M9U4 Word power

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M9U4 Word powerM9U4

    灌云县第一中学备课笔记 20 12 9 28

    课题;M9U4 Unit 4 Behind beliefs Word power

    主备;张小平 柴东方 上课时间; 执教;

    After learning this section, the students will be presented different expressions 知识目标 related to religious and some religious words.

    1. They will read a passage about religions around the world and then learn some

    religious expressions that are used in everyday English without religious 教学目标 能力目标 meaning.

    2. Exercises are designed for students to practice and reinforce the new

    vocabulary they have just learnt.

    情感目 Through the teamwork, students will realize the importance of cooperation.

    How to develop the students abilities in some religious expressions 教学重点

    Students are expected to make themselves familiar with the expressions related to 教学难点 religion.

    教学过程 二次备课

     Step 1 Lead-in

     1. Holy places of different religions

Show students pictures of temples of Buddhism.

    Temples are a good choice for Buddhists to worship in, and where do other religious people go to worship?

    2. Introduction of mosque

    What are the architectural features of a mosque?

    It is said that the first mosque was built based on the structure of Muhammads house in the city of Medina. Basically, a mosque consists of a courtyard, a domed hall and a fountain. Before prayer, people need to wash themselves in the fountain and then they can worship in the courtyard or the hall facing the holy city of Mecca. The wall facing Mecca is called qibla. It is not allowed to draw human forms in the mosque, so all the decorations appear as shapes such as circles and squares.

    3. Other places for worship

    Show pictures and introduce.

    Christians worship in a church.

    Jews pray in a synagogue and rest.


    灌云县第一中学备课笔记 20 12 9 28

Hindus worship at a Hindu temple.

    Step 2 Religions around the world

    1. Common features

    There are so many beliefs or religions, what else do you think that they

    have something in common?

    1. Different from superstition, which has no central beliefs. 2. Encourage people to do good. 3. Have a power to call on people to devote themselves

    to that religion. 4. Sometimes restrictive or judgmental of peoples lives. 5. Help people live their lives in a positive way. 6. Motivate people to be

    compassionate, kind and loving.

    2. More information about different religions.

    Read the short passage on Page 54 Part A. Try to find the following information and fill in the blanks.

    What are the most popular religions in the world?

    What do we call the people who believe in a religion?

    Step 3 Religious words

    1. lead-inthe word Bible

    Question: Does Bible always mean Bible book?

    The Bible, as the written word of God, is the essential text of Christianity.

     e.g. The Michelin guide is my Bible when I go to France.

    Question: Can you tell me some words or expressions related to religion? 2. Analysis of three examples of religious words

     1) Angel

     Sarah felt that an angel from heaven was helping her.

     To my uncle, my cousin was a little angel.

    2) Devil

     The Bible talks about the devil as the source of evil in the world.

     I was a naughty childa real little devil.

     3) Soul

    3. Finish Exercise B on Page 55.

    Answers: soul, angel, devil

    4. Complementary religious words






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