Minutes of Los Medanos College

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Minutes of Los Medanos College

    Minutes of Los Medanos College

    Associated Students

    Senate Meeting

Date: Friday, February 26, 2010

Time: 2:00- 4:00 p.m.

    Place: Los Medanos College-Library Community Room 109

     2700 East Leland Road

     Pittsburg, CA 94565

Chair: President De’shawn Woolridge

    1. Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 2:02 p.m.

    ; Roll Call Present Absent Late

    Dave Belman VP Crystal Collins*

    President De’shawn Woolridge Senator J. Okafor*

    VP of Finance Kent Li*

    Senator S. Demille*

    Senator E. Johnson*

    Senator S. James*

    Senator L. Nalls*

    Senator A. Rana*

    Minute Taker L. Kirkland

    Quorum: Those present constitute a quorum

    *Voting Board Member

2. Approve agenda for February 26, 2010:

    ; Senator M. Carter should no longer be listed as a senator since she has resigned

    ; Change date of agenda to February 26, 2010

    ; Change minutes date that awaits for approval to February 19, 2010

    Move to approve February 26, 2010 agenda with said changes

    Motion: Senator Demille Second: Senator James Vote: 6:0:0

    Vote passes unanimously

Approve minutes for February 19, 2010:

    ; Senator Carter shouldn’t be listed as absent

    ; Under the Advisor Report: Dean of Student Development is Blas Guerreor

    thth; March 4 Day of Action: Correct motion. Move to support the March 4 Day of Action,

    promoting the event at the Civic Center in San Francisco, and that it be charged to ADE and

    Government Democracy

    Move to approve minutes for February 19, 2010

    Motion: Senator Demille Second: Senator Rana Vote: 6:0:0

    Vote passes unanimously

3. Public Comments:

     -no comments

4. Officer/Senator/ Representative Reports:

Senator Demille-

    -Region 3 met over the weekend: elected new Regional Senator: Shawn Demille

    -Bylaws met today; discussed and went over guidelines

    -Curriculum meeting is on Wednesday

    -Safety committee met; written report will be provided

    -Academic Competition met; looking at doing buzzer system (pending)

    President Woolridge-

    -Happy that everyone is here and is looking forward to all the new things

    V.P of Finance Kent Li- nd-ICC met Monday, February 22 th-Club day is March 17 at 12 p.m.

    -If tables are needed let V.P of Finance Kent Li know so tables can be reserved

    -AMSA is throwing a universal Health Care Form with guest speaker J.B Pheonix event will take thplace March 5 in the Science building Rm. 136 at 5 p.m.

    Senator James-

    -No comment

    Senator Nalls-

    -SGC met; went over charters for TAG and TLP. th-Black History Program has been moved to March 4 at 5:30 p.m. in Library Community Room


    -The Rep will be meeting with SGC th-V.P Collins, President Woolridge and Senator Nalls will be meeting with Cruz on March 5 from

    10-12 p.m. to go over a proposal to teach them how to read and vote

    Senator Johnson-

    -New info from Chair about Peer Mentoring Program “Student to Student”

    -Textbook Advisory Committee hasn’t met; meeting has been moved to next Wednesday

    -Is hoping to get a leave of absence

    Senator Rana-

    -Green Team meeting will be next Tuesday

    -Working on proposal for Recycling Program

5. Advisor Report

    ; Applications closed Thursday for Latina Leadership Network Conference; will select people by ththMonday and that group will attend conference March 11 13

    ; Vacancy on Representation Planning Committee th; Resume writing workshop on Wednesday, March 10 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in Career Center

    ; Student Development unit went to Brentwood on Tuesday; intend on doing once a month stth; Welcome week is March 31 and April 27 from 10:00-3:00 or 4:00 p.m.

    Unfinished Business

    6. AS Discount Sticker:

    ; Proposed that if club attaches to their events/attractions some form of “AS Discount Sticker”

    exclusivity club account for each promotion

    V.P Collins comes in at 2:20 p.m.

    Move to extend time for 2 minutes

    Motion: V.P Collins Second: Senator Nalls Vote: 7:0:0

    Vote passes unanimously

    ; To add to the value of sticker without having any cost is to talk to business to partner and give

    discounts to students with an AS Sticker

    ; Some business are willing to give discounts to students with “AS Sticker”

7. Textbook Survey:

    ; Survey put together with assistance of Shawn Demille

    ; Survey in process of making its way to textbook advisory committee; once it happens will be

    able to move forward

    ; Encouraged to talk to research office when conducting survey

    8. Malcolm X- One Man Show:

    Move to postpone agenda item #8 indefinitely

    Motion: Senator Demille Second: Senator Rana Vote: 4:1:1

    Vote passes by majority

9.Fundraising Options and Opportunities:

    Move to postpone agenda item #9 indefinitely

    Motion: Senator Demille Second: Senator Rana Vote: 5:0:1

    Vote passes unanimously

    ; Able to fundraise money without having to pay him money

10. SSCCC Spring 2010 General Assembly:

    ; Internet access is a big deal and important thing to have

    ; To allow everyone to have internet access the whole conference

    To send 4 students: cost about an additional $130

    To send 5 students: cost about an additional $165

    ; The cost is $13 per person, per day

    Senator Jennifer Okafor comes in at 2:39 p.m.

    ; The SSCCC General Assembly consists of: all senates get together and have a larger senate

    ; Regional Senators-2 elected per region represent regional issues

    Move to extend time by 4 minutes

Motion: Senator Demille Second: Senator Nalls

    Vote: 8:0:0

    Vote passes unanimously st; 1 day and a half, is spent in workshops around issues or in large group settings listening to

    different speakers

    ; Sunday is a huge Student Government meeting with hundreds of people and a list of 100

    resolutions and is debating and voting on all these different resolutions that direct the work that

    the State Senate does throughout the year and the stance that use Community College Student

    Government that are taking on issues

    Move that we send Senator James, Senator Demille, President Woolridge, and V.P

    Collins including internet access for two rooms

    Motion: V.P Collins Second: Senator Nalls

    Vote: 8:0:0

    Vote passes unanimously

    Move to approve said budget put forth by Advisor Belman and that the SSCCC pay

    for Senator Demille’s extra night

    Motion: V.P Collins Second: Senator Nalls

    Vote: 8:0:0

    Vote passes unanimously

11. Dodge Ball Pallooza:

    ; Rules and regulations figured out

    ; Process of talking to Bob Rush who has the times and schedules for the gym

    ; Dodge balls will cost $60

    ; Asking for ideas on how much people will be charged; $1 for sure to cover cost of dodge balls

    ; Prized (pending)

    ; Suggest that it can be turned into a fundraiser

    ; Event will take place late March or mid April (actual date pending)

    Move that we refer agenda item #11 to spirit committee

    Motion: Senator Demille Second: Senator James

    Vote: 7:0:1

    Vote passes unanimously

12. Request for Support #2: Big Book of LMC Wisdom

    ; Produce a book of quotations that are submitted by the members of LMC community; staff,

    faculty, and students

    ; Cost (pending)

    ; will be a step of creating and distribution of the book is used, a commission of 20%

    will go to

    Move to extend time by 2 minutes

    Motion: Senator Nalls Second: V.P of Finance Kent Li

    Vote: 7:1:0

    Vote passes by majority

    ; Suggested that they approach the LMC paper ad have a special edition about LMC knowledge

    in general

    ; Can have a series of papers instead of having a book itself

    ; Journalism department can write about experiences on LMC campus

    New Business

    13. Election Committee Member Appointment:

    ; Have to open nominations next week

    President Woolridge asks if V.P Collins can chair the next to agenda items

    ; Committee needs four people and a chair th; Presenting 3 people; presenting the 4 person at next weeks meeting

    - Sam Bowie, is a freshman taking 15 units, he played football, very insightful and a

    member of the public

    - Sabrina and Raven Threatt, have ideas about having meetings and getting students

    involved and having candidate meets so people can know who they are voting for

    I as Student Body President would like to appoint Sam Bowie, Sabrina Threatt and

    Raven Threatt as members of the Election Board

    Move to confirm that appointment

Motion: Senator Demille Second: Senator Johnson

    Vote: 5:0:1

    Vote passes unanimously

    14. Election Committee Chair Appointment:

    ; Each committee has to have a Senator Officer on board

    “I De’shawn Woolridge would like to appoint myself to the committee as the chair

    person to lead these 4 people

    Move to confirm the appointment of President Woolridge as the chair of the elections


Motion: Senator Demille Second: V.P. of Finance

Vote: 6:0:0

    Vote passes unanimously

    15.Approval of Election Guidelines:

    ; Bylaws meeting; discussed changes that needed to be made to the election guidelines ; Don’t have a student body treasure only a V.P of Finance

    ; References of hours and times are unspecific so are being changed to business days ; Business days are more appropriate

    ; Timeline not yet approved (pending) subject to approval by the election board ; Officers title is changed to elected positions due to having discussion of having the possibility

    of senators being elected

    ; Took out classed that no longer exist

    ; Elections timeline is going to be put forward to everybody; being presented to the election

    board to be approved

    ; Want to make the change that goes through the election board then later approved by the senate;

    since timeline is time sensitive want to make sure right now its more open so that the board can

    just approve it right now separately from them

    Move to approve the election guidelines with the changes submitted

    Motion: Senator Demille Second: V.P Collins

    Vote: 8:0:0

    Vote passes unanimously

    16. Academic Competition: st; 1 meeting was Monday

    ; reviewed budget and went over planning timeline for the competition

    ; looked at application, rules and format

    ; Reps can participate as long as they’re not involved in the planning of the event

    ; Senators cannot participate; it has been a requirement that members of the board assist with the

    event and be a part of volunteering for the event; also they have a decision making role about

    the event, approve the budget for the event, and how much the scholarships are ; Want Jeopardy round to use a buzzer system to make it more fum

    - $795, 30 remotes that you can choose options A-E and locks in choice, it automatically

    scores team, has a system that can create quizzes, and locks into power point

    17. T-Shirts:

    ; went on

    ; still trying to work on logo

    ; reason for t-shirts is for the SSCCC

    ; Black shirts; because burgundy came out to be a plum purple

    ; Gold embroidered lettering

    ; V.P of Finance discussed that they should get shirts for the current number of board members;

    also two shirts per member

    ; Cost not yet known (pending)

18. Future Agenda Items:

    ; All agenda items that’s suppose to come back will

    ; Strategic Plan

    ; Election Timeline

    ; Election Guideline

    ; Agenda items #6, #7, and #12

    Move to adjourn meeting at 3:31 p.m.

    Motion: Senator Demille Second: V.P Collins Vote: 8:0:0

    Vote passes unanimously

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