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    Unit 12 My favorite subject is science

    . 选择填空

    ( )1. I have history _________ the afternoon of Monday

    Ain Bat Con Dfor

    ( )2. _________ is the second day of a week

    ASunday BMonday CTuesday DWednesday

     ( )3. Mr. Zhang teaches ________ Chinese. We like ________ class very much.

    A. me; her B. me; his C. us; his D. us; her ( )4. Do you have _________ today(

    AChinese Ba Chinese Cthe Chinese Dan Chinese

    ( )5. -Why don't you like English? Because it's ________.

    A. interesting B. fun C. exciting D. difficult ( )6. I like math _______it’s difficult for me.

    A. but B. and C. or D. so

    ( )7. _________(

    It's seven thirty

    AWhen BWhat time do you go to school

    CWhat's the time DHow did is he

    ( ) 8. ____do you like music? ---Because it’s relaxing.

    A. Why B. When C. How D. What ( ) 9. Mr. Wang and Mrs. Li are both _________

    AEnglish teachers BEnglishes teachers

    Englishes teacher DEnglishs teachers C

    ( ) 10. She gets up ________ seven ________ Saturday morning.

    A. in; at B. at; on C. at; in D. on; on ( )11. I like music _________ it's relaxing

    Abecause Bbut Cwhy Dor

    ( ) 12. Why your mother like cooking?

    A do Bis Care Ddoes

( )13. _________ is your art teacher(

    AWhat BWho CWhen DWhose

    ( )14. What _________ do you like best(


    Afood Bsubject Csport Dmusic

    ( )15. _________(

    It's Monday

    AWhat's the time BWhat day is it today

    CIs it Monday DWhat's the date

    ( ) 16. This is ______ Li. He has three children.

    A. Mrs. B. Miss C. Sir D. Mr. ( ) 17.---When he have P.E? ---He it on Wednesday.

    A. does; have B. does; has C. is; is have D. is; has

     ( )18. My sister and I _________ at school

    Aare Bis Cam Dgo

    ( ) 19. Jim likes _________with the dog Nick.

    A. play B. playing C. plays D. playes ( ) 20. I have breakfast ______ 6:30 every morning.

    A. at around B. around at C. in around D. around in

. 句型转化。

     1. Mr Wang is his favorite teacher. (对划线部分提问)

    _______ ________ his favorite teacher? 2. Her favorite subject is music. (对划线部分提问)

    ________ ________ her favorite subject? 3. We have science on Tuesday and Thursday. (对划线部分提问)

    ________ do ________ ________ science? 4. He likes biology because it's interesting. (对划线部分提问)

    ________ ________ he ________ biology?

5. When do you go to bed every night? (改为同义句)

    ______ ______ do you go to bed every night? 6. This subject is interesting. (改为同义句)

    This ______ ______ ______ subject. 7. They get up at seven in the morning. (改为否定句)

    They ______ ______ up at seven in the morning. 8. The girls like music because it's exciting.(对划线部分提问)

    ______ ______ the girls like music? . 完成句子。


    My mother is ______ ______ me.


    Please tell them ______ ______ Exercise 1. 3.让我们去睡觉。

    Let's ______ ______ ______.


    ______ ______ lessons finish at 2:00 in the afternoon.


    It's ______, ______ ______ today.


     ______ you ______ that he will come tomorrow? 7.你认为自然科学很有趣吗(

     Do you think ______ ______ ______? 8. 放学后我们踢一小时的足球。

     After class we play soccer ______ ______ ________.


     Do you ______ ______ ______ at nine? 10.大多数学生对英语语法没有把握。

     Most students ______ ______ about English grammar. . 补全对话,

    A: Hi, Jack. What do you like doing after school? B: 1

    A: Do you like to have a race with Class 2? B: 2

    C: May I join your team too?

    A: 3

    B: Who else is good at running?

    C: Charlie.

    A: Is he in the classroom?

    C: 4

    B: Where is he now?

    C: 5

    A: Let’s ask him to join us.

    B and C: OK. Let’s go.


    Dear Annie

    Thank you for your letterI'm glad you like your school

    I go to school from Monday to FridayWe have four 1 in the morning and two in the afternoonWe have 2 to do after class 3 Monday and Thursday afternoon we 4 sportsOn Tuesday afternoon 5 of us have 6 singing classAnd on Thursday afternoon some have a 7 classOn Friday afternoon we practice 8 EnglishMy Chinese friends would like 9 with me in EnglishThey think I am like an English teacherIsn't it great(

    On Saturdays and Sundays I don't go to schoolVery often I go to the parks and

    have a good time 10 my family there

    ( )1Aclasses Blesson Cclass Dgrade

    ( )2Aanything Bany things Cmany thing Dmany things ( )3ATo BIn COn DAt

    ( )4Ahas Bhave Chaving Dto have ( )5Aany Bone Csome Dthe other one ( )6Aa Ban Cthe Dsome

( )7Adraw Bdraws Cto draw Ddrawing

    ( )8Aspeak Bspeaks Cspeaking Dto speak

    ( )9Atalk Btalks Cto talk Dtalking

    ( )10Afor Bwith Cat Din



     American schools begin in September after a long summer vacation(假期). There

    are two terms in a school year: the first term is from September to January, and the second is from February to June. Most American children go to public schools(公立

    学校). High school students take only four or five subjects at a time. They usually go to the same classes every day, and they have an assignment for every class. After class they have many activities. After high school, many students go to college. 1. Most American children start school life in ______________.

     A. September B. February C. June D. January 2. How many vacations do American children have each year?

     A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four. 3. Students in the high school have _______ subjects at a time.

     A. four B. five C. six D. four or five 4. Which of the following is false (错误)?

    A. In July students don’t need to go to school because of vacation.

    B. Students have the same classes every day.

    C. Students don’t have homework for every class.

    D. Most American children go to public schools.

    5. After class students ___________.

     A. do homework B. go back home

    C. have many activities D. go to movies



    Dear Cindy

    It's ThursdayOctober 12thI'm really busy today because I have classes all

    dayAt 8 o'clock I have EnglishI think English is interesting and I like it very

muchThen at 9?00 I have scienceIt's difficultbut interestingNext at 10?

    00I have biologyIt's boringbut at 11?00 I have musicThat's my favorite subject

    I eat lunch at l2?00 and after that I have a rest(休息)Classes begin at 2?00 in the afternoonI have Chinese and my Chinese teacherMr. Liis really funWe all like himAll my classes finish(结束) at 3?00After class I with my friends practice English at our school English club for one hourYou knownow I am in the music club tooThen I practice my guitar at 4?00 thereMy guitar teacher is very kind to meThat's my all day at schoolWhat a busy but interesting day





    Time Subjects

    8:00 _____3______

    9:00 _____4______

    10:00 _____5______

    11:00 _____6______

    12:00 _____7______

    2:00 _____8______

    3:00 _____9______

    4:00 _____10______

. 写作。

    请根据下表的内容写一篇关于Li Lei的文章。

     Maths Chinese English Sports

    Monday ? ?

     Tuesday ? ? ?

     Wednesday ? ? ? ?

     Thursday ? ? ?

    Friday ? ? ? ?

    _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

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