Wuthering Heights Plot Interpretation

By Nancy Adams,2014-05-23 23:24
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Wuthering Heights Plot Interpretation

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    Wuthering Heights Plot Interpretation

    Love is always people fond of topic of discussion. And, as mention it, love and hatred often cannot be separated. In the Brontes, a love to the extreme of man, made the crazy

    behavior. He killed people with love, but also use love to suicide.

    Wuthering Heights through a love tragedy to show a picture of deformity of the social life, outlines the human nature distorted by society and the cause of all kinds of terrible events. The plot of the story is actually through the four stages to spread out: the first stage describes the study of Heathcliff and Cathrine elbow childhood; the formation of the special sentiment between a foundling and a young lady in this special environment. The second stage describes emphatically Cathrine break Heathcliff and become Thrush Farmstead hostess because of her vanity, ignorance, and folly. The third stage describes how Heathcliff put filled with hate into the counsel of redemption vengeance and action with a great number of words. The last stage though only shows Heathcliffs death, it reveals some changes in his mind after knowing the

    true love of Harry and Kitty, and makes it a terrorist love tragedy revealed a bunch of a comfort light of hope.

    Therefore, Heathcliffs love, hate, revenge and the recovery of human nature, not only is the essence of the novel, but a red line throughout. In this context, the author makes the scene unpredictable, sometimes in the clouds, wilderness, sometimes is a sudden rain, wind, the story has always been shrouded in a kind of mystery and terror of atmosphere. From the passage we can experience it I remembered I was lying in the oak closed, and I heard

    distinctly the gusty wind, and the driving of the snow; I heard, also, the fir-bough repeat its teasing sound, and ascribed it to the right cause. But it annoyed me so much, that I resolved to silence it, if possible; and, I thought, I rose and endeavored to unhasp the casement, instead of which, my fingers closed on the fingers of a little, ice-cold hand! The intense horror of nightmare came over me. (Wuthering Heights, P29) .

    It virtually unruly romantic style comes from the extreme conflict character love and

    hate. The author put background placed in a closed small manor, and open nature, of wasteland, the whole novel situation particularly dramatic, cold and violence, mysterious

    fierce and implied the scared blame tender feeling.

    Secondly, Bronte gives up such way to narrate from first to last. Writers in 19 century, like her sister to write Jane Eyre, Austin, use the traditional technique for the general public


    姓名;张媛媛 班级;1001班级 学号;10403140

    to embrace. Emily is in order to say clearly happened two generations on the complicated story, try to be use the rare dramatic structure, borrowed a stranger Lockwood who ran into

    Wuthering Heights and fresh gut into the middle. At that time, Catherine has been dead, and Heathcliff in extreme brutality to punish the second generation of the two families, this set a great suspense, so that readers are anxious to recover because of things before, and the characters are always concerned about the fate of the future.

    Wuthering Heights, what is the theme of the deep: now, most people think that for the exploration of human nature is. The arrival of the nightmare is the key of the story theme open, it is human freeze. After 30 years of the past is that human nature of the fall of flashback to the process. And the final four chapters, Heathcliff, finally knew that endless revenge will only bring bad ending. He muttered detached words also; the only one I could

    catch was the name of Catherine, coupled with some wild term of endearment or suffering; and spoken as one would speak to a person present: low and earnest, and wrung from the depth of his soul. (Wuthering Heights, P417) .

    In the novel, Bronte all live together in Heathcliff image depicts, here she hopes her indignation, sympathy and ideal at all. The outcast deprived of earth warm had a strong love and hate in the practical life training. Hindleys whip made him know it cant their yield the

    fate of the shame. He chose the resistance. Catherine was his faithful partner, they fell in love with each other in common against. However, Catherine finally has rebelled against Heathcliff, married to Edgar Linton. Catherine betrayal and the fate of the lost after marriage, is the most important turning point of the encyclopedia. It makes Heathcliff full of love into extremely hate. Catherine death, the cavity hatred a volcano burst out, became crazy revenge power. Heathcliffs purpose reaching, his love tragedy is the tragedy of the society, and also is the tragedy of the Times.

     Wuthering Heights ended in Heathcliffs suicide. His death expressed his undying love

    for Catherine. And he gave up the idea of revenge in the next generation before he died, which shows that his nature was good. This kind of human nature of recovery is a spiritual sublimation, glaring the author humanitarian ideal.

    Reference: Emily Bronte. Wuthering Heights. Shanghai: The World Book Publishing Company, 2011


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