the reasons for divorce

By Mary Wells,2014-10-09 13:17
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the reasons for divorce

    1Increased opportunities of affair are the number-one killer and it commonly occurs in the reason for divorce proceedings. In modern society, heterosexual contact is more frequent than days before, and people share less time with his or her spouse than colleagues. Due to this phenomenon, some people lost themselves in illegal love affair, and eventually result in divorce. According to a survey, 80% of the broken relationship owing to the involvement of a third party, and more than 60% of them jumped the

    any of them showed regret for their rails mentally or physically. M

    behavior, but they couldnt promise that they wouldnt make the same

    mistake again.

    2The different attitudes towards money always result in this kind of problem. Money is not everything, but without money, everything is nothing. After getting married, couples must arrange for everything with their limited money, and save money for house, children, parents and so on, so they are easy to loose patience and quarrel.

    3Spouse's bad hobbies include alcohol, drugs, gambling and so on, they may spend too much time doing such these kinds of things instead of being with their families. If the situation is of no change or getting worse, they may end in divorce.

    4Its the major reason resulting in divorce. This behavior not only induces(

    )illegal behavior, but also does great damage to teenagers mental healthy.

    5As far as I am concerned, communication is the key to maintain couples. Through communicating, couples can let each other know their attitudes, feelings, so they will not misunderstand each other. Some people say they have no idea how to do that, or they think they have done it, but the situation doesnt get changed, at last they believe they are not the right person for each other, so they choose to divorce.

    6As the old saying goes, marriage is not two people, but two families. It is common that couple always quarrel with each other because the bad relations between old woman and daughter-in-law, in this circumstance, husband is easy to be in a dilemma.

    7Nowadays, many women work outside instead of be housewives staying at home, some of them are even more successful than men in the same filed. The differences of their positions let them no longer suffer indignities without protest and look for their own stage out of family. The status of women is in ascension and makes woman does not necessarily rely on marriage, but may choose the end marriage.

    8Moral and religion existed for binding people's behavior standard ever; people will consider what temptation and harm set things they cannot do. But in modern society, what do I like and want are the first things people take into account. If they don't feel happy about their marriage, they tend to divorce to solve the problem, or fall in illegal

love affair and so on.

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