Would you operate the flying controls during a cabin

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Would you operate the flying controls during a cabin

Airframe and Systems + Powerplant + Electrics

Would you operate the flying controls during a cabin pressurisation ground test? Correct answer : Occasionally. Work required to raise 1 lb of water through 1?F is equal to: Correct answer : 778 ft/lbs Without added oxygen the time of useful consciousness at 40000ft is approximately: Correct answer : twenty seconds. Without added oxygen the time of useful consciousness at 40 000 ft is approximately : Correct answer : 20 seconds. Without added oxygen the time of useful consciousness at 25000ft is approximately: Correct answer : three minutes. Within the combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine where is the flame located during flight? Correct answer : in the primary zone. Within a High By-pass gas turbine engine, which component produces most of the thrust? Correct answer : The front fan. With the QFE set on the cabin controller, against an altitude of zero : Correct answer : the cabin will be unpressurised on landing. With the aircraft stationary, propulsive efficiency: Correct answer : is minimum. With RTO (rejected take-off) selected and armed, the brakes will be automatically applied if : Correct answer : reverse thrust is selected at any time. With reheat in operation static thrust may be increased up to: Correct answer : 35 percent. With regards to the Maximum Zero-Fuel Weight (MZFW). Correct answer : It is the maximum weight that an aircraft can be loaded to without useable fuel. With regards to a light aircraft electrical system, where is the generator switch normally located? Correct answer : In series with the field winding. With regard to carburetor ice, float-type carburetor systems in comparison to fuel injection systems are generally considered to be : Correct answer : more susceptible to icing. With reference to a vapour cycle cooling system, which statement is correct: Correct answer : All these statements are true. With increase in altitude, exhaust back pressure will: Correct answer : decrease and engine power will decrease. With an increase in temperature the power required to maintain rpm, with a fixed pitch propeller is: Correct answer : more. With air in the hydraulic system you would : Correct answer : bleed the air out of the system. With a propeller in reverse thrust the greatest thrust will come : Correct answer : from the outer sections of the propeller blade. With a one way check valve (NRV) : Correct answer : flow stops when input pressure is less than output pressure. With a hydraulic lock: Correct answer : the actuator piston is trapped and cannot move. With a given throttle setting selected on a gas turbine engine, as the aircraft increases altitude : Correct answer : engine rpm will increase and thrust will reduce. With a constant pressure pump the system pressure is governed by: Correct answer : a control piston that senses output pressure and adjust the swash plate. With a "Ram Effect" due to increased air speed, efficiency of the engine will: Correct answer : increase.

Wing mounted engines are often mounted on pylons which set them well ahead of the aerofoil (wing) in order to : Correct answer : Move the C of G forward as a way of mass balancing to reduce flutter. Why, in an axial flow compressor, is the cross sectional area of the compressor air duct reduced at each stage? Correct answer : To maintain the velocity of the air under rising pressure. Why is a waste gate fitted to a turbocharger? Correct answer : To control the supercharger. Why is a centrifugal breather fitted in the oil system? Correct answer : To prevent oil mist passing to atmosphere. Why is a barometric pressure control unit fitted in the fuel system? Correct answer : To vary pump output in relation to pressure variations at the intake. Why is a "Hotwell" not required in gas turbine engine oil tanks? Correct answer : Because low viscosity oil is used. Why are two or more turbine wheels coupled together? Correct answer : To keep turbine rotor diameter small. Why are there 6 similar grey wires connected to this synchronous generator? Correct answer : Because it is a three phase alternator connection, with 2 wires for each phase. Why are the blades in the later stages of an axial flow compressor made of bronze alloy? Correct answer : To withstand the heat from compression. Why are some electrical cables screened? Correct answer : To reduce interference. Why are oil seals pressurised? Correct answer : To ensure that the oil is prevented from leaving the bearing housing. White exhaust smoke indicates: Correct answer : coolant leaking into the cylinders. Whilst the spent gases are being exhausted the piston is: Correct answer : moving upwards in the cylinder. While replenishing oxygen systems: Correct answer : passengers should not be allowed onto the aircraft. While cruising at 9,500 feet MSL, the fuel/air mixture is properly adjusted. What will occur if descent to 4,500 feet MSL is made without readjusting the mixture? Correct answer : The fuel/air mixture may become excessively lean. Which type of turbo-propeller engine is practically free from surge and requires low power for starting? Correct answer : One using a centrifugal compressor. Which statement is true about the pressurisation system? Correct answer : To maintain a constant pressure in the cabin, the total amount of airflow from the air conditioning system is equal to the mass flow passing through the outflow valve and small leaks (e.g. exit doors). Which setting will give the greatest power: 35 inches Hg or +2 boost? Correct answer : 35 inches Hg Which of this circuit diagram symbols represents an auto-transformer? Correct answer : C. Which of this circuit diagram symbols represents a transformer with independent primary and secondary coils? Correct answer : A. Which of this circuit diagram symbols represents a three phase star connection? Correct answer : D. Which of this circuit diagram symbols represents a relay? Correct answer : B. Which of the following will cause an APU to automatically shut down? Correct answer : excessive EGT and open squat switches on takeoff. Which of the following statements will produce the shortest landing run? 1) Crossing the threshold at the correct height and speed. 2) Applying full anti skid (max rate) braking as soon as the aircraft is on the ground. 3) Using maximum pedal pressure but releasing the pressure when the aircraft starts to skid. 4) The use of cadence braking. 5)

Use minimum brake pressure early in the landing run and maximum towards the end. 6) Apply reverse thrust as early as possible in the landing run. 7) Deploying the speed brakes/lift dumpers as early as possible in the landing run. Correct answer : 1, 2, 6 and 7. Which of the following statements regarding external power is true for most airliners? Correct answer : External power can not be paralleled with any of the aircraft generators. Which of the following statements is true? Correct answer : Butyl rubber seals can be used in combination with phosphate-ester based oils. Which of the following statements is true? Correct answer : In PLAN mode, weather radar data is inhibited on the EHSI. Which of the following statements is true for resistors connected in parallel? Correct answer : The reciprocal of the total resistance equals the sum of the resistance reciprocals. Which of the following statements is correct for AC generators? Correct answer : The disconnect is located between the engine and CSDU and the quill drive between the CSDU and the generator. Which of the following statements is correct about AC induction motors? Correct answer : AC is induced in the rotor. Which of the following statements best describes two resistors connected in parallel? Correct answer : The combined resistance is always less than the smallest individual resistance present. Which of the following statements are correct? Correct answer : The humidifier employs water from the aircraft domestic supply, which is passed through a venturi to increase relative humidity. Which of the following statements about fuselage loading is true? Correct answer : Frames, stringers and skin take the full load. Which of the following portable fire extinguishers are most suitable for an engine start fire? Correct answer : CO2. Which of the following parameters affect the rotational speed of a turbine engine? Correct answer : Temperature, pressure, forward velocity (TAS) and Fuel Flow (FF). Which of the following materials are used for the manufactoring of semiconductors? Correct answer : silicon, cadmium and germanium. Which of the following materials are often used in the hot section of a turbo-engine? Correct answer : nickel-alloys and cobalt-alloys. Which of the following is true? Correct answer : Aluminium alloys are used in aircraft construction because it is light, easily machined and has good wear resistance. Which of the following is correct of Chemical Oxygen Generators? Correct answer : Masks automatically drop to half hung position at a cabin altitude of 14.000 ft. Which of the following is an appropriate substance to use to neutralise the electrolyte from a Nicad cell? Correct answer : A dilute solution of boric acid. Which of the following is a requirement? Correct answer : A crash axe and crowbar must be carried in the flight deck on aircraft of more than 5700kg MAUW. Which of the following helps to prevent flutter? Correct answer : Mass Balance. Which of the following engine configurations is best suited to air cooling? Correct answer : Radial. Which of the following are logic gates? Correct answer : XOR and NAND. Which of the following are considered to be suitable characteristics of a hydraulic fluid? Correct answer : have a high flash point, low freezing point, be free flowing at all temperature and be virtually incompressible. Which of the following are considered advantages of using tubeless tyre assemblies on aircraft compared to a tubed tyre? Correct answer : they are cooler in operation when subjected to high speeds and high loads.

Which of the following affects the fuel flow to a piston engine? Correct answer : throttle position, engine rpm and mixture setting. Which logic gate is the equivalent of the circuit below with inputs A and B and output C? Correct answer : OR Which logic gate is equivalent to the following combination: Correct answer : NOR Which logic gate does the following symbol represent? Correct answer : An AND gate. Which is true of a High By-pass engine? Correct answer : most of the thrust is generated by the front fan. Which is the most suitable relative humidity for an environmental control system to maintain in an aircraft? Correct answer : 30%. Which gate has the following truth table? Correct answer : XOR Which fuel control unit component corrects for air density effects on the fuel/air mixture? Correct answer : The barometric pressure control valve. Which formula should be used to calculate the minimum speed in knots at which aquaplaning could occur? Correct answer : 9 x the square root of the tyre pressure (in psi). Which elements can be identified on the following figure: Correct answer : Frames and stringers. Which components can be identified on the following picture? Correct answer : the flaps, flap tracks, spoilers and flap fairings. Which component is presented in the following diagram? Correct answer : A PNP transistor. Which component corrects for air density effects on fuel/air mixture? Correct answer : Barometric pressure control valve. Which are typical operating modes that can be selected on the pressure controller panel? Correct answer : Auto, standby and manual. Where will the highest gas pressure occur? Correct answer : After leaving compressor and before entering the combustion chamber. Where is the propelling nozzle located in a turbojet? Correct answer : At the aft end of the exhaust. Where are the nozzle guide vanes located within a gas turbine engine? Correct answer : downstream of the combustion chamber. Where are smoke detectors fitted? Correct answer : toilets and cargo compartments B,C,E When would negative differential pressure be exceeded? Correct answer : On rapid descent when the aircraft descends below cabin altitude. When would negative differential be exceeded? Correct answer : Rapid descent when aircraft descends below cabin altitude. When would it be appropriate to use the CSDU disconnect switch? Correct answer : When CSDU oil temperature is high and pressure low. When using an earth return system: Correct answer : one lead of the battery and one lead from each component is connected to the aircraft's structure. When using an annular type combustion chamber i.s.o a can type combustion chamber: Correct answer : the diameter of the engine can be reduced. When two different voltage levels are required, which of the following systems could be used? Correct answer : a star connected three phase system. When topping up a system with fluid, the correct type can be recognised by: Correct answer : its colour.

When there is no flow in the tubes of a hydraulic system, the hydraulic pressure: Correct answer : is equal in all the tubes. When the wrong hydraulic fluid is used in a hydraulic system, one can expect .... Correct answer : leaks, blocked filters, high temperature and possible corrosion. When the true weight of a particular supply of lubricating oil is not available, the weight may be assumed to be: Correct answer : 9 pounds per Imperial gallon. When the piston is at BDC, an end on view of the crankshaft will show it to be: Correct answer : vertical. When the piston is at BDC an end-on view of the crankshaft will show it to be: Correct answer : vertical. When the oxygen selection lever on a demand regulator is set to NORMAL, the air supply for the air/oxygen mix comes from: Correct answer : the flight deck. When the oxygen lever on a demand regulator is set to NORMAL, the air/oxygen mix will become 100 percent oxygen at approximately: Correct answer : 33,000ft. When the mixture passes through the diffuser shroud the energy conversion is from: Correct answer : kinetic energy to pressure energy. When the landing gear is selected UP the sequence of lights is : Correct answer : green, red, out. When the hydraulic reservoir is pressurised the hydraulic fluid level will: Correct answer : only change when services are operated. When the gas stream has has passed through the turbine section: Correct answer : temperature and pressure will be lower. When the engine oil becomes hot: Correct answer : the load bearing properties decrease. When the destination field elevation is set on the pressurisation control system: Correct answer : the barometric controller adjusts cabin pressure to approximately 0.1psi above ambient pressure (at destination). When the carburetor air intake is in 'hot air' the power output of the engine is reduced because: Correct answer : the mixture is lighter. When taking off and when pressurisation is initiated, cabin rate of climb will show: Correct answer : a decrease. When starting a jet engine, failure to light-up is indicated by: Correct answer : low RPM and no EGT. When smoke appears in the cockpit, after donning the oxygen mask the pilot should select: Correct answer : Emergency When selecting a fuse for an aircraft circuit the governing factor is: Correct answer : the power requirement of the circuit. When reverse thrust is selected on a High By-pass gas turbine engine : Correct answer : the by-pass air is blocked and redirected. When refuelling a swept-wing aircraft, the order of filling the fuel tanks should be: Correct answer : centre tanks, inner tanks, outer tanks. When priming a piston engine, fuel is induced into: Correct answer : the induction manifold. When paralleling alternators, reactive loads are controlled by: Correct answer : voltage. When oxygen comes into contact with oil or grease it may: Correct answer : cause spontaneous combustion. When opening an aircraft door from outside, what happens to the escape slide? Correct answer : is disarmed

When loading AC generators, real en reactive loads are adjusted by controlling: Correct answer : frequency and voltage. When loaded, an induction motor: Correct answer : runs at less than synchronous speed. When loaded, a synchronous motor: Correct answer : runs at exactly synchronous speed. When increasing altitude, the two-speed supercharger HS gear is selected: Correct answer : at an altitude slightly in excess of the LS gear full throttle height. When illuminated, what is indicated by the warning lights of an AC generators constant speed drive? Correct answer : Excessive temperature and low oil pressure. When generators are connected in parallel their output voltage: Correct answer : must be the same. When fully charged, what is the maximum voltage across a lead-acid cell? Correct answer : 2.2 volts. When fitting a new tyre to an aircraft, creep: Correct answer : is normal. When excess pressure is relieved by the pressure relief valve it is: Correct answer : returned to the reservoir return line. When does a generator cut-out open? Correct answer : When battery voltage exceeds generator voltage. When comparing the thrust generated by a High By-pass engine with a single spool turbojet : Correct answer : the turbojet produces more thrust than the High By-pass engine. When comparing a turbojet engine to a by-pass engine of the same thrust output: Correct answer : the TSFC of the by-pass engine will be lower. When changing a blown fuse: Correct answer : it is changed with one of the same rating. When carrying out a single ignition drop check: Correct answer : clear engine if plugs are fouled by opening up to Full Power. When can a trip free circuit breaker be re-set? Correct answer : When the fault has been cleared. When bleed-air passes through the compressor of an air-cycle-machine: Correct answer : temperature increases. When being charged the specific gravity of the electrolyte in a lead-acid cell: Correct answer : increases. When approaching discharge, the characteristics of a battery are as follows: Correct answer : voltage decreases, internal resistance increases. When an hydraulic system is pressurised, the hydraulic quantity in the reservoir: Correct answer : falls. When an electrical circuit is open circuited: Correct answer : resistance will be high. When an aircraft has reached a flight level where pressure differential is at its maximum, the pressure controller: Correct answer : maintains a constant mass flow. When an actuator is travelling from open to closed: Correct answer : both limit switches are closed. When air is pressurised, the percentage of oxygen present: Correct answer : remains the same. When air is pressurised, the oxygen: Correct answer : density increases, partial pressure increases and weight percentage remains the same. When air is pressurised, relative to ambient atmosphere the oxygen: Correct answer : density increases, partial pressure increases and percentage weight remains the same.

When air is pressurised the percentage of oxygen: Correct answer : remains the same. When air is pressurised the % of oxygen : Correct answer : remains the same. When air is pressurised by an engine driven compressor (turbo-compressor): Correct answer : air pressure increases. When air is found in a hydraulic system: Correct answer : have the air bled from the system. When air is compressed adiabatically: Correct answer : there is no loss or gain of heat. When air ducting is built around the engine exhaust system and air is directed around inside the muffler this is a(n): Correct answer : exhaust heater. When AC generators are operated in parallel: Correct answer : Both real and reactive loads must be balanced. When a variable volume pump is stationary: Correct answer : it is at maximum stroke. When a piston engine reaches normal operating temperature, the presence of blue smoke from its exhaust indicates : Correct answer : hydraulicing could be a problem when the engine is next started. When a mechanical shaft or linkage passes through the aft pressure bulkhead it: Correct answer : must always be pressure sealed. When a lead acid cell discharges: Correct answer : lead sulphate is deposited on the plates. When a hydraulic reservoir is no longer pressurised when airborne: Correct answer : pump cavitation can occur at high altitudes. When a gas turbine engine reaches self-sustaining speed during engine start-up: Correct answer : the gas turbine engine could run without assistance from the starter motor. When a gas turbine engine experiences compressor stall : Correct answer : the EGT and vibration levels both increase. When a constant volume delivery type pump is used in a hydraulic system, which components are essential for proper operation? Correct answer : an accumulator and automatic cut-out valve. When a compressor surge occurs: Correct answer : EGT increases rapidly. When a centre zero ammeter is reading to the left: Correct answer : the battery is discharging to the system. When a 120 litre portable oxygen set is selected to 'Normal' it will provide : Correct answer : 100% continuous flow oxygen for 60 minutes. What will be the effect of operating the intake anti-icing system of a gas turbine engine? Correct answer : A decrease in power. What voltage would be expected from three batteries each of 12V if they are connected in parallel? Correct answer : 12 V. What voltage would be expected from a battery constructed from 3 NiCad cells in series? Correct answer : 3,6 V. What unit is used to measure potential difference between two points in an electrical circuit? Correct answer : Volts. What type of transistor is represented by the following symbol. What are the terminals A,B and C? Correct answer : A PNP transistor with base, collector and emitter. What type of hydraulic seal will seal in one direction only? Correct answer : chevron. What type of fire extinguisher would be used on a propane fire? Correct answer : foam

What type of fire extinguisher must be on a flight deck? Correct answer : Halon What type of electrical circuit is usually protected using a current limiter? Correct answer : High duty power distribution circuits. What type of DC motor is used for starting engines? Correct answer : A series wound motor. What system is installed to extract water from the air conditioning systems? Correct answer : Water separator only. What sort of systems are fitted to gas turbines for ice protection? Correct answer : usually oil cooling and tapped compressor air anti-icing. What should be done to the pitot and static lines during a cabin pressure ground tests? Correct answer : cross connected. What percentage charge is required for a battery to pass a capacity check? Correct answer : 80%. What must be isolated when carrying out a cabin pressurisation ground tests? Correct answer : pressure discharge valve. What materials are used in the combustion chamber of high-bypass turbine engines? Correct answer : Superalloys. What logic function is achieved by the following circuit, where A and B are the inputs and C is the output? Correct answer : NOR What limits the oil pressure in the fuel cooled oil cooler? Correct answer : A by-pass valve between inlet and outlet connections. What is the voltage level of a fully charged off-load lead-acid battery? Correct answer : 2,2V What is the relationship between Alert Height and Decision Height for an automatic landing? Correct answer : Alert height is greater than decision height. What is the reason why actuator motors often employ split field connections? Correct answer : Because the direction of rotation can be chosen, depending on which of the two windings is energised. What is the purpose of wing ribs : Correct answer : To shape the wing and support the skin. What is the purpose of the wing main spar : Correct answer : To withstand bending and torsional loads. What is the purpose of the stringers? Correct answer : To prevent buckling and bending by supporting and stiffening the skin. What is the purpose of the stiffeners which are rivetted to the upper and lower skin panels of the wing torsion box? Correct answer : To prevent buckling of the skin panels. What is the purpose of the heat exchangers in the fuel tanks (Boeing 737)? Correct answer : To cool down hydraulic fluid. What is the purpose of the 'Flare' in a combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine? Correct answer : to create circulating air in the primary zone. What is the purpose of the duct relief valve? Correct answer : To prevent damage to the pneumatic ducts. What is the purpose of the duct relief valve : Correct answer : to prevent damage to the ducts. What is the purpose of the diffuser vanes in a centrifugal compressor? Correct answer : To convert kinetic into pressure energy. What is the purpose of inward relief valves? Correct answer : To prevent negative differential pressure builing up. What is the purpose of an APU?

Correct answer : to provide air conditioning air on the ground, and emergency electrical power in flight. What is the purpose of an ammeter? Correct answer : to measure current when fitted in series in the circuit. What is the purpose of a voltmeter? Correct answer : to measure potential difference and is measured in parallel with the component. What is the purpose of a supercharger? Correct answer : To maintain sea-level conditions at altitude. What is the purpose of a reverse current cut-out? Correct answer : To open when battery voltage is greater than generator voltage. What is the purpose of a pressure switch in a hydraulic supply system? Correct answer : to operate a warning light in the event of system pressure failure. What is the purpose of a flop tube, as fitted to a hydraulic reservoir? Correct answer : to compensate for changes in aircraft attitude. What is the purpose of a commutator on an AC generator? Correct answer : An AC generator has no commutator. What is the proper name for an "all or nothing" gate? Correct answer : XOR What is the pressure of the hydraulic fluid stored in the brake accumulator on this A320? Correct answer : 3000 psi. What is the normal flame rate of Aviation Gasoline after ignition? Correct answer : 60 to 80 feet per second. What is the name of the following logic gate? Correct answer : AND. What is the most probable cause of a 'Hung Start' in a gas turbine engine? Correct answer : Compressor stall or surge. What is the most likely cause of brake fade? Correct answer : overheating. What is the function of the pre-cooler? Correct answer : To provide initial cooling of bleed-air. What is the advantage of an air starter system? Correct answer : It is light, simple and economical. What is one procedure to aid in cooling an engine that is overheating? Correct answer : Enrichen the fuel mixture. What is load shedding? Correct answer : reduction of the total loads. What is an FMC? Correct answer : A flight management computer. What is an essential requirement in a Nose Wheel Steering System? Correct answer : A follow-up mechanism. What is an 'any or all' gate? Correct answer : An OR gate. What is an 'any or all' gate? Correct answer : OR. What is an advantage of an annular combustion chamber compared to the multiple chamber system (can type)? Correct answer : No hot spots and better internal pressure distribution. What is an advantage of a constant-speed propeller? Correct answer : Permits the pilot to select the blade angle for the most efficient performance. What is a 'Squared' or 'Square Cage' piston engine? Correct answer : an engine who's bore is equal to its stroke. What is a can-annular combustion system?

Correct answer : A set of flame tubes enclosed in a common air casing. What influences the speed of rotation of a synchronous motor? Correct answer : Supply frequency. What ice protection system is used on most modern jet transport aircraft? Correct answer : Hot air What happens to the angle of attack of a fixed pitch propeller as the aircraft accelerates down the runway? Correct answer : decreases What fuel indication markings should be used on a tanker that contains AVTUR? Correct answer : White letters on a black background. What frequency band would a signal of 40cm wavelength belong to? Correct answer : UHF. What efficiency is required in order for a battery to pass a capacity test? Correct answer : 80% What does this symbol represent? Correct answer : A transistor. What does the following truth table represent? Correct answer : Exclusive OR. What does the following truth table represent? Correct answer : A NAND gate. What does the following symbol represent? Correct answer : An invert gate. What does the following symbol in an electronic circuit represent? : Correct answer : A NAND gate. What does 'octane rating' mean when applied to AVGAS refer to? Correct answer : The anti-knock value of the fuel. What controls cabin pressurisation? Correct answer : Outflow valve. What component in a four strokes piston engine converts the reciprocating action into rotational movement? Correct answer : the crankshaft. What colour is the hydraulic liquid in a modern jet airliner? Correct answer : Purple What are transformers rated in? Correct answer : kVA. What are the usual operating parameters of an aircraft AC system? Correct answer : 115 volts, 400Hz. What are the units of thrust measured in? Correct answer : pounds. What are the main factors affecting the RPM of an AC motor? Correct answer : Supply frequency and number of pole pairs. What are the likely effects of a short circuit on one phase of a three phase AC generator? Correct answer : Heating, a reduction in voltage on the affected phases and lines. What are the advantages of a Flexible Fuel Tank over an Integral Tank? Correct answer : Flexible tanks do not suffer from the corrosion problems of an integral tank. What are terminals A,B and C in the following diagram. Correct answer : Base, collector and emitter. What are fuses rated in? Correct answer : Amperes. What are fuses rated in? Correct answer : Amps. What action can a pilot take to aid in cooling an engine that is overheating during a climb?

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