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    Food and Culture

    Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition entitled Food and Culture. You should write at least 120 words.

    You are what you eat. Nutrition

    experts often use this saying to promote better eating habits. What we put in our

    mouths does become a part of us. But we can look at this statement in another way. What we eat reflects who we areas

     people and as a culture. Do you want to understand another culture? Then you ought to find out about its food. Learning

    about American food can give us a real taste of American culture.

    What is American food? At first

    you might think the answer is as easy as pie. To many people, American food means hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and pizza. If you have a sweet

    tooth, you might even think of apple pie

or chocolate chip cookies. Its true that

    Americans do eat those things. But are those the only kind of foods you can find in America?

    Except for Thanksgiving turkey, its

    hard to find a typical American food.

    The United States is a land of

    immigrants. So Americans eat food from many different countries. When people move to America, they bring their cooking styles with them. Thats why you

    can find almost every kind of ethnic food in America. In some cases, Americans

    have adopted foods from other countries as favorites. Americans love Italian pizza, Mexican tacos and Chinese egg rolls. But the American version doesnt

    taste quite like the original!

    Americans living at a fast pace often just grab a quick bite. Fast food

    restaurants offer people on the run everything from fried chicken to fried

    rice. Microwave dinners and instant foods make cooking at home a snap. Of course, one of the most common quick American meals is sandwich. If

    something can fit between two slices of

    bread, Americans probably make a sandwich out of it. Peanut butter and jelly is an all-time American favorite.

    American culture is a good

    illustration of the saying you are what

    you eat. Americans represent a wide range of backgrounds and ways of thinking. The variety of foods enjoyed in the U.S. reflects the diversity of personal tastes. The food may be international or regional. Sometimes its fast, and

    sometimes its not so fast. It might be junk food, or maybe its natural food. In

    any case, the style is all-American.

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