I disregar

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I disregar

     I disregarded (不顾) my parents' disapproval. We were very happy together. He picked me up from my dorm every morning, and after class we would sit alongside the stream that ran through campus, or sunbathe (晒太阳) on the lawn. At night he would

    walk me back to my dorm. He came from a poor family, but in order to make me happy, he borrowed money from his friend to buy presents and meals for me. Our fellow students looked up to him as a role model, and the girls envied (妒忌) me. He wasn't a local,

    but wanted to stay here after graduation. I thought we had a future together.

     However, when I got a part-time job during the summer vacation, people began giving me a lot of pressure, saying that a pretty, intelligent girl like me should find a better guy to spend time with. This was also what my family thought. He spent the summer in his hometown, so I was all by myself. When he got back, I began finding fault with him. But his big heart and warmth soon drove all unpleasant thoughts away. However, I had no idea how badly I had hurt him and that things would get worse.

     I had a good part-time job off campus that paid pretty well. With my good performance at school, I also got admission to graduate school at one of China's best universities. He, on the other hand, did not do so well at school or at work. I had to worry about his living expenses, job and scores.

     Almost all my colleagues and friends advised me to break up with him. Then we had a quarrel last June. He was in great pain, and my cold words and bad moods started turning him away.

     Graduation time was drawing near, and hometown. He said that he couldn't put up with at him in despair. He said he wanted to go back to his me anymore. I was shocked and looked.

     True love happens only once, but I found it out too late.

41 When did the author fall in love with the boy?

     A After she had a quarrel with him.

     B When she was a junior.

     C When she was a second-year student.

     D After she found a part-time job.

42 What did he do to make her happy?

     A He studied much harder.

     B He often took her for a ride.

     C He always endured her insults.

     D He often bought her presents and meals.

43 Who advised her to break up with him?

     A His parents.

     B Her teachers.

     C Her colleagues and friends.

     D Their fellow students.

44 Why did he leave her?

     A Because he could no longer bear her.

     B Because he hated her.

     C Because his parents needed taking care of.

     D Because he wasn't a local."

45 Upon learning that he would leave her, she was

     A very happy.

     B extremely joyful.

     C quite relieved.

     D in great pain.




Mind Those Manners on the Subway

     So, there you are, just sitting there in the subway car, enjoying that book you just bought (46) Or, the person sitting next to you takes out a nail clipper (指甲刀) and begins cutting his or her nails.

     Annoying? Many of us have to spend some time every day on public transportation (47) So, to make the trip more pleasant, we suggest the following:

     Let passengers get off the bus or subway car before you can get on (48)

     Stand away from the doors when they are closing

     Don't talk loudly on a bus or subway. Chatting loudly with your friends can be annoying to others. (49)

     Don't think your bags and suitcases (手提箱) deserve a seat of their own.

     Use a tissue whenever you cough or sneeze (打喷嚏). An uncovered sneeze can spread

    germs (细菌), especially in crowded places.

     Don't cut your nails or pick your nose on public transportation.

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