Jungle Story

By Louis Turner,2014-03-27 20:46
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Jungle Story

Jungle Story

    One day, a group of good friends were playing happily in the jungle. Suddenly they

    heard someone crying “HELP!” What happened? It was a tiger in a trap! After they

    helped the tiger out, he said, “Ha ha, I’m hungry now!” He wanted to eat the rabbit

    first…剧中角色(rabbit, bird, elephant, bear, deer, mouse, dog, monkey, tiger

    Place!地点 The jungle




    A rabbit, a rabbit, Am I big or small? I’m small, small, small. Hello, bird.

    [Bird] Hello, rabbit.

    [Rabbit] What are you doing?

    [Bird]I’m playing. Let’s play together.


    [Elephant] An elephant, an elephant. Am I big or small? I’m big, big, big.

    Good morning, brown bear

    [Bear ] Good morning, elephant. Let’s play together.

    [Elephant] OK.

    [Mouse]A mouse, a mouse. Am I big or small? I’m small, small, small.

    Good morning, Mr. Dog.

    [Dog]Good morning, little mouse.

    [Mouse] What are you doing, Mr. Dog?

    [Dog]I’m playing with my friends.

    [Mouse] Do you have any friends?

    [Dog]Yes, of course. Hello, my friends. Come here. Come here. Look, they are all my


    [Bird] Hello, I’m a bird. I can sing songs. I have beautiful wings. I can fly in the sky.

    [Monkey] Hi, I’m a monkey. I’m very clever. I can climb trees.

    [Bear]Hello, I’m a brown bear. I’m stronger than you. I can climb trees, too. [Monkey]But you’re slow. I’m very, very fast. What can you do, little rabbit?

     [Rabbit]I’m wise and cute, and I can jump.

    [Elephant]Hello, I’m an elephant. I’m the strongest animal in the jungle. And I can


    [Monkey]You dance poorly. I can dance very well. (The other animals laugh)

    [Mouse]But you are heavy. You can carry a lot of things. Nice to see you all. How do you do?

    [All]Nice to see you too. How do you do?

    [Mouse]Let’s be friends.

    [All]Yes, let’s be good friends.

    [Dog]Let’s play together.

    [All]OK. Come on!

    [Bear]Look at the beautiful flowers.

    [Mouse]Look out! There’s a trap.(Suddenly, all the animals hear “Help! Help!”)

    [Bear]Quiet! Quiet! What’s that sound? What happened? My friends, my friends

come here quick.

    [Rabbit]Who are you?

    [Tiger]I’m a tiger - your friend. I fell into a trap and I can’t climb out. I beg you, help

    me, please.

    [Mouse]I’m so sorry to hear that. Let’s help the poor tiger.

    [Elephant]You can’t. He’s a tiger. He’s going to eat you!

    [Tiger]No, no. I’m your friend. I’m very kind. I won’t eat you, I promise.

    [Mouse]Oh, but he needs our help. [Rabbit]He needs help. I’ll help him. Let’s help him together.

    [Elephant]OK. Don’t worry. Let’s make a rope and pull him out. (action)

    [All]Yes, yes. Let’s pull the tiger out.

    [Elephant]Are you ready?

    [All]Yes. One, two, three.

    [Tiger]Thank you, my friends.

    [All]Not at all.

    [Tiger]But, I was very hot in there. Now, I would like to drink some water. Would you

    please get me some water?

    [Monkey]I’m very clever and fast. Let me get you some water. [Tiger]Thank you, my good friend. [bear]Big tiger, please, sit down. Have a rest. [Tiger]OK. I’m very tired.

    [Monkey]Big tiger, I’m back. Here is your water.

    [Tiger]Thanks a lot. (Tiger drinks water.) Now I’m not thirsty anymore.

    [Bird]Let’s go on playing.

    [All]Good. Let’s go on playing.

    [All]Good. Let’s go on playing.

    [Rabbit]Big tiger, let’s play together.

    [Tiger]OK. Little rabbit. Now, I’m … I’m –

    [Rabbit]What is it?

    [Tiger]Well, I’m very hungry now. I want to eat something. I think you look delicious.

    I want to eat you. (action)

    [Rabbit]Help! Help! Help me!

    [Birds](cry) My friend, rabbit.

    [Mouse]Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Oh no!

    [Bear and dog]We will remember this. You are a very bad tiger! You’ll be sorry! [All]You are a very mean tiger! You’ll pay!

    [Tiger]I’m not thirsty or hungry anymore. I’m very, very happy. (laughs and laughs.

    He falls back into the trap.)

    Help me! My friends, help me! Help me! [All]Sorry. Goodbye!Sorry. Goodbye! Sorry. Goodbye! (The animals look at one another. No one wants to help the tiger


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