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    We need to encourage the disabled and help them live more (worthy) lives. (worth)

    A free (circulation)of ideas is of great importance in the knowledge economy. (circulate) My mother sat and watched me eating my food with a(n)(thoughtful)expression on her faceI

    could tell she had something to say. (thought)

    Nothing can shake our(determination)to fight against international terrorism. (determine)

    If he didn't have a secretary to remind him, he wouldn't keep any of his(appointments)

    appointments. (appoint)

    The incompetent typist had to change the letter five times. (competent)

    This problem is(inseparated)inseparablefrom the main one since they are so closely related to each other. (separate)

    I wouldn't want my employer to be a big organizationI'd rather work for an individual or a

    small business. (employ)

    Tom had the(misfortune)to be ill on the day of the party. (fortune)

    He is a(n) representative for a large steel company in Sheffield. (represent)

    Those who drop out of school must lower their expectations of success. (expect)

    Writing a paper for the top journal is a(n) (challenging) challengingtask. (challenge)

     Their relationship was destroyed by his terrible (jealousy)

    He answered all my questions with complete (assurance)

    Too many mistakes in writing are unforgivable. (forgive)

    To everyone's surprise, his (prediction) of the storm came true. (predict)

    I always feel inadequate when faced with a difficult problem, so I need to build up my self-confidence. (adequate)

    Her (accomplishment) in language study established her fame in linguistic circles. (accomplish) As he had contracted (感染) a contagious (传染的) disease, he was immediately sent to a(n)

    isolation hospital. (isolate) )

    His treatment as a child had given him a strong sense of (inferiority)

II. Directions:

    Complete each of the following blanks in the passage with the best choice listed below. Chris Peterson was teaching a class in abnormal psychology at Virginia Tech when he told his students to 1)_________out an Attributional Style Questionnaire a carefully designed test that

    determines a person's 2)_________of optimism and pessimism. The students also answered 3) _________about their general health, including how often they went to a doctor. Peterson followed the health of his students the 4)_________ year and discovered that the pessimists had twice as many infectious diseases and made twice 5) _________ many trips to the doctor as the optimists. Later, Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania and two of his colleagues, using interviews and blood 6)_________ , found that optimists have better immune function than pessimists. Studies 7) _________ other researchers show the same thing. Why? One big factor is that "Pessimistic individuals," as Seligman writes, "get 8) _____________ more easily and more often." When a person is depressed, certain hormones (荷尔蒙) become depleted

    (大大减少), 9)_________a chain of biochemical events that end 10) _____________ slowing down the activity of the immune system. For example, two key players in our immune systems are T cells and NK cells.

T cells recognize invaders (like viruses) and make more copies of themselves to kill

    11)_________the invaders. Pessimists' T cells don't multiply as quickly as 12) _________ ,

    allowing invaders to get the upper 13) _________ . NK cells 14)_________ in the blood and kill whatever they come across that they 15) _________

    as foreign (like cancer cells). Pessimists' NK cells can identify foreign entities, but they don't

    16)_________ them as well as the optimists' NK cells.

     1) A. fill B. read C. examine D. check A

     2) A. standard B. amount C. level D. quantity C

     3) A. problems B. questions C. reply D. response B

     4) A. next B. later C. previous D. following D

     5) A. as B. more C. of D. so A

     6) A. tests B. samples C. subjects D. models A

     7) A. through B. with C. in D. by D

     8) A. excited B. worried C. depressed D. annoyed C

     9) A. produced B. creating C. leading D. raised B

     10) A. with B. by C. off D. up D

     11) A. in B. at C. off D. across C

     12) A. optimists' B. optimists C. optimism D. optimist's A

     13) A. side B. wind C. hand D. rank C

     14) A. circulate B. blend C. melt D. approach A

     15) A. clarify B. identify C. classify D. isolate B

     16) A. destroy B. invade C. clean D. sweep A


    Failing to lock your doors at night is an invitation to disasters.

    I was grateful to the stranger for returning my lost wallet. The audience cheered, yelled and whistled in approval.

    The chickens pecked at the seeds which covered the ground.

    In the end, I decided that I wouldn't go after all. We sent for the holiday brochure as soon as we saw it advertised. As an actor, he has to be able to cry at will.

    She was condemned to death on May 12th and executed two weeks later. Before handing over to John, I'd like to thank you all for your support.

Bill greeted us with a cheerful smile.

    Please put the lights out as you leave the building.

    Don't blame meI did it at my boss's request.

    Don't go to work on an empty stomach.

    You shouldn't drive for more than three hours without taking a break.

II. Directions:

    Translate the following Chinese into English according to the examples given.

    1) 一个旅游甚广的人 a widely-traveled person

    2) 伤心欲绝的 grief-stricken/heart-broken 3) 本性敦厚的 good-natured

    4) 冷酷的 cold-hearted

    5) 心地善良的 good-hearted

    6) 眼睛睁得大大的 wide-eyed

    7) 颜色鲜亮的 bright-colored

    8) 皮肤黝黑的 dark-skinned

III. Directions:

    Fill in each of the blanks with an appropriate phrase. Change the form if necessary.

    die of die out die down

    A. Don't worry, the gossip will die down soon .

    B. Smallpox (天花) has completely died out in this country.

    C. The animals died of starvation in the snow.

    set off set aside set about

    A. She set about cleaning up after the party.

    B. Let's set aside one hour a day for review purposes. C. They set off for the North yesterday.

    in place of take the place of take place A. We don't know what took place , but they both looked furious afterward.

    B. Who will take the place of Mr. White?

    C. In place of our advertised program, we will be showing a film.

fall asleep fall ill fall dead

    A. The director fell ill in the middle of the meeting, and we had to send him to the hospital. B. He fell asleep soon after he turned off the light.

    C. The bullet went through his head, and he fell dead on the spot.

IV. Directions:

    Choose the most appropriate word or phrase to complete each of the following sentences. He insisted on ________ in a cheaper hotel.

     A. stay B. staying C. to stay D. being stayed B

    My aunt never married because her father didn't ________ to her marriage to a man she loved.

     A. consent B. confirm C. contend D. conceive A

    He hasn't got enough clothes onlook, he's ________ with cold.

     A. roaring B. trembling C. murmuring D. spitting B

    Our ________ was delayed because of bad weather.

     A. famine B. capture C. grief D. departure D

    The employer is ________ to ask for references.

     A. conceited B. condemned C. entitled D. refrained C

    The semi-final will be a chance for the losing team to get their ________ on the winning team for

    their earlier defeat.

     A. revenge B. temptation C. certainty D. despair A

    Do you think the President will be able to ________ his promise not to raise taxes?

     A. obtain B. find C. capture D. fulfill D

    The new furniture does not ________ to the design of the new room.

     A. conform B. condemn C. confine D. confirm A

    I know I had to get on the plane ________ my fear.

     A. unless B. despite C. because of D. rather than B

    I am very ________ of all the support you gave me.

     A. eloquent B. appreciative C. jealous D. spoiled B

    Jane ________ her lateness to the traffic jam.

     A. contributed B. reflected C. attributed D. represented C

    Although they are sisters, they are the ________ opposite of one another.

     A. very B. much C. little D. just A

    The general ________ the tourists safe passage to the American embassy during the war.

     A. consented B. granted C. registered D. led B

    Little ________ explain so much about the matter.

     A. did I need B. need I to C. I need to D. need I D


    In that year, the invaders, _____ with modern weapons, went to the country, _____ to_____ them.

     A. arming; hoping; controlling B. armed; to hope; to be controlled

     C. armed; hoping; control D. arm; to hope; to be controlling C

    Reading the newspaper _____ one of my parents' life habits since they retired.

     A. become B. have become C. are becoming D. has become D

    My uncle was made ______ his research work due to his ill health.

     A. giving up B. to give up C. given up D. give up B

    Each parent and child _____ asked to attend one of the lectures given by Professor Wang during this term.

     A. were B. are C. has D. is D

    He will never _____ the window this afternoon when he was playing football in the front yard.

     A. admit to break B. admit to have broken C. admit having broken D. admit him break C She _____ polite at the party last night. But actually she is not the least bit polite.

     A. has been B. would be C. were D. was being D

    If he _____ his mother's advice, he _____ be much better now.

     A. should have taken; would B. took; would C. had taken; would D. took; will C Last Saturday Mary _____ for Washington to take part in her grandmother's birthday party.

     A. is leaving B. left C. was leaving D. would leave B

    It is the first time that we _____ such an interesting trip since we've been in college.

     A. took part in B. take part in C. will take part in D. have taken part in D _____ his support, I think we'll win the election.

     A. To give B. Giving C. Given D. Having given C

II. Directions:

    Complete the following sentences with the appropriate words from the box. Change the form if necessary.

    comfort concern furthermore suppress drug integrate homemaker compel knowledge meantime respect shame

    I don't want to go out for a walk; furthermore , I don't have time to do so.

    The knowledge that he had arrived at the airport safely made his parents very happy. The frequent suppression of her own feelings has made her rather reserved.

    Two groups have been integrated into one team in order to be stronger.

    In some countries, women become homemakerS after they get married.

    The conference will begin in an hour; in the meantime , let's have a cup of tea.

    It is such a(n) compelling order that everyone of us must obey it; otherwise, we will be dismissed.

    His kindness and care gave his mother great comfort .

The teacher is so respectable that we are all very respectful.

    Juvenile delinquency is often the result of drug abuse.

    She showed a great deal of concern about her husband's illness.

    She felt so sorry for his shameful behavior at the meeting this morning in front of so many colleagues.

II. Directions:

    Choose the most appropriate words or phrases to complete the following passage. Every year there are changes 1) (on/in) different parts of the world. Some of these changes are 2) (due to/result in) natural causes. 3) (Because/However), some climate changes are caused by

    air pollution and these changes may increase.

    If the pollution 4) (effects/affects) the level of carbon dioxide(二氧化碳) in the atmosphere, the

    results 5) (are alike to/are likely to) be serious. Carbon dioxide constitutes only a small part of the 6) (atmosphere/climate), but it has an important function in 7)

    (maintaining/insisting) the balance between radiation 8) (to/from) the sun entering the

    atmosphere and radiation leaving the Earth. Some of the radiation is absorbed by the Earth and some is radiated back into the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere prevents some of the radiation 9)(of/from) leaving the atmosphere. Thus the heat 10) (remains/keeps) in the

    atmosphere and carbon dioxide helps to prevent the temperature of the Earth from falling. If the 11) (rate/proportion) of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increased as a result of air pollution, the temperature of the atmosphere may 12) (rise/fall). This might eventually cause the

    ice in the North and South Poles to melt. If this 13) (happening/happened), the sea level could

    rise and parts of the Earth 14) (would/will) be flooded. The likelihood of this happening is unknown, but the possibility 15) (exists/existed).

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