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Samples of letter

    Letter A : importter writes to exporter

    Dear sirs,

    We have come ti know the name and address from the commercial counselorss office of the

    chinese embassy in london and take the pleasure of addrssing this letter to you with the hope of establishing business relations with you.

    We are specialized in the exportation of chinese clemical and pharmaceutical which have enjoyed great popularity in the world market. We enclose a copy of our catalogue for your reference and hope that you would contact us if any item is of interest to you.

    We look forward to your favourble reply.

    Yours faithfully.


    Dear sirs,

     We have received with thanks your letter dated March6, 2007 and wish to carry on trade with manufactures and merchants of all countries on the basis of equity and mutual benefit for the development of pamphlets for your guidance.

    If you find any of the articles illustrated in the pamphles of interst, please let us have your specific enquries so as to enable us to send you our quotation.

    Yours faithfully.

Letter B: exporter writes to importer

    Dear sirs,

     We take great interest in your letter dated March 6,2007, in which you have reviewed the past experience and elaborated on the potentialities if developing a market for our products. Your proposal of making a personal visit here to smooth the way for our cooperation has engaging our particular attention.

    Cherishing the same hope for the further development of our trade relations, we quite agree with you that a discussion between us in personal is helpful and necessary. Since you think that is will be convenient for you to go around next spring, we would like to suggest that you come to attend the next session of the chinese export commodities fair in guangzhou, which is to be held from April15 to May15,2008. the responsible members and sales representatives if this corporation will be there to meet you. You may have a splendid chance to examine a wide range of our export commodities.

    We shall ask the fair to send an invitation to you, provieded you will make a visit and inform us for you intention.

Dear sirs,

     We have you name and address from the internet. We take the liberty of writing to you with a view to enter into business relations with you.

     We wish to inform you that we are specialized in dealing with the export of sweater. We are in a position to accept orders according to the customers samples.

     In order to give you a general idea of our products, we are airmailing you under separate cover

    our latest catalogue for your referene. We will send you our price list samples as soon as we receive your specific inquiry.

     We look forward to your early reply.

     Yours faihfully.

Basic sentences

    1 will you please send us your catalogue and price list for


    2 Please qoute price CIFshanghai for the followingi items in the quantities stated. 请报下列数量商品的成本加保险、运费到上海的价格。

Translate the following letters









Dear sirs,

     We have received your inquiry of July5 for electric motors. As the goods fall within the business scope of china national import and export corporation, we have passed on you enquiry to them for attention. Please contact them directly for your requirements. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you as a stated-operated corporation, handling the export business of chinese arts and crafts and we have built up extensive connection with many important dealer in various districts.

     Enclosed you will find your lates catalogue and price list. We hope to enter into business with you.

    Yours faithfully.

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