By Walter Riley,2014-04-14 15:44
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    It was totally pitiful to have the computer having some problems.However I read some instrumental introduction of The Great Gatesby.So I still want to discuss with you about this controvercial person and his tragedy.

    Without any doubt,he is a representative of so-called “American Dream”,which contains determination,persue of freedom and wealth,brave thinking and adventure in its core.He chased after Daisy painfully and without laziness,devoted all his life to this poisonous lady and ruined his whole life.Whether he got his wealth legally is not important,I prefer to focus on how we should view our beloved one and what comment I make to the movie.

    As for love,honestly,I haven’t experienced much.But I still want to express my point.Choosing the right one is first step.You may ask”how to define ‘right one’”.My answer is you enjoy a joint memory,know each other well,be aware of the responsibilities laid on both and have the willingness to love.Love is complex and far more complicated than pure affection between

    teenagers.Certainly,Gatesby should’ve knew Daisy well enough so that he could have woken up from his gorgeous imagination to that “snake”.

    Having rationally had someone to love,the next step is to preserve it,which reqires not only operating it in a moderately developing way but also spicing it.As we know,it’s easier to love than to keep the relationship.If we can’t manage it well,it will soon be dull enough to confuse us whether we love our mate.Since the marginal utility of love can inevitably lessen day by day,we should study the ablity of discovering the spark in our daily life.Referring to American Dream,which is not a new theme,I come about a lot of great people and many admiration to it.I’d like to say that what we’ve seen is superficial,which means not only the implicit tears and sweat they paid but the seemingly successful result turning out to be a disillusion hasn’t been observed by many of us.Take Gatesby as an example:he became rich due to smuggle ,lived a wonderful life and more importantly,won Daisy’s love.He seemed to have all the thing human beings desire to have.But eventually,he was killed by a dismay man,who killed himself right after his murder.All the thing:luxury,love—turned out to be bubble dreams.

    Despite the fact that the American Dream has misled many people,it itself should not be blamed.It’s totally reasonable for

    people with mortal flesh to chase for the money and so forth.But isn’t it tragic to devote all your life to the pursuit of the satisfaction on materialistic life?Jobs change the world not for the purpose of gaining a large amount of money but for the determination in his heart---the determination that transfer the way people think.To sum up,isn't cool to have a great ambition rather the material-oriented American Dream?

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