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    English Corner- Qingdao

1. Yes or No& No yes or no

2. Emotion Games

3. Word Building Games-

4. Imitation show-

5. Meeting in English

6. Vocabulary Game-

7. Enjoy losing face-a game to practice your grammar

    1. Yes or No & No yes or No games

    Teaching aim:

    For yes or no game: teach the student how to eliminate range and narrow down the choice until you get the answer.

Material: name card, sticker, celebrity name card

What should do?

    Step 1 Get to know each other.(10 min)

    Let the student know you and each other. Distribute the sticker to each student and let them write down the English name.

Step 2 Part I (25 min)

Rules Explanation: (5 min)

    Let the student know how to play the game by dividing them into two groups. And then explain the rules ; this game includes two parts-first part : Each group pool their ideas to write down 5 celebrities on the card, one name on one card. And put it in a box. The team can decide the contestant who will play for the first round. The contestant take one card from the other team box and show it to every one. And by asking simple question to narrow down the range until you get the name. But the others can only answer you with Yes or No. And for each team, all your contestants are only allowed to ask 35 questions in total. No question limit for each contestant. The team who can get the name with the less questions, they win.

Game Demo (3 min)

    Write one celebritys name on the board and the teachers show the student how to play.

Helpful Expression Learning (1min)

    Is this person male?

    Is he dead/alive

    Is she a polititian?

    The group who lose the game will get the punishment to walk like a duck. Step 3 Part II ( 25 min)

    Rules explanation Hand out the celebritys name card to each time. Let them choose 5

    names among the name card. Come up with 5 sentences to describe the person on the paper and fold it and put it into the box. Two team exchange the box. What the team have to guess the celebritys name by the hint from the description. And the teacher will read each description. But the team who get the most names with less help from the description will be the winner. So, each team member try hard to save the description and think hard to get the name.

    Step 4 End up

    Announce the winner team and make conclusion.

    2. Emotion Game

    Teaching aim:

    This activity is to learn the expression of emotion.

Teaching Aids: facial expression movie scenario

How to do & what should do:

lead in

    Step 1 (5min)

    show the facial expression card to the student and let them use the word to describe it.

Step 2 (10 min)

    Make cards out of the boxes below. These are many of the most common emotions. Have you students picked a card with an emotion. The student then pantomimes the emotion. The class has to guess what the emotion is.

    Happy Disappointed Shy

    Excited Embarrassed Shocked

    Sad Angry Fearful

    Surprised Nervous Paranoid

    Guilty Suspicious Curious

Step 3-(45 min)

    Play a PPT and let the student make a dialogue according to the emotion of each picture.

    Each dialogue should last at least 1 min

    4. Word Building

    Teaching aim:

    This lesson is primarily concerned with prefixes and suffixes

    Teaching Aids: Prefix matching sticker: Suffix Matching sticker How to do & what should do:

    Step 1: Warm up [20min']

    Write point, end, time, shape, speech, power, use, price, aim, help on the board.

    Then add the suffix” less See whats their understanding about each word by giving the sample sentence.

    What would be a pointless task?

    When does waiting seem endless?

    Have you ever read a book that you feel is timeless?

    Are your thought processes ever shapeless?

    What would make you speechless with delight?

    Have you ever been in a situation where you felt powerless?

    What is the most useless thing in the world?

    Is anything hopeless?

    Can you think of something priceless?

    Do you ever wander aimlessly?

    What does careless work look like? In what situation would you feel helpless?

Step 2. Searching your mate game 20min

     Hand out the Prefix matching sticker & Suffix Matching sticker to the students, mix them together and

    then find the correct meaning for each suffix and prefix. The last or the wrongly matched pair would be punished: Lip Synching one hide behind another one, read a short article

    Hi, I am Dino, The family dog. I help keep people safe; especially on the road. Take a look at my diary to

    see what I did last week. Thursday-Seat belt can save your life. I make sure everyone in our car wears their seat belt. If they forget, I soon remind them. Even I have got one.

    Let each mate sit together and brainstorm words with their suffix and prefix.

Step 3. Prefix& suffix matching game (20min)

Hand out the prefix & suffix words to each student and mix them again. Set the time limit for each one to

     (Answer reference- semicircle, fearless, package, submarine, renew, speaker, freeze, overweight, undersea, biodiversity, defrost, television, antibody, unfreeze.

    Semi fear pack sub circle re er freeze weight un sea new frost vision less age under over speak Body marine new bio diversity anti credible tele de

    Match prefixes on the left to their meanings on the right.

    _____Re- (renew) 1) wrong, bad

    _____ Pre- (preview) 2) before

    _____ Mis- (misbehave) 3) again, back

    _____ De- (deforestation) 4) one, same, whole

    _____ Tele- (television) 5) remove or reduce

    _____ Un- (unhappy) 6) far, distant

    _____ Uni- (uniform) 7) many, (usually more than two

    _____ Sub- (subway) 8) under or low

    _____ Multi- (multiple) 9) not

    Common suffixes meaning

    -able (unable) 1) can or able to do something

    -er , -or ( teacher, doctor) 2) noun or name of something

    -ful (useful) 3) job, doer

    -ment, (movement, 4) adjective or description word building

    - ness, togetherness,

    -ion information)

    -ive (active) 5) full of


    6. Imitation show

    Teaching aim:

    This activity is to practice the intonation

    Teaching Aids: Movie clips _American Cartoon UP-by Pixar Animation Studios The clip length is from 15: 23 to 17:08 of the whole movie

     Subtitle hand-outs

How to do & what should do:

    Step 1 Warm up (5 min)

    The foreign teacher imitates some Chinese words from the Chinese teacher, then introduce todays

    class aim-practice the native intonation

Step 2 Look and learn( 40 min)

    Play the movie clip and let the student to practice the dialogue between Carl Fredrickson

    &Russell),and then let the student to do the pair work and dub the movie clip ******************************************************************* "Good afternoon. My name is Russell.

"And I am a Wilderness Explorer in Tribe 54, Sweat Lodge 12.

    "Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?"


- I could help you cross the street.

    - No.

- I could help you cross your yard.

    - No.

- I could help you cross your porch.

    - No.

Well, I got to help you cross something.

No. I'm doing fine.

"Good afternoon. My name is Russell."

- Kid... Kid.

    - "And I am a Wilderness Explorer

- "in Tribe 54, Sweat Lodge 12."

    - I... Slow down. Kid!

- "Are you in need of any assistance..."

    - Thank you,

- but I don't need any help!

    - ", sir?" ow…”


- "Good afternoon..."

    - But skip to the end!

    See these? These are my Wilderness Explorer badges.

You may notice one is missing.It's my Assisting the Elderly badge.

    If I get it, I will become a Senior Wilderness Explorer.

"The wilderness must be explored!" Caw, caw,Raar!

It's goanna be great! There's a big ceremony, and all the dads come, and they pin on our badges.

So, you want to assist an old person?

    Yep! Then I'll be a Senior Wilderness Explorer.

- You ever heard of a snipe?

    - Snipe?

Bird. Beady eyes.

    Every night it sneaks in my yard and gobbles my poor azaleas.

I'm elderly and infirm.I can't catch it.

If only someone could help me.

- Me, me! I'll do it!

    - I don't know. It's awfully crafty.

You'd have to clap your hands

    3 times to lure it in.

I'll find him, Mr. Frederickson!

I think its burrow is 2 blocks down.If you go past...2 blocks down.

Got it! Snipe.

Here, snipey, snipey.

Bring it back here when you find it.


    Step 3 Make up a new movie dialogue (15 min)

    Play the movie clip again and then let the student to make up a new movie dialogue to continue the movie.

    Prizes: if the students can use the word they learn from the movie. They will get extra bonus.

     5. How to run a meeting in English effectively

    Teaching aim: Whether you are holding a meeting or attending a meeting, it is important that you understand key English phrases and expressions related to meetings. A successful meeting has no surprises. With proper preparation and careful organization, a meeting can run smoothly.

Teaching Aids: Agenda Sample

How to do & what should do:

    Step 1: Warm up sentence order 15

    Divide the students into two groups and let them compete to finish the article in right order by standing in a line. The team who lose the game will be punished. The quicker team with the right order will be the winner.

    1. Meetings can be an incredibly productive way of making decisions, planning for the future or

    communicating to a group of people at once. We'll show you how to run an effective meeting. 2. First establish why you need to hold the meeting. What are your aims? What do you need the

    meeting to achieve? Make a list of your targets for the meeting, and write an agenda of the items

    you need to tackle during the meeting. It's a good idea to send this out to your colleagues

    beforehand so they know what to expect.

    3. If you schedule your meeting to begin on the hour, the chances are people will drift in, grab a

    coffee, have a chat, eat a biscuit, Instead, schedule it for an off-hour time, say ten past two instead

    of two o' clock. This simple psychological trick will encourage punctuality and means you can start

    on time.

    4. If some members of the group haven't met, run through some group introductions. Go round the

    group and get people to introduce themselves with who they are, what they do, and something silly

    to help break the ice.

    5. You have a definite purpose for your meeting, but, your employees will want to talk about things

    that aren't on your agenda. Have a separate piece of paper available where you can write down

    and store off-topic ideas for discussion later. This will help people feel they have been listened to,

    while keeping the meeting on task.

    6. During the meeting you should have someone taking notes on what's been discussed and agreed.

    Once the meeting is over, have someone write these up and email them to everyone so they know

    that what they've said has been recorded.

Step 2Role play: Organize a meeting in English (45min)

    1. Explain the background to students: You will have a meeting in English, the manager of every department. Including HR, Finance, Sales, and Market, Production, A guest speakerroles

    thclass size depends on the, Purpose of the meeting: Discuss the celebration for 5 numbers

    anniversary of your company. (50 employees are involved)

    2. Allocate the roles to students and let them act the role according each role description.(If any question, the teacher would help around but make sure every student get clear with their roles)

    **Chairperson**: Your responsibility is to FOLLOW the agenda for the whole meeting. But before you start the meeting please introduce a quest speaker, Mike, the new region manager of china to all the attendees.

    What you have to do is watching the time and make the meeting run smoothly.

    1 Welcome, Introduction: Mike (1 minutes)

    2 Discuss how much budget is needed for this party(3 munities)

    3 Invite every manager to share their ideas how to celebrate ( 10 minutes)

    4 Vote for the best idea (2minutes)

    5 Assign every task to the manager, including (site reservation, contact, food &beverage, stage

    supervisor 5 minutes )

    6 Questions/Closing remarks/Reminders: Everyone (5 minutes)

    **HR manager**: try to disturb the meeting with talking something which is not related with second purpose on the agenda (like when the other is discussing how much budget is needed for the meeting, while you always try to talk about some problem happed in the payroll)

    Your role is designed to make some trouble ,so please try to act real~_~ )

**Sales Manager & Marketing manage**r: try to disturb the meeting by arguing s sales problems

    which are not related with todays meeting theme when you are all in the 3 purpose on the agenda Your role is designed to make some trouble, so please try to act real~_~ )

    Production Manager: try to keep talking and talking in the 5 step of the agenda by asking many questions to doubt the correctness of work allocation

    Your role is designed to make some trouble, so please try to act real~_~ )

    **New region manager**: you will be inviting to make a short introduction in 1 munite, but I want you to make a little trouble for the chairperson. Try to talk and talk morn than one minute. And lets see how

    the chairperson stop you and run the agenda smoothly. Your role is designed to make some trouble, so please try to act real~_~ )

    Step 3-Let the student to vote who is the one to disturb the meeting on purpose or we can call it the spy; and teach them how to handle the following situation by using the right language based on the 3 points. (10 min)

1. Introductions

    If anyone at the meeting is new to the group, or if there is a guest speaker, this is the time when introductions should be made. The person in charge of the meeting can introduce the new person, or ask the person to introduce him or herself.

    ; I'd like to take a moment to introduce our new tour coordinator.

    ; I know most of you, but there are a few unfamiliar faces.

    ; Stella, would you like to stand up and introduce yourself?

2. Watching the Time

    One of the most difficult things about holding an effective meeting is staying within the time limits. A good agenda will outline how long each item should take. A good chairperson will do his or her best to stay within the limits. Here are some expressions that can be used to keep the meeting flowing at the appropriate pace.