M9U4 Project

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M9U4 ProjectM9U4

    灌云县第一中学备课笔记 20 12 9 28

    课题;M9U4 Unit 4 Behind beliefs Project

    主备;张小平 柴东方 上课时间; 执教;

    After reading a report about a historic religious site The White Horse Temple,

    知识目标 the students will be able to know about the oldest Buddhist temple in China and

    what needs to be covered in a report like this.

    1.The students will also have the chance to practise their listening, speaking, 教学目标 reading and writing abilities while participating in classroom activities. 能力目标 2. Exercises are designed for students to practice and reinforce the new

    vocabulary they have just learnt.

    情感目标 Through the teamwork, students can develop their creativity and imagination.

    Practise their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities 教学重点

    Students are expected to make themselves familiar with some important 教学难点 expressions.

    教学过程 二次备课

    Step 1 Lead in

    Q: Do you know which Buddhist temple is the oldest in China?

    Then present two pictures of the White Horse Temple and students will know

    that the White Horse Temple is the oldest Buddhist temple in China.

    Step 2 Reading comprehension

    1. Analyse the structure of the report

    Listen to a report about a historic religious site The White Horse Temple.

    While listening, please find out what aspects about the White Horse Temple

    the report mainly covers.

    Then ask the students to answer the following questions.

    Q: What aspects about the White Horse Temple does the report mainly


    2. Comprehension

     Part 1 Para 1 A brief introduction of the temple

    Read Para 1 again and fill in the blanks:

    The White Horse Temple is __________ in ___________, Henan Province

    in the ___________ east of China. Being the ________ _________ temple

    in China, it _________ one of the most __________ temples in all of


    Answers: located; Luoyang; central; first; Buddhist; is/remains; important

    Show pictures of different halls and rooms;

    The ______ known _________ pagoda in China, Qiyun Pagoda, _____ stories tall, stands in the ___________ corner of the complex. The pagoda ______ the tombs of the two _______ monks who originally travelled to China.

    Answers: first; Buddhist; 13; south-east; houses; Indian


    灌云县第一中学备课笔记 20 12 9 28

Ask about things that make the White Horse Temple important

     It is not only the oldest Buddhist temple in China, but also the oldest

    one still in use.

     Buddhism spread from here to other parts of China and Asia and

    remains important today as a holy Buddhist site.

     It has a lot of history.

     The new Indian-style pagoda, located west of the White Horse

    Temple, represents the friendship between India and China.

     It is one of the first historic buildings the government listed to

    receive special state protection.

     It is a famous tourist attraction and will remain a popular sightseeing


Step 3 Project

    1. Guidelines for writing a report about a historic religious site.

    I am sure you have known a lot about the famous religious site “The White Horse Temple” after reading the report and know how to write a report like

    this. It’s your turn to write your own report about a historic religious site. Then the students are required to answer the following questions.

    Q: What do you think can be covered in your own report? (PPT 26)

    A: A brief introduction of the religious site

    Group Work

    Take out your notes about historic religious sites you took yesterday. Work in groups of four and discuss the following for two minutes. (PPT


     Decide which historic religious site your group will write about.

     Choose from your notes things to be covered in your report.

     Decide how many paragraphs yow will write and make sure each of

    you has to write at least one paragraph.

     Discuss how to organize all the paragraphs in a good order and what

    will be the structure of your report.






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