Our quick start operating instructions

By Christine Gomez,2014-11-12 10:07
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Our quick start operating instructions

Power-Mate Lite Quick Start Instructions Page 1

    Important Safety Information

    ; The Power-Mate is an electrical device and should not be opened or tampered with. If

    you have any concerns about its operation or believe there may be a fault please return

    it to the library and inform staff.

    ; Please read the instructions carefully.

    ; Do not use the Power-Mate in wet areas or outdoors.

    ; The Power-Mate should only be used with mains power appliances up to a maximum of

    10 amps (2400 watts). The majority of small home appliances will not exceed 10 amps.

    The appliance power or current rating will usually be written on the label or body of the

    appliance. Do not test multiple devices connected with a power board or double adaptor. ; If the current exceeds 10 amp "WARNING, OVERLOAD" will be displayed. Turn off or

    disconnect the appliance as soon as possible to avoid damaging the Power-Mate Introduction

    The Power-Mate Lite reveals Running cost, Power Use, Energy Use, Greenhouse Gas as well as more technical measurements such as Apparent Power and Frequency. The most useful measurements for home users are;

    Power-the actual power used at the time of measurement. Measured in watts (W).

    1000 watts is equal to 1 kilowatt (kW).

    Energy-this is what the retailer charges for. Measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). 1000

    watts equal 1 kilowatt. A device using 1 kilowatt for 1 hour has used 1 kilowatt hour

    of energy. Similarly, using 5 kilowatts for 2 hours uses 10 kilowatt hours (kWh)

    Cost-Retailers charge per kilowatt hour of energy used. The Power-Mate Lite can

    use your electricity rate to give appliance running costs. This function requires you to

    enter you charged electricity rate into the meter.

    Greenhouse Gas-Greenhouse gas is produced during electricity production. This

    meter can calculate the amount of greenhouse gas produced per hour, quarter, year

    or other measured length of time. This function requires that the green house gas

    coefficient be entered into the meter.

    Setting up and using the Power-Mate Lite

    When you first connect the Power-mate it shows multiple lines of information including power, volts and frequency.

    The MENU button allows you to scroll through measurement types. Click MENU to scroll.

Power-Mate Lite Quick Start Instructions Page 2

    Setting Electricity Rate (OPTIONAL)-To set your electricity rate, Click the MENU button to scroll to COST and then click and hold MENU. SET COST will show on screen. Clicking ZOOM allows you to change the number (this cyles 0-9). Clicking RUN moves to the next digit, like setting a digital clock. Typical electricity rates are 15.0 - 22.0 CENTS/kWh. Setting Green House Gas Cost (OPTIONAL)-To set the Green house gas value, click the

    MENU button to scroll to G/GAS. Set the value using the same method as for cost. Electricity in Victoria which is primarily generated from brown coal has a value of 1.37 kg/kWh.

    Time Based Measurement-Measuring Energy, Cost or Greenhouse gas requires

    measuring for a period of time. For devices with constant power consumption this can be just a few moments or as long as it takes you to write down the reading. For devices with varied power use, a longer measurement will give a more accurate result. This is particularly important for appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. You can choose to manually control the time or set the timer. For most measurement manual control is the best option. Click MENU to scroll to RUNTIME or ENDTIME. Click and hold MENU to set TIMER DURATION. Click ZOOM to scroll through the options. Choosing NOT SET allows manual control of the measurement. Alternatively you can set the timer duration. Click MENU to return to the measurement screens.

    To start measuring click RUN. An arrow will flash in the corner of the screen. Click MENU to scroll to different types of measurement. Measurement screens will show hourly, quarterly and yearly values. REAL is the value for the actual amount of time you have measured. To stop measuring click RUN. To reset the measurement click and hold RUN. COMFIRM CLR DATA will appear. Click RUN to select yes. It is important to do this step for each new


    Making your first Measurement

    Plug an appliance into the piggy-back plug of the Power-Mate and switch on the appliance. Click and hold RUN until prompted to "clear all data" Click RUN to select yes. Now click RUN to start your measurement. Click MENU to scroll through measurement types. Record your data on an energy audit worksheet. Don't forget to "clear all data" between tests. Measuring appliances like washing machines-For an appliance like a washing machine

    or dishwasher knowing how much a load or run costs is most useful. These type of appliances use different amount of power at different times during a load and for different settings. To measure this type of appliance start the Power-Mate before you start the appliance. When the appliance has finished stop the Power-Mate. The Power-Mate readout for REAL is the measure of the energy or cost of the run (ie load of washing).

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