February 2002 Newsletter

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February 2002 Newsletter

Volume 19 Issue 1 March, 2010

     a Communiqué for Chapters of the P. Buckley Moss Society


    Are you aware that you can find Moss on

    Facebook? P. Buckley Moss Galleries, Ltd., Dear Chapter Friends:

    Canada Goose Gallery, Martin’s Picture Framing What fun it was to be able to spend some time and Gallery, and the Lake Marburg Moss Chapter with our wonderful Board of Directors in February! all have created “Fan Pages.” There may be others They held their annual winter meeting at my house we are not aware of, but this is a good place to start. in St. Petersburg, Florida, and I was reminded once

    again of their dedication and commitment to helping If you have internet access, you can search for any others. There was much discussion about the of the names shown above. Whatever search engine funding of scholarships and helping teachers with you use will bring up links, and after you follow that their special projects. link you will have the opportunity to sign up. You will

    then automatically receive updates when they are I am looking forward to seeing many of you again posted. this year at gallery shows and other Moss events.

    Thank you so much for volunteering to help out! The Lake Marburg Moss Chapter is using its Fan

    You really make the shows and conventions fun. Page to focus on its present fund-raiser, but in Our Collectors’ Convention this year will be held in addition it has photograph albums created that show Williamsburg, Virginia, June 11-12, and I hope lots pictures from previous events and also of its of you will be able to join the fun. scholarship presentations. If you have any questions,

    contact Sally Gobrecht and she will be happy to help. I look forward to seeing you soon. Contact info for Sally is on the last page of this Love, newsletter.

     To create a Fan Page, you first have to create a

    Facebook page of your own, but you will find a lot of Moss people; Pat, her friends and family members are already on Facebook.

    This is a great tool for chapters, and it’s free!







    Hi everyone, Greetings from beautiful, snowy Virginia,

    I am sure many of you are waiting for spring. It Boy, when the Groundhog saw his shadow earlier seems that this winter has been a very cold and long this month, he was right on with the prediction of lots one. Many of you in Virginia have had a lot of snow more winter to come! I used several of my snow and I am sure it was beautiful. Here in Texas we days to marvel over the Moss Chapter year end received some snow on the mountains but it usually reports and the astonishing accomplishments for the melts before noon. past year. In a year with so many challenges for

    everyone, your chapters have again accomplished Thank you for turning in your year end reports. extraordinary fundraising events. Many of you We are always excited to see what your chapter has delivered food to homeless shelters and provided done in the past year. As usual your chapter is a warm clothes to families in need. Children went to tremendous asset to the P. Buckley Moss Society school feeling confident and ready to learn because and the board members thank you so much for all of the backpacks and supplies you donated. your support and many hours of work that you do. Countless other children were comforted by the dolls Please try to make it to Pat’s convention in and bears you assembled for times of crisis. Williamsburg, VA in June. As usual it will be a lot of Classroom teachers presented wonderful lessons fun and I look forward to seeing many of you there. and activities to their students after receiving As many of you know last year was a tough one and scholarships, awards, and support your fundraising many people had to cut back on some things that provided. Many Ronald McDonald House residents they enjoy. I hope things are looking better for have been comforted by your preparation of meals everyone and the future will be brighter for all. I look and expressions of kindnesses. Grieving parents forward to this New Year and especially working with were uplifted by your caring and compassion. Your the chapters to make a difference in someone’s life. uplifting care has even traveled half way around the Moss love, world to our troops in Iraq, with your care packages. The list goes on of expressions of your outreach to

    your communities. A teacher myself, I appreciate the many times Mary Lou McMillin that you came home from work and turned right President, P. Buckley Moss Society around to attend a Moss meeting, or the many Saturdays you gave up to participate in Moss

    functions. Did you ever consider that your gifts of time, money, creativity, and caring may have

    provided the hope that someone needed to make it

    through a seemingly impossible time? What a

    privilege it is to be associated with so many

    individuals who take seriously the opportunity to

    give back to their communities. You not only

    support total strangers in your community, but you

    support and comfort each other in your chapters.

    Your newsletters are filled with praises and prayers for your chapter members. I was so pleased to read

    the chapter articles that you provided for Pat’s on

    line newsletter. I hope that those chapters who have not yet submitted your articles will do so soon, so

    that we can all learn about each other and the

    wonderful work that all the chapters do. Although

    some chapters are smaller than others, the efforts and accomplishments of

     (Continued on page 5)



     2010 Junior Members-Only Print 2010 Adult Members-Only Print “Precious Angels in My Garden” “Angel in My Garden”

     2010 Junior Pin

    “Our Christmas Friend”

2010 Adult Members Brooch

    Frosty Family Christmas

     2010 Adult & Junior Renewal Gift Black & White


    “Sno Flakes”

     Matching Optional Earrings

     2010 Membership Card

    “Dashing Through the Snow”



    Whenever you request tickets for a charity event, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope,

    along with name/address labels to be attached to the tickets you purchase. Saves time & money!

    This enables the designated recipient to receive a greater portion of the profits.

    1. Mossaphile Chapter of Tucker, GA will 2. The Lake Marburg Moss Chapter of Hanover,

    conduct a raffle with two prizes. All proceeds will PA is holding their annual Longaberger? Basket benefit the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Lotto during the month of July, 2010. Tickets are Children’s Education. The quilt was pieced and $15 each for 31 chances to win. A daily drawing quilted by Ladye Buckner of Grayson, GA. It is will be held at 5:00 PM from the stubs of the a 60” x 60” quilt which includes a sleeve for use tickets sold, so a winner is guaranteed every day. as a wall hanging. (See photo.) A list of the daily prizes and their value, along

    with the names of the sponsors can be found on The second prize will be a beautiful Moss print, the chapter website of the Society. The total framed by Barry Watson at The Framery value of the prizes is $3,850. Proceeds to benefit Gallery in Marietta, GA. the Martin’s Gallery Scholarship Fund. Send a

    check payable to Lake Marburg Moss Chapter The drawing will be held March 20, 2010 when

    Pat has a Show in Atlanta. Tickets are $2.00 to Mrs. Sally Gobrecht, 5160 Grandview Road, each or 3 for $5.00. Hanover, PA 17331. By including a SSAE, they

    will return a portion of the ticket to you. Send a check payable to P. Buckley Moss

    Foundation for Children’s Education to Ms. NOTE: If the information for your chapter’s raffle is Lindsay Svetlay, 3726 Allsborough Drive, incomplete, please send the additional information to Tucket, GA 30084. Don’t forget to include a Sally Gobrecht so it can be included in the next issue. stamped, self-addressed envelope.


EGGYS CORNER PPATS 2010 CALENDAR (Continued from page 2)

    March 12-14 Show With Moss Finn Gallery each chapter are equally appreciated, as you each make St. Petersburg, FL such important contributions to your communities.

    As I write this article, the world is being entertained by March 20-21 Show With Moss The Framery

    the amazing feats of the Olympic athletes, but it is Marietta, GA amazing feats of individuals like each of you that make a

    April 9-10 Show Without Moss Collector’s difference in the world every day. Remember that where

    ever you go you always leave a footprint. I challenge you Showcase, Dublin, VA to celebrate your years of service through Moss and your April 17 Show With Moss McGuire Fine Arts chapter’s accomplishments this year by having a special

    dinner or going on a field trip to some place special with Frederick, MD some extraordinary ladies and gentlemen----- your April 21-24 Show Without Moss M&J Gallery chapter members. It is my privilege to say 2009 was

    another amazing year for the Moss Society Chapters. Ottumwa, IA

    Moss Hugs and remember, Spring is just around the April 23-25 Barn Show Waynesboro, VA corner.

    April 30-May 1 Show Without Moss Vivian’s Antiques & Peggy Goodwin

    Vice President of Chapters Collectibles, Columbiana, OH June 11-13 Moss Convention Hospitality House,

     Williamsburg, VA

    July 16-18 Barn Show Waynesboro, VA

    Pat’s Weekly Newsletter

    To receive Pat’s weekly newsletter and keep

    informed of her latest happenings and newly released

    prints, go to and click on

    Letters from Pat. The letters usually come out on

    Tuesday and you can have them sent to your e-mail



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    Chapter Chatter is formatted in Microsoft Word to make it possible for us to e-mail copies to chapter officers, thereby lowering office expenses for the Society. If you are interested in participating, send your e-mail address to It is also available as a pdf for those of you who are unable to open attachments in Microsoft Word. Be sure to indicate which version you would like to receive. Not only will you be saving the Society the expense of "snail mail," you'll receive it much faster! Chapter Chatter is a triannual publication (March, July, and November) designed to provide chapter members of the P. Buckley Moss Society with useful information regarding the Society, Pat Buckley Moss, and chapter events and activities. Use the publication to generate ideas, problem solve difficult situations, and increase your awareness of the scope of activity within the chapters. Read Chapter Chatter with highlighter in hand ready to

    mark those items applicable to you and/or your chapter.

    Editor ......................... Sally Ann Gobrecht

    Contributors ............... Chapter Members of the P. Buckley Moss Society

    Send all inquiries and information to:

     Chapter Chatter, Mrs. Sally Gobrecht, 5160 Grandview Road, Hanover, PA 17331-9225

     Phone: (cell) ........... (717) 476-8759 (home) ........ (717) 632-3318


    Chapter Chatter is sponsored by the P. Buckley Moss Society,

    20 Stoneridge Dr, Suite 102, Waynesboro, VA 22980

     Mr. Lance Allen, Office Administrator

     Phone: ...... (540) 943-5678 FAX: (540) 949-8408

     e-mail: ......


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