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    How to create a user in LDAP?

    1. Go to the apacheds directory. The location is

     %SUP_HOME%\ UnwiredPlatform_15\Servers\UnwiredServer\apacheds\studio

2. Run the Apache Directory Studio which was used to manage the LDAP server.

    3. Create a connection in Connections view. Input connection name, hostname and

    port. The port number is 389.(The port changed to 10389 in SUP1.5.2)

    4. Click Next button to the next page. Input correct value to the input box of the

    Bind DN or user and Bind Password. The Bind DN or user is cn=Directory

    Manager, and the Bind password is secret.

5. Click Finish button to finish the connection wizard. The connection will connect

to the LDAP automatically.

6. Expand the created connection. Create a new Entry under the user node.

Input inet to the Available object class, the click Add button

Input the uid and your created user name, the user2 is an example.

Input SUP Admin and Admin to the cn and sn respectively.

    Finish the user creation wizard, then right click in the Entry Editor, select new Attribute in the context menu.

    Input userPassword as the attribute type, and click next and finish button to finish the attribute creation.

    After finish the wizard, a dialog used for creating the password value poped out, then input the password and select the Hash Method as Plaintext(this is important to

    select Plaintext). The password will be encrypted automatically.

7. Click the target group, such as cn=SUP Administrator, then right click in the

    Entry Editor, select New attribute in the context menu. In the popped wizard,

    input uniqueMember as the attribute type.

Input value for the created uniqueMember.

8. Restart the Opends service in windows service list.

9. Use the created user login into scc.

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