By Victor Ray,2014-04-14 18:07
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    Why being original is important


    Good afternoon! Everyone! I'm very glad to stand here to give my speech! Today my topic is Why being original is


     At the beginning of my speech! I want to share a story about the importance of original and innovative, I have

    to say it is a magical story!It is a example that how the Microwave oven be invented! It was invented by a radio scientist.

    One day when he was doing a radio experiment, The chocolate in his pocket melted. That prompted him to think., why not apply this new discovery into making an oven, a totally different area. Then the Microwave oven came to the world.

    Although this is the first time I heard this story, I have to say from this story I gain a lot of things, I found that we have benefited more and more from the innovation——which is

    regarded as “the soul of the nation”, and I think being original is so important in daily life.

    Yes, it not only can enhance overall national economy,

    which is important to heighten our nation status in the world, but also a significant factor for improving our living standards. Being original is such important.

    However,I want to ask does new means original? just add two wheels to a Microwave oven is original? In my eyes, It can't be original,at most it can be seen as invention.

    A saying goes: Demand is the mother of innovation. So I think before you being original, think about who need it, please!

    with the economic globalization becoming increasingly intensive, origination or innovation has become one of central topic around the world. Many countries see it as the key to develop their economy, and of course it has risk to take, for college students, we must learn more knowledge to minimize it!

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