Communicate its existence outside the regional area

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Communicate its existence outside the regional area

Survey 1 ResponsesAlumni 1

     Communicate its existence outside the regional area

     Create unique academic strengths to increase its standing among regional insitutions

     Identify a national or global center of excellence in at least one field

     Improve academic standing/rankings.

     Do something with students that results in them being committed to some for of public or community servicel.

     Expand academic offerings to both undergraduate snd graduate students

     Offer incentives for alumni to participate and belong to alumni organizations and activities.

     Revision the University's image in terms of its ability to produce extraordinarily innovative graduates as opposed to its current image as simply a 'best kept secret' within the regional academic community.

    1) Expansion of cirriculum such as adddition of a Law School or Medical School. Either one. 1. Develop and implement more online programs. As a resident of Perry (middle of nowhere), FL, the online learning environment presented an ideal solution to issues regarding travel and career relations. One issue I was faced with was limited online courses and/or pre-requisites. The program staff and advisors essentially had to bend over backwards to ensure graduation. 1. Reinforce disciplines I (increase funding and faculty and build facilities) These disciplines are A. Basic Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry) B. Mathematics C. Business All are basic to the discipines II and III

    1. Additional classroom facilities. A top flight university should have 0 temporary trailer classrooms.

    1. Community outreach to attrach low and middle income students. (holistic grants and scholarships based on need and ambition as well as academic record)

    2) Expansion of Campus library/research materials.

    2. Reinforce disciplines II (increase funding and faculty and build facilities) These disciplines are A. Technology (including materials/biomaterials science) B. Engineering (including materials engineering) Example: UF-Gainesville Material Science and Engineering 2. Teach up-to-date software. The autocad course taught was Autocad R. 14, a version that can't be baught anymore. As technology changes, the courses should update as well. 2. Additional on-campus housing. In order to build more of a campus spirit, more students need to live on campus.

    2. Evaluation of the current world and US economy to focus curriculum and create degrees with marketable skills in the 21st century.

    3) Expansion of research performed.

    3. Reinforce disciplines III (increase funding and faculty and build facilities) These disciplines are A. Humanities (Art, Philosophy and Religious studies), Social Studies, etc. B. Traditional Biology and Microbiology (Pre-medicine, nursing, zoology and botany including complemenary and alternative medicines' research (CAM) C. Encourage collaboration of discipline III with all diciplines I and II.

    3. This is a stretch, but a small campus in Perry Florida would be nice. Madison FL is home to NFCC, and does fine. A 4 year campus in the area would probably generate 5-6 thousand students per semester. UWF - Big Bend Campus

    3. Research free from corporate and military sponsorship, to encourage the real expansion of knowledge and innovation.

    3. Take a legitimate look at starting a football team. Make the current university administration, not just the athletic department, participate in the review. There are 2 colleges in Montgomery that have been able to start football teams in the past 3 years, both of which have less than 2000 students.

    4) Expansion of available Master's and Phd Programs available. For example, a Phd in Physics, or Mathematics.

    4. Football Team.

Survey 1 ResponsesAlumni 2

    4. Reinforce student & public participation State-of the-Art Children's Day care center and Museum example: The Dell children's center on UT-Austin campus (Future UWF students) 4. Reinforce student & public participation State-of-the-Art Wellness Center example: The Gainesville Health and Fitness Center in Gainesville

    4. Accelerate fund raising by the UWF Foundation. I am not sure how big the Foundation currently is, but a goal of $100 million should be the target.

    4. Arts electives for technical degree seeking students.

    5) Recruitment of teaching staff with some of the highest credentials.

    5. Ensure whatever changes are made does not effect the excellent service. As a process improvement expert, I have seen first hand some of the effects on customer service and morale changes can make. Test small areas and gradually get bigger.

    5. I know that UWF has extended the in-state tuition up to Montgomery in Alabama. Now recruitment of students need to follow. I live in Montgomery, and very few people know about the option.

    5. International management training for all students, to foster understanding of strategies for success in international outsourcing and collaboration.

    A football team

    A football team

    A football team again

    A football team!!

    a more advanced educational program

    A multi lingual capability, internships at a global company, exposure to technical/engineering systems, leadership experience (as fraternity presidents, student team leader, outside assignments with real companies, student consulting projects, team sports). Also good problem solving skills with exposure to Shainin, Taguchi, and similar tools.

    a program that links to the future of space & NASA

    a unique attraction on the main campus (a dazzling water fountain, bell tower, etc.) A west entrance that goes out towards Ten Mile Road and Scenic Hills.

    ability to set tuition prices

    Academic Excellance

    academic program enrichment (MSW program)

    Academic Reputation

    Academic rigor


    achieve at least one college that is rated in the top five in the country. Actively recruit at all major city high schools in the state of florida. You're still the best kept secret in FL.

    Add a Clinical Laboratory Technologist(CLT)/Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT)two year program to help our hospitals meet their personnel budgets and to meet students needs to get into the work force quicker. Then build a 'top-off' program whereby CLT/MLT could get their four year MT degree.

    Add a graduate nursing program.

    Add more curriculums. UWF needs to have a Law School and a Medical School. Add more diverse and specific academic programs.

    Add more parking to accommodate current students and future students. A parking deck could be an option.

    Add to the career center--advertise so students know where it is and how to use it Adding more graduate level programs.

    Addition of football to athletic offerings

Survey 1 ResponsesAlumni 3


    Admissions Criteria You may wish to consider increasing the requirements for admission to UWF to further increase the academic reputation of the school. I, personally, am of the mindset that extreme growth is not necessary, or desirable - we should focus on quality, not quantity. To enhance quality, enhance the quality of the student. To further enhance our product, it helps to start with better raw materials.

    Adopt PhD program.

    Advance the national reputation of the University and position it as one of the top tier institutions of higher learning.

    Advancement of the Criminal Justice/Legal Studies Department

    Advertise/publicize. Publishing in journals by professors does not move the university. Sad but true. Some position needs to be established (or improved) to get UWF in national and regional news. The southeast is full of potential students.

    after work hours academic support for both on and off-campus students.

    Aggresively pursue sources of funding for upper level research.


    Aligning more experiences for Junior/Senior students to transist to real life careers. all hazards mitigation planning, response and recovery

    Alliances with Pensacola Venture Forum and the Florida Angel Alliance

    Almost all of your higher education classes are during the day. UWF has never been a student oriented school. Offer a wider selection of classes designed for people that have to work while they are attending school. It is more trouble than it's worth to try to attend UWF. That's why I never returned for an advanced degree, at least not at UWF anyway.

    Although sports have not to date been at the forefront of UWF's strategic plans, they are a necessary part of growing and living for the existing student body and to attract a diverse and talented group of new students and alumni giving.

    Always looking for ways to aid students in affording school

    An understanding of global business; trade restrictions, duties, tariffs, specific country agreements such as Mercosur agreement with South America and Mexico, and understanding of Free Trade Zones and the impact on a business case.

    Another area that I believe UWF needs to expand into is in the area of Marine Biology and Oceanography research. Why isn't UWF a local leader in this area? Especially considering the local resources and our location right on the Gulf Coast? The Pensacola port facility has nearly always operated in the red, until just recently. UWF could become a leader in Marine Biology and Oceanography research in the Gulf of Mexico, but for some reason this area has never been seriously pursued?

    Another initiative that UWF should pursue is more cooperation between the College and local Medical facilities, especially for research possiblities. Our area has several outstanding hospitals and cooperative efforts between the university and the local hospitals is under-utilized. There may also be many different types of State and Federal grant opportunities availble through various agencies for medical research. This area is vastly undertapped and would benefit not only the university, but also the local community and north-west Florida overall. It could bring many more 'real' high-paying jobs from the Biomedical research industry into the area. For too long the Pensacola area has been behind the rest of the state in bringing a true high wage job market into north-west Florida. Too much local tallent is forced to move out of the area in order to make a living.







Survey 1 ResponsesAlumni 4

    Articulation agreements with high schools.

    As a UWF alumni, (class of '01)I speak for many others that I personally know that would love and support a competitive division I or II collegiate Football team. I have heard that UWF campus is the biggest one in the state of Florida, so their should be room for the facilities. My son is 2 i/2 years old and I would like the opportunity for him to choose from the school that I graduated from to play ball for. You should prob. know that the entire state of Florida is a 'talent rich' state when it comes to athletics, especially football! I fully believe that the state, alumni, and students would support, participate, as well as offer financial support to a great UWF football program. Brent Worthington

    As the university's alumni base continues to grow in size (not to mention in age which to some degree translates into level of wealth as well), seek out more alumni donations. But make it very clear to alumni what goals the university is working towards and how their funds can directly impact those goals. If this is already happening, well then maybe the problem is making sure you are reaching all the alumni with that message, as again, I myself have not observed or been made aware of such fund raising efforts.

    Ask successful alumni to speak to students in their area of major. I was named an executive officer back in February and am probably one of very few women to achieve this goal. I have worked for large and small companies and have domestic and international experience having opened offices in Europe and Asia including a manufacturing facility in Singapore. My mom lives in Pensacola and I would be glad to speak to a group of MBA students upon request. Assure that staff are provided above a mere living wage--it is very likely that students will form ideas of how to treat others through observation of how the University treats others, and an investment in all workers creates a better environment for all.

    Athletic Development

    athletic program expansion

    Athletic Support - There has never been a strong push for students to support our athletic teams. There isn't a single sport that has a consistant crowd at the games. In part, this ties into our lack of tradition. The students don't know how to support our teams, becuase they have never seen anyone else do it.


    Athletics - Sad to say BUT that does matter to potential students

    Athletics and Intermurals- update facilities maintain


    Attempt to get a professional school in order to keep soon to be professionals at UWF. Attracing first class educators.

    Attract nationally recognized administrators and scholars to join the university faculty that will improve the quality of education and reputation of the university internationally. Attract students from lower income families who show strong potential

    Attract top notch students from other parts of the country

    Attract top students from surrounding states to included AL., La., Ms. and GA. Make tuition equal to their in state tuition so traveling to Pensacola is seen as an advantage over Layfayette or Hattiesburg.

    Attracting and retaining a quality faculty. Maintain a balance between education and research. Attracting high quality students

    Attracting high quality teachers

    Attracting more faculty that are leaders in their fields

    Availability of courses on Saturdays

    Availability of science courses such as chemistry, physics, biology at later times in the day BE A COMMUNITY LEADER BY CONTRIBUTING TO THE WELL-BEING OF THE


Survey 1 ResponsesAlumni 5



    Be sure there are night classes for working folks. When I attended UWF in the 90's, sometimes it was hard to attend the classes I needed because they were not always available at night. Become a 'social conscience' where the focus is on improving the community through the provision of short courses and programs of interest to the citizens of the community. Become Florida's university of excellence in a select number of disciplines....again, advertise your strengths and becme the very best in the State and someday the nation. UWF should appeal to the best academic minds in fields X, Y, and Z! Not hard to tell from where you are located as to were you should be.

    Become known for offer the best in a field. The computer sciences had a great reputation while I was there as a student. Specializing may increase the opportunity for more funding in that area. Of course, this should not be at the expense of the other colleges.

    Become less dependent on obtaining new students from mostly just the localized Panhandle area by expanding recruitment efforts further throughout Florida (and possibly outside of Florida as well).

    Become the premier institute of learning in the State in regards to state history. Become the school of choice in the State of Florida for National Merit Scholars. Becoming the best regional university! We need to work on strategic programming that allows us to succeed. As Jim Collins states in his book, Good to Great, we need to evaluate what we can be the 'Best in the World' at. We need to take a hard look at our programs and what we can do without and what we need to add to our outstanding repertoire (sic?)

    Begin making plans for the addition of a Division II Football Program.

    Best Interest of the Students

    Better advertisement for events, such as Open Mic night, Comedians, Bands, etc. Better coordination/research with telecommunication companies. Develop ways to assist companies with changing market place. Analysis of phone vs. cable markets.

    Better facilities (cafeteria, get rid of portables)

    Better Financial Aid Help (Staff rarely seeks to help those in need to get scholarships and grants) Better funding for engineering schools

    Better job placement for alumni

    Better Non-traditional Student Outreach & Support

    better parking

    Better Places to live on campus.

    better tennis courts

    better website for uwf alumni

    Brand recognition

    Bring a masters in educational leadership program to to various school districts. Bring in fresh Professors

    Bring in some graduate engineering degrees.

    Bring more online programs to the University to expand and increase student enrollment. bringing back the football team

    build a 90,000+ seat stadium

    Build a classroom, technology based infrastructure.

    Build a LEED Gold or Platinum Certified building on campus to promote a policy of environmentaly conciousness. See

    Build and grow a strong foundation.

    Build corporate partnerships locally/state wide. Florida is the national headquarters for many businesses...Winn Dixie, Acosta, Stein Mart, Ryder, many Cruise Lines, Burger King, Suddath,

Survey 1 ResponsesAlumni 6

    Disney...students want to know that major businesses in Fl are eager to hire UWF grads...that there are established connections.

    Build cultural programming to support and enhance student learning in the Fine Arts, Theater and Music domains.

    Build executive program offerings

    Build more alliances with the Federal Govt for all programs. Ex Co-Ops, studies etc.. I never see anyone from UWF marketing to the environmental offices on the base where I work. Build secondary specialty libraries to meet the requirements of new graduate programs in the College of Arts and Social Sciences.

    Build stronger advisement and career placement services across a larger geographic area for graduating studetnts

    Build the GIS dept..

    Build up UWF branding image

    Building a theater with an orchestra pit (for productions of musicals and operas) and an organ. Building a University that merges the need for new classrooms, departments, athletics, dorms and social organizations within a compact walkable area. Reduce areas covered by parking. Building campus community- evaluate how to balance the number of commuter students with how important it is to identify with the community of a university.

    building expanded departments and recruitment of faculty. Add a planning and architecture department.

    Building management and infrastructure

    Building towards a more unified campus in terms of development. I have seen the Master Plan and if followed, we could easily be considered one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. I think building up our campus infrastructure will create pride among current students, and further help in recruiting the best minds of students.

    Building updates

    Building updates.

    Campus - hold more events on campus - increas marketing efforts to educate about the events - Campus Development/Beautification The balancing act between maintaining the campus' natural beauty and environmental attraction and the modernization of facilities needs to be addressed. Having not been on campus in several years (~5), I am aware that strides are being made in this area (such as a new science & tech building, newer residence halls, etc), but this is something that area is one that needs to be continually addressed.

    Campus master plan update

    Capitalize on your graduates - they are now the spokesman for the best kept secret in Florida post-graduate education. Why is it that most people outside of Florida have never heard of UWF? Change that.

    Career Placement Services

    Career Placement Success

    Center for Entrepreneurship

    Certifications and training for specific career fields

    Choose a curricullum that UWF wants to be recognized for, such as Medical, Education, etc. and increase the funding to provide the facilities and professors that can attain that goal. Citizenship/service

    Classes tailored to the working adult family individual.

    Clean up the nature trail.

    Closer ties to Pensacola

    college football

    college football

Survey 1 ResponsesAlumni 7

    college football

    college football

    college football

    Collegiate Football Team A football team would bring great revenue to the university as well as improve the campus life. We wouldn't have to lease office space from the City of Pensacola (Trillium Property), we could purchase our own and be reimbursed by the state. Come up with more activities that will draw the community to the campus.

    Community awareness and outreach - educate the community you are not reaching about UWF and offer downtown interaction with satellite classroom and maybe even a mobile unit where applicable.

    Community Development

    community involvement

    Community Involvement

    community involvement

    Community outreach

    Community outreach programs to the local community, e.g. Small Business Development Centers, Business incubators, continuing education, partnerships with local businesses to form centers of excellence.

    Community Partnership

    Complete successful capital campaign

    connecting students with potential employers

    Consentrate on education more than sports programs

    Consider expanding varsity sports to include football and other popular spectator events. Consider 'revamping' buildings to be more structurallly visually appealing--perhaps utilizing the art dept for this

    Consider the issue of parking for students. Consider the ratio of students to faculty and the ratio of student parking to faculty parking.

    Consider transportation needs within the city & surrounding communities for locals to attend UWF Consistency

    Continous growth and development

    continuation of develope and expansion of the School of Engineering

    Continue diversifying student body

    Continue making opportunites available to those needing financial aid. Many academically eligible may not consider UWF due to aid that is not competitive with other state universities or private colleges.

    Continue scholastic and charitible involvement within the community.

    Continue the excellence in instruction. UWF has an outstanding reputation, do whatever is necessary to maintain it.

    Continue the growth of the university endowment. One interesting observation, I am an alumni and you obviously have my email address as you sent me this survey, yet no one in at least the last two years has emailed me asking for a donation?? Now this is not to say I want to be inundated with requests, but it doesn't appear you're utilizing all available funding sources, or at least in how you market to them.

    Continue to add programs and classes that meet requirements of the growing economy and population of the southern states and our local community.

    Continue to be a part of the Pensacola community. However, look to other areas as well, such as Santa Rosa county and northern Escambia county. Find ways that a presence can be established in these areas.

Survey 1 ResponsesAlumni 8

    Continue to bring high quality programs and visitors to our area (IMHC type programs and visitors), expand and increase the types of relationships like the one with the Historical Society downtown.

    Continue to broaden the scope of UWF in Downtown Pensacola.

    Continue to build new housing options to encourage on campus staying

    Continue to build to allow the campus to grow.

    Continue to do good things to stay in the public eye even for non-students. Before I was a student at UWF, I used the library and attended theater events there. Being a part of the local community is always a good thing for a college, I think.

    Continue to expand and fortify the satellite campuses in the Pan Handle.

    Continue to expand and improve campus facilities.

    Continue to expand on-campus housing. A good way to attract more students outside of the local area is to offer attractive and available on-campus housing options.

    Continue to expand the University foundations.

    Continue to find and hire faculty with excellent credentials and teaching skills. Continue to grow the connection between UWF and Pensacola. Each of these is dependent on the other and can only grow stronger by developing closer ties.

    Continue to hire excellent teachers. I remember fondly Dr. Karimi in the film classes, Dr. Pruitt's (sp?) classes, the great biology teachers and the photography teacher. I can't remember all their names, but they were all friendly and helpful. Oh yes, Dr. Judy Bense! I took some of her archaeology classes which vastly expanded some of my views on society, history and archaeology! I also had a great political teacher who opened my mind up to new concepts even when I was in my 40's! Good teachers are the bedrock of good teaching and good learning. Because of all of the ones who taughte me at UWF, I came away, I believe, a better person. Continue to improve and expand athletic department with the addition of a football program. Continue to improve athletics. A football team in the next 5 -10 years would be nice and attract more students to UWF

    Continue to improve facilities

    Continue to increase student housing available at UWF. Build it and they will come. Continue to invest in educational and housing facilities that improve the educational experience for faculty and students.

    Continue to invest in international programs and recruiting.

    Continue to maintain a high caliber teaching staff that is both professional and have high integrity to insure a high level of quality instructors for students.

    Continue to offer programs and cerificates for continuing education in support of local business Continue to provide a high quality education to residents of Florida.

    Continue to provide a safe environment, especially by teaching students how to be responsible for their own safety.

    Continue to provide an excellent education and also maintain the beautiful campus by not cutting down too many trees.

    Continue to provide high quality upper education to all students at affordable prices Continue to stress the importance of computers.

    Continue to upgrade the Athletic program.

    Continue with student friendly staff and facualty. West Florida may be small in comparison to all the other State Colleges but from personal experience I can say it has the best 'customer service' attitude of all. Univ. of North Florida is awful,in comparison,to the way it handles student financial issues. UWF needs to make that a part of its 'sales pitch'. Basically, all schools, public or private are selling a commodity and need to put themselves in the best light possible. Continue with the expansion of the university involvement in the local community and area. From my perspective UWF has improved it's relationship with the local community over the past 10

Survey 1 ResponsesAlumni 9

    years, but this relationship must continue to improve and expand into the next decade. This is one area of Florida which has much more potential for population expansion, technology and industrial explosion over the next decade when copmared to the rest of the state. However, it is very important this this be well thought out and planned with local leaders and residents. UWF must be a partner in the development of the Pensacola area.

    Continued and increased relationship with the City of Pensacola and the surrounding area (Partner in creating a qualify of life here)

    Continued attraction of talented professors - but less of a focus on the traditional tenure process (publish or perish)

    Continued expanded curricular programs - develop distance ed options

    Continued growth - greater enrollment figures

    Continued growth in the relationship between UWF and the IHMC.

    Continued initiatives for increasing student enrollment for the year, and succeeding years, in order to maintain state contribution levels.

    Continued relationship with other educational institutions and meeting their needs and working with them as they supply graduates to UWF (Florida Department of Education, Escambia County Schools, Santa Rosa schools, etc.)

    Cooperative affiliation agreements with like sized universities.

    core curriculum


    Courses available

    Create a football program that could compete in Division II-A athletics. This could possibly keep some local students from going to other big name colleges because of the name recognition due to college football programs.

    Create a Greek row on campus.

    Create a learning environment that instills pride in self and institution. There is a need for on-campus activities that offer opportunities for students to become better citizens, aware of classical as well as contemporary enculturation.

    Create a more research-based atmosphere that includes all members of the campus community (faculty, staff, and students)

    Create a plan to issue laptops to students on a need basis. Perhaps the University can finance laptops for students.

    Create a World Class Center for Applied Accident Prevention Knowledge: A center of knowledge for applied accident prevention does not exist and stakeholders have no where to turn to advance their knowledge of proven accident prevention 'best practices.' Furthermore there is no center of knowledge which forms a basis from which to adapt existing 'best practices' to differing conditions and to document improvements as technologies and techniques improve. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, there is no center of knowledge which provides a coherent academic understanding of applied accident prevention and integration multidisciplinary practices, techniques and technologies. A world class center for applied accident prevention knowledge to provide research-based advice and support to a broad range of government, industry and community bodies at the national and international, state and local government and community levels would be another powerful vehicle for enhancing university prestige, research funding and attracting the best and the brightest students.

    Create a World-Class Applied Accident Prevention Research Infrastructure: An applied accident prevention research infrastructure will tap opportunities for funding from national and international interests. Accident causation has been the focus of extensive scientific research yet effective prevention strategies remain out of reach. Developing and disseminating effective accident prevention to government agencies, industry, and the general public would be a powerful vehicle for enhancing university prestige, becoming a center for research funding and attracting the best and the brightest students.

Survey 1 ResponsesAlumni 10

    Create an advertising campaign to target desired students. I live in New Orleans and your campus is rarely mentioned at college fairs or seen as an alternative. Advertise that you're there and cost effective.

    Create an umbrella program under which would fall all Allied Health studies. Create more online Masters degree programs.

    Create more relationships and partnerships with businesses, and to be known as the producer of very high caliber graduates.

    Create The University of West Florida Applied Accident Prevention Research Foundation: Research can only proceed with external support. To this end, the Applied Accident Prevention Research Foundation will provide a vehicle for private and public sector donors as well as individuals with money available for public benefits to support applied accident prevention research. Current research projects cover a diverse range of human activity and are of significant value in terms of cost savings and quality of life when they are applied toward practical accident prevention.

    Create within the Business dept. a Hotel Management specialty. Of course, a university level program that could entail travel to Japaneese hotels/schools,European hotels/schools, etc. Creating a real mass communications program, particularly in Journalism. The school paper is a joke, and while the journalism professors try their best - there is an incredible lack of resources and experience.

    Creating a Specialist Degree online

    Creating an online MBA program

    Creatinga PhD program online with a few on campus meetings to satisfy the residency requirement and for dissertation feedback.

    Creation of a complete music department which offers degrees in Composition and includes a New Music Ensemble.

    Creative fundraising

    Curriculm is current with latest knowledge generation.

    decreased student to faculty ratio

    Degree in International Business; emphasis on language development and proficiency Degree Programs focused on e

    Degree programs to match our area's business needs in an effort to encourage graduates to stay in our area.

    Demographic changes

    Design the degree programs in a manner the 'You will finish' rather than 'U Won't Finish'. The university has been its worst enemy in this vane. There are teachers who have finished almost all their course work and have to wait several semesters for their final course to get their degree. Determination of (and preparation for) a faculty retirement 'tsunami.'

    Determination of curriculums which will benefit the private and public sectors in northwest Florida. Determination of the feasibility of promoting UWF as a center of excellence for selected fields, research, etc.

    Determine how to attract, retain and recognize quality faculty who are student-focused. Included in this is how to retrain or handle faculty that isn't student-focused

    Determine locations to offer programs throughout the state

    Determine most important fields to provide training.

    Determine new programs to offer to the regions

    Determine what can UWF do to become 'the pride' of its students, staff, faculty, alumni, Board, and all others affiliated with the institution.

    Determine which programs can be expanded



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