____ _____ _____ yours. 3.Tom gave the police a __________(描述)of his missing car. 6.If you wont attend the party, I wont either.

    4.Kids get __________(尴尬)if their mums kiss them in front of their friends. If you wont attend the party, ____ _____I.

    5.Its __________(惊讶)that the child can speak three foreign languages. 7.He has been to Gulangyu, and I have been there, too. 6.Parents should often ________(使印象深刻)on their children the value of hard work. He has been to Gulangyu, and _____ _____I.

    BOOK 1Module 1 1

8.Do you mind my smoking here? A.isnt it B.dont I I it

     Would you mind if ___ ____here? 10.Mr Smith thinks Lucy is a good student, _____?

    单选 A.isnt he B.isnt she C.doesnt he D.doesnt she 四、

    1.At ____ end of last term we held a class party and everyone had ___ fun. 11.Id hold on to that house for the time being; house prices ____ sharply at the moment., a, / C.the, / D.the, a A.rise B.have risen C.will rise D.are rising 2.This is a most useful reference book. It ____ many problems we have met with in our 12.In this ___ the work can be finished much shorter.

     study. A.method B.means C.way D.manners

     A.writes B.reads C.prints D.covers 13.The boy with glasses ____the judge with his attitude and sense of humor. 3.Generally speaking, a box made of iron is stronger than ____ made of wood. A.impressed B.caused C.aided D.preferred

     A.this B.those 14.Water ___ at 100 degrees and at this time the glass filled with it ____. 4.If you ____ hard at other times, you wont have to sit up all night before the exam. A.boiled, breaks B.boils, will break boiling, is to break D.will boil, breaks B.worked C.are working D.will work 15.Did Tom live here?

    5.I remember when I was a child I looked forward from my heart ____the Spring Festival. Yes, but he ____here now.

     A.celebrating celebrating C.celebrated celebrating A.doesnt live B.hadnt lived C.isnt living D.will live

    6.I have never seen a better film in my life. ____, it is the best film I have ever seen. 16.I ___the failure was your fault?

     A.In fact B.In all C.In other words D.In th end Yes, I see, you only want to learn the details. 7.Hello, can I help you? A.didnt think B.was not explaining not suggesting D.havent expected

     Please find out when the train ____. 17.Dont speak loud. Mother ___. going to start starting C.will start D.starts A.will sleep sleeping C.has slept D.sleeps 8.Its reported that today there are about ____ working in service jobs as in other kinds of 五,改错

     jobs. 1.Hearing the news, surprising tears came down from her eyes. four times many people B.four times as many people 2.The teacher was always kept a big book on his desk then.

     C.four times many as people may people four times 3.Tom doesnt like onions, so do I.

    9.I dont think the question is worth discussing again and again,____? 4.I dont think Tom can speak English, did he?

     I agree. 5.It is already 10 years since he becomes a lawyer. BOOK 1Module 1 2

6.I have received your letter just now.

BOOK 1Module 1 3

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