Unit 4 Questions

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Unit 4 Questions

Unit 4 Questions


    A1. What are the differences between American English and British English? Cite some examples to prove. A2. Who are supposed to be the readers of this article? What does the we in the article (para 9) refer to?

    What is Harpers?

    A3. What is the main idea of the passage?

    A4. What are the reasons for the spread of English according to the author?

    A5. What is the main idea of Para 1-3?

    A6. Line 3, para 2 More importantly, English is now spoken as a foreign language throughout the world

    very often, to be sure, badly, but nevertheless understandably. Translate the sentence. A7. Line 5, para 2 It has become a platitude that one may go almost anywhere with no other linguistic

    equipment and get on almost as well as in New York. What does “It” refer to? Translate the sentence.


    B1. In which aspects does American English attract you? Through what channels does American English

    spread to the rest of the world? Offer some examples.

    B2. Chinese is increasingly popular outside China, do you see any possibility that Chinese will become the

    most prevailing language throughout the world in the future? Why or why not?

    B3. What is the main idea of Para 4-7?

    B4. What virtues, according to the author, does the English language possess to win the foreigner? B5. Write down some of the sayings from English which you think are simple but wise. Then share them with

    the class. Examples: First come, first served. Easy come, easy go.

    B6. What does the author think is the future of English? Put a tick before the statements that represent the

    authors prediction. And state where the statement comes from.

    ( ) a. Increasingly more people will learn to speak English as a foreign language. ( ) b. The English people will accept Americanisms sooner or later.

    ( ) c. The size of the vocabulary of the English language will be increasing.

    ( ) d. Other languages of the world will borrow more American words than English ones. ( ) e. The Japanese people will perhaps take in more English words than American words. ( ) f. The efforts to standardize English will eventually bear fruit.

    ( ) g. Newly-formed words and idioms will continue to flow to England and other parts of the world. ( ) h. Speakers of English as a foreign language will use shorter words and simpler expressions. B7. Line 3, Para 4 In wealth, wisdom, and strict economy, none of the other living languages can vie with it.

    Translate the sentence.


    C1. What is the main idea of Para 8-14?

    C2. Should English maintain the so-called standard form, according to the author? Why? C3. In what way has English been yielding to American?

    C4. In what way has American gone on developing with almost Elizabethan prodigality? C5. What is the attitude of English people toward Americanisms now?

    C6. What, according to the text, are some of the characteristics or virtues of the English language?

    C7. The author concludes this article by saying Plain enough, the conquest of the world by English, if it

    ever comes off, will really be a conquest by American”. Do you think that English is likely to conquer the world? Why, or why not;

    C8. English words and expressions are often found in Chinese newspaper and magazines, e.g. DIY月饼;这个

    Mr. Rightright;CPI大幅回落 利好股市What is your attitude towards the invasion of the English language? Do you think there is something we should do to protect our mother tongue?

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